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  1. There is a widespread opinion on the Internet that today gaming is desirable "no less than 8 cores, because in the new consoles this is what there is and the game keys are aimed there". The following professional channel checked whether this is true, and what really affects the performance in games, is it the number of cores? Their frequency? And maybe the amount of cache memory of the processor? All the answers in the following interesting video:
  2. Up to 128 (!!!) cores. DDR 5 to 12 channel support. PCIe5. Manufactured at 5NM. Coming in 2022. More information in the attached table.
  3. A follow-up article, it turns out that there are B560 boards that need to be kept away from like fire:
  4. For everyone who succeeds, there are many more who fail. One is an indication of nothing.
  5. Some more information about the new socket, AM5. DDR5 support, beyond the LGA-1718 socket, PIC-E 5 support, and of course a new series of chipsets called 6XX:
  6. This video is about 7NM processors in TSMC. The short answer? Very little (if only the cost of production is taken into account). The long answer - it all depends on how many R&D investors in marketing etc (if it is a final profit and not just a physical production cost). A very interesting video for me:
  7. for sure. After all, everyone is a geek who follows the field devoutly and understands all the trends and decisions behind them .. NOT. Do not generalize your / my knowledge to everyone. I see very well from people's reactions on the net that it's far from it (most of them do not really know there are any shortages at all, let alone the specific reasons). Even for me who knows the field well it was nice to see it in direct comparison from generation to generation so yes, fascinating.
  8. The next channel is known as a channel that says directly what it thinks, not consideration for manufacturers or brands, which allows it to be painfully honest. And this time the channel has taken the issue of stagnation and greed in the field of graphic accelerators and shows us how from generation to generation prices go up, the improvement in performance per dollar goes down, to a point where the middle ticket market ($ 200 and below) is completely gone today. I find it fascinating:
  9. Should be based on 3NM. Will contain hybrid architecture ("big" and "small" cores). The processors will probably be called 8XXX. Https://
  10. It will probably arrive in 2022, with DDR5, PCI-E5 expansion slot and production with 5NM minimization technology:
  11. The last update to this software was in 2014 - far from being a good sign.
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