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  1. Why do I need with the stay and why without the stay? There is a big difference in price between them
  2. Hello, I have a new computer that has a strictly valid Windows 10 (came installed with the laptop). I want to format the computer (I have an SSD) but have 2 drives. Operating system on C and another drive D. Is this possible? How do you do that ? I do not have an installation disk or anything. The computer came with Windows already on it. Thanks !
  3. Hello, I would like to buy 14 but there are full models. I need: 1 (2 matte) Windows 3) Photoshop and basic 4 Illustrator) A little basic short film editing (minute) (5) Budget up to 5,500 Insp I have Inspirion 15 , The 500 series we will be heavy, 16 Giga, Intel 520 card, Windows 10 thank you.
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