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  1. Your question is not clear.

    The cable is just a cable, maybe it's quality, but it does not determine the quality of the broadcast, but the information that passes through it.

    Only in the past year, Yes and Hot began to transmit high-resolution broadcasts, meaning they improved the infrastructure.

    If two years ago for example you were connecting an HD converter to a cable jack \ s you would not see HD quality. It all depends on the information sent by the cable.

    As for the question about the analog cable, the information on the line is indeed an analog chip but it is digital information that is modulated to analog.

  2. Lol, nice. I also have one:

    A young man walks through the streets of Paris and suddenly sees a girl being attacked by a rabid dog, and the boy jumped on the dog, wrestled with him, strangled him and the girl and he left the scene with only minor scratches.

    Suddenly the 2 immediately surrounded enthusiastic journalists and said, "What's your name?" All Paris will hear about you and the newspaper headlines will be: "A brave Parisian saved a girl from a murderous dog!"

    The man replied: I'm not a Parisian.

    The journalists scratched their heads and then said: All right, so all France will hear about your heroism and the headline will be "A brave Frenchman saved a girl from a murderous dog!"

    The man replied: I'm not French.

    The journalists looked at each other awkwardly and said: No problem! All Europe will hear about your heroism and the title will be: "European hero saved a girl from a murderous dog!".

    The poor man: I'm not European.

    The newspapers: So where are you from?

    The man: I'm from Israel.

    The next day in the headlines: "An Israeli killed a little girl's dog."


  3. No

    And if someone says, "I put them in the closet" or a similar variation, I will have to bang my head against the wall ... and my room is a dimension so it will really hurt! So please do me a favor and do not do it!

    I guess!! in the closet. 8)

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