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  1. Friends, I wanted to share with you that there is a crazy deal on Amazon, a 4TB disk for less than 280 NIS including shipping, the sale ends in 18 hours, it is very worth taking the opportunity for those who need such a volume. For purchase the price is very close to 2TB in Israel, and about 40 % Cheaper than the same disk in the country.
  2. In fact, I think this deal is much more lucrative. CPU is about 15% more powerful and about 200 NIS cheaper
  3. How is this company in general in terms of reliability? Sounds like an interesting deal, and so is their L3 evo? I would love a response .. Thank you very much!
  4. It will be really interesting to see the performance "in the real world" because otherwise this console is going to smash the sales of gaming computers .. It owns a low level gaming computer, and gives a high level gaming gaming computer performance ..
  5. If there is no budget problem, I would go for option number 1. Less complicated, and excellent security ..
  6. Really do not understand what the enthusiasm, a phone with a Bain processor, is definitely disappointing .. compared to last year's brother who came with a top end processor.
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