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  1. Reviews are starting to flow on the new RTX 3XXX series mid-range card. $ 400 for a ticket placed somewhere between 2070 and 2080, not bad. Ask if this will also be a paper launch:
  2. And from the fact that they prefer to sell what little there is to experience mining rather than gamers.
  3. It turns out that the reason for the shortages in launched cards is the fact that AMD manufactures all 7NM products (processors, video cards and chips for PS5 / XBOX X) at the same chip maker (ie TSMC). Because the aforementioned manufacturer has limited production capacity, AMD has to decide what percentage of this production capacity to allocate to each segment, and unsurprisingly the bulk goes to chip manufacturing for consoles:
  4. huber

    RTX3070 - First test

    Can't get a ticket from the new NVIDIA series? It turns out that part of this is due to the fact that NVIDIA prefers to sell the tickets to coin miners instead of gamers: -miners / index.html
  5. Moon-Mage - Take a look at Hardware Unboxed and see that this is not entirely true.
  6. omertgm - exactly. Although in standard performance AMD has achieved an impressive achievement here, once activated RT the performance of NVIDIA cards simply exceeds those of AMD. Makes sense since this is already the second generation of NVIDIA in RT, but it's a shame that AMD does not compete well with this. Once DLSS is enabled (in games that have support for it, there are not many), NVIDIA simply opens a very large gap.
  7. According to the Gamers Nexus review activating the SAM function adds about 1-3 percent in performance.
  8. The tickets just came out and everything at SOLD OUT on Amazon and Niue!
  9. Sorry for the late reply. After testing I discovered that the torrent client is the problem for some reason. Although he worked well with Hot, Gornisht here. Moving from it (UTTORENT) to another client (qBittorrent) solved the problem completely for some reason. Thanks to everyone who responded!
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