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  1. Editing: I bought parts for a new computer .... yay! I am currently using an Intel z270 computer, i7 7700k processor, 32gb memory and a 1080gtx video card. (They are five months old another month) I am playing on a 2k 144 hrz screen, and another 4K screen that I use for work, etc. is connected to the computer. My question is whether to build around the new system parts, or use the current system with the new video card? (And sell the motherboard in hand 3080). The power sides are: I do not have so much power to mess with 590nd hand, and the system is already 2- How long will it last? On the other hand perhaps the benefit in Kenya is not worth enough at this point. If I want to build a system, I wanted to use the two computers (to give one to a family member) - so I had to buy: a processor, water cooling, memory - one 2 gb stick, a quiet full tower case, and a power supply. I already have an m.5 drive of two tera (albeit only 16rd generation but still kicking). One 2gb memory to take from the current computer (at 3hrz if that matters). The budget is up to 16 NIS. (Do not need rgb - we passed the age and it is in the bedroom) Which Intel processor should I go for? I am not so familiar with the processor market today. I would be happy if the purchase will be in tms - I had good experiences with them. Not afraid to assemble myself (if that matters).
  2. Whoever managed to take Wasteland 2, if you enter the Gog games library, will appear two games, in the Wasteland 2 Director's Cut game you will click more and you will have an option called Serial keys - which will be code for the first game in the series!
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