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  1. ASUS ROG Swift 32 ”4K HDR 144Hz DSC Gaming Monitor (PG32UQX) - UHD (3840 x 2160), Mini-LED IPS, G-SYNC Ultimate, Local dimming, Quantum Dot Technology, DisplayHDR 1400, Eye Care, DisplayPort, HDM Price: $ 3,999.00 + $ 1,821.89 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Israel Details
  2. Hi, I am looking for a recommendation for a color AIO (optional duplex) printer for minimal home use only on a computer with windows 10. Something cheap and reliable. Thanks in advance.
  3. It's clear that the palm (PALM) is on the screen - that's the whole point ....
  4. I bought the Lenovo C940 for more than NIS 11 to write lecture summaries on it and run heavy stuff. What I'm telling you - disgrace to the pen operability of this computer and worst of all - CPM accused me there, while handing over the laptop from a test, that I would hire a wrong pen user after being shown the problem name technician live and also after being sent the video that clearly shows more use of the pen On the screen (on which I'm still waiting for them to answer), after years of using the Surface pro. Hallucinatory and despicable. Highly recommend avoiding shopping for nouveau and having to deal with these guys there like I experienced on my meat. I would like to mention in a positive way the customer service of Computer Companions since they tried to help. The video where I demonstrate basic pen use on the computer: https://vimeo.com/439009993
  5. Not related to my problem, as the pen is recognized and working. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I purchased the above computer. I was hoping I could write about it comfortably, continuously and reliably, but that is absolutely not the case - I try to write with the pen in ONE NOTE 2016- the result: either it writes or it does not write, or it writes or It never even knows what will happen with this computer. I tried the pen that came with the product, tried the ACTIVE PEN 2 and no change in the result. The drivers are updated until the BIOS level has been tested with the ONE NOTE. That comes with Windows 10 which is all over the face vs 16. I also did a screen / pen calibration and made sure the Ignore touch input is marked.
  7. Hi, Where can you buy a screwdriver for M.2 drives to attach to a motherboard? Thanks in advance, .
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