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  1. On this site you can check if you are connected to ipv6
  2. Free PDF Reader - Sumatra PDF (
  3. The router is constantly transmitting. He can make interruptions as you describe. The keyboard problem bothered me for a long time and that's why I went back to a wired keyboard. It may be that if you keep the router away from being close to the dongle of the keyboard then it will help, but no matter how hard I tried to do it with me it did not solve the typing problem so I gave up. Connecting the dongle to other USB ports also did not help
  4. Listed on the right is Logitech, if you say then it's the old model. From what I understand, the keyboard transmits to the dongle in RF at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This frequency is used by many devices - n-standard routers, cordless phones and more.
  5. law89 I also had this model, mk270, and I had the same problems as you describe, and in the end I went back to using a wired keyboard.
  6. To get to the bot's menu you need to use a button called NOVO. Look here
  7. Hello, the problem with the title. When I connect the fast charger charging is not always fast. Sometimes the phone shows me a "charge" and only after I play with the USB C connector that connects to the phone does it switch to "fast charge" mode. What could be the problem and what is more common: a problem with the charging cable or the socket on the phone? The device is two years old, thanks for answering
  8. I also use Google Calendar, and my holidays also appear in English
  9. Lingoes is good software, it's true that it has not been updated since 2014, but it still works well and is a good replacement for Babylon
  10. There is a small software called DesktopOK that takes care of the order of the icons on the desktop. Look here: DesktopOK 8.66 Download (
  11. Could it be that the headphones are just squeezing you, meaning they are sitting too tight?
  12. I also had a Hotbox 1. I complained to Hot that the speed was not good - I was at 200 MB and did not get that speed. In addition, the hotbox is in the living room and the reception of the WiFi in the rooms was weak and slow, and they agreed to give me a hotbox 4 at no extra charge, and the improvement was definitely significant
  13. Ask Mehot for the Hotbox 4, it is more advanced and supports WiFi in 2.4 and also in 5 GB. It's worth a try before you invest in the equipment at your expense. I'm also hooked up to a 200Mbps Hottent infrastructure and the Hotbox 4 works just fine
  14. The settings of the DNS server can also be configured in a browser - Chrome or others. How is this different from the definition of network connections?
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