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  1. What is the name of the game that appears at 3:16?
  2. Who provides the warranty for EVGA in the country?
  3. Updates I ordered at the end from AliExpress Gigabyte's service is not really interested in helping in a "pirated" way and send me fans that I will replace myself, they ask me to send them the entire video card, at my expense, they will fix and return it to my US address only. That I will not purchase more at NEWEGG
  4. Thank you. I opened an application to Global Gigabyte, I also sent an email to Gigabyte Israel now, we will see what they will answer me. As for the bios, I do not think it will help since I tested this specific fan, directly connected to a power source and it does not work, unlike the other two. My motherboard is updated to the latest bios. I also tried to change the settings in gen3, gen4, auto and also reset, nothing changed
  5. Thanks for the comments, even before I saw the last comments, I took out the card, disassembled the fans from the board and the cooling block. Indeed all three are chained, I connected one by one to a 12V power source with cables. The two extremes work, the middle one does not work. I also checked all sorts of different threads of them, but it no longer matters. In the meantime I moved the extreme fan to the middle so that there is one fan above the cooling block connected to the processor and another one attached to it. Anyway I'm currently looking to purchase only the middle fan, which is rotating in the opposite direction to the two extremes. I did not find a single one at a normal price, I found it: -2aa-ad552f-0e55d57f01e7e-6 & btsid = 47bb6c7eebb7 & ws_ab_test = searchweb2_552, searchweb0_, searchweb6_ But it is the same model as exactly what I need and according to the image it is the exact same company of A too. what do you say?
  6. I found for example this water cooling $ 152 + shipping $ 60 need to add more to this taxes
  7. Where to download a new BIOS ..? According to techpowerup and GPUZ, I have the latest BIOS at the moment except the card is still working and I do not want to knock there something I tried to disconnect the fans and connect them directly to somewhere, but their connection is different from any other connection I have on the computer so I could not check it what I will try in the next few days to find another video card with a similar connection to the fan, and try to connect the fans of my card to it so I can know if the problem is with the fans or the board itself
  8. I tried to replace a slot in the computer, still connected to another computer and still the fans do not work in principle, in OC mode, the fans work at maximum speed every time you turn on the computer (until you get to Windows and there it changes by settings), now it does not happen with the drivers, do not think it is related The drivers with DDU and I reinstalled a different version
  9. Thanks for the comment. Really sucks, I was sure there is some arrangement with the warranty there, I see that the prices of the video cards have also more than doubled there. How exactly can refrigeration be improvised? Just put 2 chassis fans on the card? Do you have an example of good cooling from Mali Express?
  10. Hello, I have an AORUS 5700 XT that I bought some time ago in Newegg. It comes with a 3 year warranty. Now all three fans have stopped working completely, neither in SILENT mode nor in OC mode, nor through the AORUS ENGINE software. Answer there, I turned to NEWEGG and they opened another ticket for me through them, two days have passed and there is still no answer. Is it possible to exercise responsibility in the country? Thanks
  11. Hello, the screen connected to the computer does not turn off, even after the time I set in power options has elapsed. Windows 10 pro motherboard asus strix x570-f processor 3900X graphics card aorus 5700 XT updated video card drivers, updated windows, updated processor drivers as well. The screen just stays on, if the screensaver is turned on then just watch the screensaver non-stop. If Windows is locked, then the lock screen appears all the time, the screen does not turn off. Anyone have any ideas?
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