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  1. Hello, I am interested in building a computer for high level gaming purposes, without OC. The budget for each specification will be around 10K (without screen). Already in choosing the processor I came across a dilemma between AMD and Intel. On the one hand, a lot of gamers I follow use Intel-based specifications (I know this is not a scientific reason, but it makes me think they know something I do not). On the other hand, I mostly see recommendations for AMD and it seems that in general they are progressing faster. Which camp should I join, assuming I want to build a computer that will suit gaming in the next few years without having to upgrade? Thanks!
  2. Does this mean that it will be possible to connect a router at any flash point?
  3. Hello everyone, I connect to Cellcom TV. Since they are on Bezeq's infrastructure, and there are several Bezeq sockets in the house, I guess it will be easy to connect several converters in different rooms. Can I, from any converter, extract wired internet or only from the main converter? Thank you
  4. Hi, Looking for phone recommendations for up to NIS 600 for a boy. Can be from Israel or from overseas. Thanks in advance
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