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  1. Lingoes is good software, it's true that it has not been updated since 2014, but it still works well and is a good replacement for Babylon
  2. There is a small software called DesktopOK that takes care of the order of the icons on the desktop. Look here: DesktopOK 8.66 Download (
  3. Could it be that the headphones are just squeezing you, meaning they are sitting too tight?
  4. I also had a Hotbox 1. I complained to Hot that the speed was not good - I was at 200 MB and did not get that speed. In addition, the hotbox is in the living room and the reception of the WiFi in the rooms was weak and slow, and they agreed to give me a hotbox 4 at no extra charge, and the improvement was definitely significant
  5. Ask Mehot for the Hotbox 4, it is more advanced and supports WiFi in 2.4 and also in 5 GB. It's worth a try before you invest in the equipment at your expense. I'm also hooked up to a 200Mbps Hottent infrastructure and the Hotbox 4 works just fine
  6. The settings of the DNS server can also be configured in a browser - Chrome or others. How is this different from the definition of network connections?
  7. These files are used by zonealarm for debugging. Could this firewall have been installed on you recently?
  8. You probably have a zonealarm firewall installed. It creates these files and you can delete them without worry, they are not necessary. Once in a while you will delete them
  9. This problem has been around for a long time, as we mentioned above. It does not currently have a solution and resetting the notification area icons does not help. This is something that Microsoft needs to fix and there is nothing else to do other than that
  10. Check the advanced settings of the camera app that the resolution is indeed set to 1920x1080. Other than that I have no further idea but from what you said you talked to someone and he saw well
  11. I bought this camera. I see myself on the computer in good quality but I have not yet received feedback on how the quality is on the other side who see me because I have not yet had a conversation on the computer
  12. I join the question. I also kept an eye on the second camera - SKU 105140 in KSP, any recommendations?
  13. You can set a different language for each open window. For me it's in Hebrew, you might see in advanced keyboard settings or something like that
  14. I did not check, but it worked and I do not currently have a problem accessing the sites I mentioned
  15. Okay thanks, I'll see what happens next edit: I now have such a message even when I try to access the Social Security website
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