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  1. I bought from AliExpress Wi Fi Repeater. I connected it and here I came across a strange phenomenon. Desktop computer with Wi-Fi adapter - recognizes the repeater but can not connect to it. Two phones, one Android and the other iPhone - connect smoothly and without any problem, without having to ask for a password (for initial activation the repeater is set to open mode). Any idea what the reason is?
  2. I want to cancel the requirement to enter a PIN at the entrance to Windows 10? I saw that you need to log in to the accounts then go to sign in options, windows hello pin and there are two buttons: change and remove. I understand you have to click on the remove to cancel but the button is gray and does not respond. What to do?
  3. Many thanks! I did as you wrote and the problem was solved. I did not think these exclamation marks refer to sound. Good end (everything) The sound is good.
  4. Not from the motherboard in the back (I plugged in headphones) nor from the HDMI port on the sound card (connected to the TV).
  5. I installed windows 10 64 on the above board, everything looks fine only there is no sound. I checked in the device manager, it looks fine, there is no message or exclamation mark next to the sound device. What am I missing?
  6. Hi, I would love help from anyone familiar with Cody software. I am using the latest version, 19,3 which is installed on a PC with Windows 10 64. I have a strange phenomenon - I watch Idan + broadcasts via Fishenson extension (this is not a joke). When I watch Channel 12, the viewing is smooth and there is no problem. If I switch to channel 11, every 16 seconds the image freezes and seems to reload, a round progress bar appears that goes up to 100 and the transmission continues. Does anyone know the phenomenon and have a suggestion for a solution?
  7. On my Pokémon device, I hear quite faintly who I am talking to. I wanted to ask if this is a familiar phenomenon and do you think it is worth investing in repair?
  8. I would love to get an explanation of what LED No. 4 in the above router means. I ask because the LED (LED, of course) sometimes changes its color from yellow to orange and vice versa. Thank you.
  9. I would love to get a recommendation for free RIP software. The main purpose - transferring music from CDs I have, uploading them to an on-key disc for listening in the car. I downloaded and tried winamp, but found its use very inconvenient. Thanks.
  10. During the installation, it is required to give an email address and password to enter the email, date of birth, of course the country, etc.
  11. Is there a version of windows 10 that can be installed without requiring all the personal details, or alternatively, is it possible to install without giving all these details?

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    Interested in buying a proper motherboard H110 or B150 with bracket 1151

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  13. I have an old computer with Windows 7 that I am trying to connect to the network. I entered as directories the directories I want to move and changed their setting to "shared", but I get a message about the existing computer on the network (on which Windows 10 is installed) "windows cannot access .... folder name" but the drive letter appears to me. Repeating, I changed the setting of the folder. An idea for anyone?

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    Looking to buy a proper motherboard from 1151

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  15. I would love to receive a recommendation / suggestion for computer diagnostic software, preferably free, of course.
  16. Hi. I am looking for software - preference for free, of course, for printing stickers that support Hebrew. I have a laser printer and an inkjet printer. I would like to use a sheet of A4 stickers. I would love to get a recommendation from someone who has experienced using the software.
  17. To sum up your long argument - I understand that there is no essential difference between a regular copy and a digital copy, which is also strictly legal, only that instead of getting the software on a certain media (cd, for example) I get a download link and the serial. Thanks.
  18. After the other issues were resolved, I started to install windows 10 on the computer - gigabyte ga-h110m-s2h motherboard, G4400 processor, the installation went fine until it needed to specify the country / region. The screen turned black and that's it. There is no way to enter Bios and nothing else. I unplugged the SSD, changed nothing. I made clear cmos, didn't change anything. Anyone come across such a phenomenon?
  19. Hi I want to buy Windows 10. I saw that the software price is NIS 500 but also offered a "digital copy" for about a quarter of the price. What is digital copy? Is it a legal copy for everything? If so, why do people buy the software at full price?
  20. Thanks. Initially I thought so too, but it turns out that Gigabyte probably changed the configuration of the BIOS. Firstly, it is not the usual and familiar configuration that is featured in Manul photography. They changed it to something more graphic and the settings probably changed too. However, what I have under the Peripherals tab is Sata and RST configuration. Entering this section opens a window that, from what I know of the top three rows, is common to all four sata residences. The three lines are: Sata controller (s) Enabled Sata mode selection AHCI Aggressive LPM support Enabled (What is it?) Then there are four groups of one failure referring to another. The first - Sata 0 not installed Software preserve Unknown Port 0 Enabled Hot plug disabled Configured as Esata Hot plug supported There are three other groups like this, Sata 1, 2 and 3 idea what should change?
  21. As I wrote, the problem with the hard disk has been solved, thanks to the advice of Disagreement. I also want to install SDD on this computer. I have a brand new one, SANDISK 120GB. Here too, the motherboard does not recognize it - in bios - in any of the four sata connections. For testing, I connected it to an older computer with an MSI motherboard and it is identified without any problem. Again, I guess it has to do with some definition. I would love to receive any suggestion / idea.
  22. I probably wasn't clear enough. The motherboard wasn't previously connected to anything. He came out of the box "virgin". It was purchased nearly two years ago, but lay unused. The hard disk is also completely new and so is the memory stick. As I mentioned before, it is strange to me that there is no reference to the sata connections in the panel's Manuel. Is this arrangement of the authors a kind of "standard" or is it just gigabytes. What is even more strange is that the person at the Wellcome store did not know this was the solution, although I clearly explained that this was the problem.
  23. What's even more strange is that the motherboard's Manuel has no reference to it. It would also make sense to have downgrading as you say, but to the God of Gigabit solutions.
  24. Disagreement - You are a genius! I switched to SATA3 and Walla. Recognizes it as big. Thanks.
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