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    A computer that is kept clean and free of dust for office work, surfing the Internet, watching YouTube and movies. Computer Specifications: Processor_ I5-4430 Graphics Card Built-in Processor_ INTEL HD_4600 Memory_6 GB_DDR3 Storage_320 GB Power Supply_ANTEC_450W Burner_ DVD Operating System_WINDOWS_10_PRO Clean Installation. The case and its contents are sold + power cable only !! final price!!! 0546220229 Erwin - Ervin Kiryat Bialik

    550 ₪

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    RYZEN 5 computer for light to medium games and even Fortnight, entertainment and office work. Computer Specifications: Processor - AMD_RYZEN_5_3400G CPU built-in video card - AMD_RX_Vega_11 Memory - 16 GB_DDR4_2933MHZ_ (2X8GB) Motherboard - b450m Power supply - CORSAIR_550W Operating system - WINDOWS_10_PBS_MnB + Sold case and its contents + power cable only without accessories !!!! . final price!!! My address is Shai Agnon 256 Kiryat Bialik 2 Erwin-Ervin

    1,650 ₪

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