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  1. This ad has ended

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    Sold due to an upgrade, in excellent condition with no scratches or breaks anywhere on the phone. Will be given as a gift case worth $ 40 (Otterbox Commuter)

    500 ₪

  2. This ad has ended

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    Selling a computer in excellent condition due to an upgrade: Intel i5 4430 + better cooling than GIGABYTE B85-D2V 8GB RAM DDR3 GTX 1060 6GB 1TB SSHD CORSAIR case + two fans (one with red LED)

    1,300 ₪

  3. It is not clear how such illusory prices can be "protected". The importer has arrangements with manufacturers that he buys in bulk and therefore he buys the product at a cheaper price than we as a consumer buy from Amazon. In addition, its shipping is cheaper because it is seaworthy and it is a very large commodity. We both pay the same taxes and caps. If it is still cheaper for me to import on my own than to buy from an importer which is the whole essence of his profession, what do I need it for?
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