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  1. Hello everyone, Looking for a printer recommendation with the following features: Inkjet. Replacement ink / replacement ink prices are relatively inexpensive. Integrated quality scanner. Uses: Home: Color prints and reading pages. Scan documents. Level of use: Medium (not at the office level). Thanks for all the answers!
  2. Hello everyone, I have two Eizo S2431 screens. Recently, I have experienced 3 phenomena with the screens and would love to help them understand the same phenomena. Attached pictures: 1) Scratch springs started to develop on the screens. The intention is to apply scratches that can be felt with your fingers (before I ask, I ruled out the possibility that someone scratched the screens). Scratches began to develop gradually on both screens simultaneously. "Spots" / "pockets" light - meaning lighter parts. If you move your head it seems to be bumps on the screen itself. 2) The screens have become very bright in the lighting. Screen, but I really have no idea, I'd love to help, thank you.
  3. CrystalDiskInfo doesn't see it. In a USB connection I see a HD spring. When I connect directly to the computer I hear 2-3 clicks from the head and then it is quiet.
  4. Hello everyone, my hard disk has crashed and would be happy to assist in its recovery. Seagate Desktop HDD 2GB drive. When I try to connect the drive directly to the motherboard or external connection (via USB adapter) - the drive turns on, performs a few turns, the OS recognizes unformatted disk but with a different volume of ~ 3GB ... How do you think you can move from here? Thanks for all the answers.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a secondary disk (working files; head is SSD). How about this performance and price disc? Thanks for all the answers!
  6. No. The maid (and me) do not clean the screens with any material. Usually only a dry microfiber cloth for dust removal. By the way, the plastic coating on the screen seems to have dried and cracked - note that the cracks are perfectly straight. In addition, their appearance is not in a specific area, but scattered throughout the screen.
  7. Hello everyone, I hold 2 EIZO screens S2431W. Something like a year ago a strange phenomenon began to develop on the screens (both!) And it seemed as if the screen or some coating on the screen had been torn off. At first it would have looked like a (very straight) scratch on the screen, but very quickly the whole screen was filled with these "scratches" as well as the other screen. Attaches close-up images of both screens. Does anyone know this phenomenon? Is there a way to fix the screens? They totally agree and grieve and get rid of them ... Thanks for all the answers!
  8. Hello everyone, yesterday one of the drives on my computer crashed. Magnetic Drive (2TB, Segate). Stores documents, images, etc. (not operating system and / or software). The drive is divided into several logical partitions. Initially, the log drives were "gone", but the drive appeared in management tools on windows 10 and I was asked to perform MBR recovery on the drive. Other than a drive, the drive no longer appeared at all, since it was an 3-4 drive for years, I thought it might be related to the drive connection - after connecting and disconnecting the drive from the motherboard, the board bounced a red light (without beeps) and the computer also performed a drive. - The computer is running smoothly and without problems, and I have noted that in recent months the drive has been working on I / O quite intensively to back up the information it has to Google Drive and external backup ( I have a "hot" backup for another drive on my computer and a cloud backup.) Recovery Assistant I want to restore the drive information and transfer it to a new drive (I have no idea if the drive is screwed or not ...) The question is what is the best way to do it (not Involves taking the lab)? Can there be other issues to negate / check before restoring backups to a new drive? (Cables, Power, Provider, etc.) Thanks for all the answers!
  9. This is exactly the disk that crashed ... why not go for SSD already?
  10. Hello everyone, I heard yesterday, I probably crashed the magnetic disk that contains most of the information, but not the operating system and software (sitting on another disk). I am looking for a suitable and economical replacement to replace the disc. This is not a new computer and / or the need for superior performance, so I can settle for a disk that is cheap in relation to volume / reliability, etc. Needs: At least 2TB Job type: File storage, mainly office documents and graphics, lots and lots (continuously) of activity I / O For backups (the drive is employed in continuous backup to external disk and also to cloud backup services at the same time.) Relatively cheap SSD / HDD - so far I have worked with magnetic disks as secondary disks, I think this fact knocked the current drive (see below); but I'm not an expert, so It may be better to take a mechanical one. I would be happy to help here as well. This is it - I know there are quite a few specials now, but I have no idea how / what to choose ... Thank you very much for all the answers! * Reasonable collapse: I have synchronized every 1.5 meters in recent months Bytes to Google Cloud. Which resulted in incessant syncs between the drives (the drive in question -> Backup Drive -> Cloud Backup; and back for goodness sake.) I guess the drive just ground to a fine. * "Probably": I don't really know; Connection from the drive due to a problem with the MBR; the logs stopped appearing and the next barrister, a red light jumped on the board (without beeping) and the computer shook itself until I disconnected the drive.
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