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  1. Hello, I have a hotbox to which my computer and one network adapter are connected (TP-Link TL-WPA8630). The other network adapter is connected to my brother and from there there is a cable to his computer. When my computer is off, its pings in games like CS and LOL are about 50-100. As soon as the Windows on my computer goes up, its pings jump to 300-800. I guess my computer takes up all the bandwidth even though I do almost nothing (just surfing in Chrome without plugins raises its pings). Both computers are running Windows 10. Can this be addressed?
  2. Hello, I have a Redmi 9A 32GB. It's a weak smartphone so it has a hard time doing operations with all the updates from Shiomi (when I bought it it worked pretty well). I am looking for a ROM (it no longer has a warranty) that is light and clean from all the add-ons that Shiomi / Google adds. His goal is just calls (not even video) and whatsapp.
  3. Thanks to everyone, the problem (pictured) has been resolved. I opened it completely and cleaned the dust from the cooling by force (as if glued to it with glue) until it was shiny. I ran the game for 20 minutes and the temperature was 45-65 degrees with the fans on 43% -45% (I checked in MSI Afterburner and they are on auto so I did not touch).
  4. I did that and even though the temperature dropped up or two it is still high and the fans are noisy. GPU-Z Sensor Log opencase.rar
  5. I cleaned, applied ointment and ran CSGO and GPU-Z for 40 minutes. Not collapsed but temperatures are still high, ranging from 90 to 95 and the fans are still noisy (they are about 97-99 percent). I guess the fans are the problem.
  6. This is the card from the inside. I will clean the residue and apply a new ointment but I do not see where I can put pads.
  7. What software can I use to save my data when my computer crashes?
  8. Hello, I have a problem that after 10-15 minutes of play (CSGO) a black screen appears and the computer hangs, I hear the fans working (the fan of the video card is louder) but nothing else works. I added photos from Event Viewer. I guess it's a video card (GTX 970 Palit with a single fan).
  9. Don't know if the title is understandable so I need a range extender but only want to use an ethernet connection. I already have what's in the picture and one computer is already connected to it but I need another one to connect via cable because the other computer is on the other side of the house.
  10. I prefer to already buy a new one with the same performance.
  11. Is there anything to do or start saving for a new KM?
  12. Behind the card is the board. There is only one front fan as in the first picture. Is it possible to replace the fan or is it a waste of time?
  13. I cleaned the ointment and replaced but it did not help. The card is still warming up but slower. I added an image from Afterburner.
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