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  1. Since I could not quickly find out from them the modern successors of the Dell U2412M U2312HM we bought next. Any comments or glitches known about it despite the high average on Amazon?
  2. As mentioned there is a problem of sending all kinds of shipments from Europe big and small ... so is it possible to get around it?
  3. The screen for parents. The following uses. At home everything is poor screens. They had U2317 and burned. I was thinking of upgrading their experience with an increase to 27 already and 1080P is enough for them. The question is, is there a problem with a reporter with such a 27-inch stretcher?
  4. As for Hitman. "While at 1440P a processor bottleneck was observed, at 4K we see that the cards have more to give." Lior How do you conclude that this is the processor already? And are we already there that graphics hardware jumps so strong from generation to generation naturally that a new generation of parallel processors is not enough for them? Or is it a core issue? For example, wouldn't a bottleneck have been observed with the 5900X?
  5. If there are any more price estimates for additional forum members, I would love to. Thanks! Honestly I thought the package itself was worth about 500 and the rest is bonus pennies. Surprised that you mentioned the supplier that is indeed high quality but already about ten years old ...
  6. Antec Nine Hundred Two Tower CASE. Intel Core i5-760 @ 2.80GHz. Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H MOBO. Corsair 750TX 750-Watt TX Series 80 Plus Power Supply. 8G DDR3 RAM 4X2 GSKILL. scythe mugen 2 COOLING.

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    Brand new with tags and nylons. Never worn, except for the picture. A beautiful oriental watch in green with gilded hands in red gold and a separate seconds hand. Stainless steel mesh strip. 50 feet deep or 5 well waterproof. Diameter 39 mm. Thickness 10 mm. High quality Japanese quartz mechanism. A model that does not exist in the country.

    500 ₪

  8. This ad has ended

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    Due to the transition to DDR4 ... 4 red, working and working sticks of DDR3 memories. 16 GB in total. Comes in suitable packaging as in the picture.

    250 ₪


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    Brand new in box. Bought from Amazon about two years ago. Never installed. About 3 years Western Digital warranty. <100 NIS> less than the same model in KSP.

    450 ₪

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