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  1. Hello, I have Windows 10, I have not made any changes recently. For some reason I switch between users suddenly there is a black screen for about half a minute, until it passes to the desired user.
  2. Thank you very much, I saw that there is motherboard support for pcie 4 which is only possible in generation 11 and not 10, is that significant?
  3. I have a memory, a board and a processor as I said do not know what the prices are so today, that it will be the most economically viable but with that will include the features that are considered important today. There is no requirement for oc so that way the processor can be quite basic but not from the weakest series say. What is the real price range for the mid end?
  4. Thanks, and which processor of Intel 10th generation or amd 5000 series would be better if the price is the same for that matter? Uses games, but does not need oc etc. Internet, office work.
  5. I haven't replaced a board and processor in a few years, so I'm no longer the most up-to-date in the new series. I saw that Intel in the 10th and 11th generation already, what are their budget and affordable processors considered? What is considered the most profitable and high-quality in AMD? What chipsets. Suitable for processors in terms of motherboard, which will be the important features, not too basic but also not high end?
  6. I too was in the same dilemma, there are another two Samsung models that meet the demands in the country and maybe one novo out of stock in my opinion. In the end I bought the scanty, mainly because of the responsibility, the intensity of the lighting, the reaction time and the good reviews, I just got so hard to experience, overall good looks and quality status.
  7. Hello, Looking for a new 32 to 34 inch screen, 2k resolution seems appropriate to me. The uses will be general, web, word, play from time to time but not something competitive, although I have seen that everyone has 144 Hz screens not overpriced either. A concave screen seems a good option. I thought about the price of up to $ 2200, the problem I saw that all major manufacturers have screens of this size, 144 Hz, concave with VA panel so I don't know the differences and value added. USB c connection can be an important addition, but I haven't seen any from them.
  8. I connected two m5 routers, a 123 meter apartment, a great employee for the time being, including the dimension. I put one in the living room connected to a modem, one in the MD to which I connected wired to the computer (another advantage) and the rest wireless.
  9. Did not know that p7 also integrates power adapter, do not know this model, I bought the m5.
  10. Next week I go into the apartment with a similar situation, bought the deco and update if you want. Connection to the mains is possible only if both rooms share a phase.
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