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  1. I tested one of these new drives after filling 50% -0% the speed gradually decreases by about 10 MBS after filling more than 50% to 90% of the drive volume the speed decreases sharply after filling over 90% of the drive volume my speed dropped by half
  2. Who are hacked computer games, to the days of hacked computer components (left a BIOS burn in AMD) to what extent will it harm the consumer and his privacy later on, and what about a permanent internet connection?
  3. 1. It was not mentioned on the company's website whether this includes electrical infrastructure for charging at home (price is not cheap at all) 2. By 3 years maybe the price was reasonable, today when the goal is to move to trains and other public transport (arriving from home only to the station) the comparison to the price of fuel becomes tricky and makes the price irrelevant at all (in my opinion) 10. Driving habit, driving habit will change between Types of paddle and this is also a point to think about when thinking about savings
  4. We have again reached a bad situation where Chinese products are rising as the price of a product with mom and dad as then in the 80s-90s killed all electronics companies (TEAK, NAKHAMICHI, and others) and bought them following bankruptcies too much concentrated power in one place
  5. https://www.gog.com/partner/stay_at_home תהנו
  6. Following the virus condition and those in the home. A list of (almost) every game that has been generously made free to claim / download during this hellish time. I'm keeping this list updated for as long as I can; these titles will not be free / PWYW forever, so some of them may disappear suddenly. If you see something you're interested in, grab it now. https://itch.io/c/759545/self-isolation-on-a-budget Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is on all of us, so make your time social distancing a little easier. Here's a collection of games from developers who are offering special discounts to do what they can to help. https://itch.io/c/757294/games-to-help-you-stay-inside Save the money and think what you do next
  7. Seems like something that will pass quickly .... but must note, there is an opening here for a new era each screen has its own camera, by cutting work you can create an algorithm that will give a 3D model of the user's face or any object
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