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  1. Jonathan Mendelssohn - The appeal is to you: of course thank you very much for your efforts, that you search for and find all kinds of interesting prices for this or that hardware across the web from sites abroad, and thank you for trying to help our people here in Israel buy more lucrative, but if You're already trying to help, so help if you can to the end. In other words, at least mention in your articles the matter of Eilat prices with us, if you have found those who are quite good in relation to foreign prices and perhaps also more profitable and even worthwhile. Because again, let's not forget that for many people the issue of local responsibility is also important. There is no need to go into too much detail in articles about Eilat prices, etc., just a small reminder of a line or two (the rest will be done alone), that people will "open" their eyes and buy what is really most profitable for them and where it is most profitable. And so you too will help people even more, and you will receive more thanks and sympathy from the people (-:
  2. I do not know what has happened lately with the prices abroad ..., or the sites such as Amazon, Niue, etc., no longer offer prices who knows what competitive, or that in Israel they have lowered hardware prices so it is no longer profitable to buy from abroad. .. Okay, by and large, the "standard" prices in Israel for hardware are higher than the prices abroad, but do not forget that we have Eilat - and here in my opinion the whole picture changes. In any case, many of us go down to Eilat sometimes, someone from work as a seminar or something like that, someone just to relax, etc., and if we need some hardware or gadgets, then on the way you can buy there, in Eilat. And if you do a little, really a little homework, take and compare overseas prices that are offered to us as "discounts" and "promotions", for the prices of the same hardware items and gadgets in Eilat, you will see that the prices here in Eilat are not much higher than the prices The "operation" and the "discounts" abroad, and sometimes even the same. In addition, we will add the issue of local warranty, which, no matter how you look at it, will always be better than the warranty from abroad (if there is one at all), so what to say here: it is not profitable to buy from these prices abroad, when our prices are almost Identical and with local responsibility ... Yes, I agree, it is not in the whole country but only in Eilat, but regarding the frequency of our visits to Eilat I have already written before ... Here are some examples, and it is only for 2TB models, because the article on these volumes, of course there Other volumes at good prices here in Eilat as well, such as 1TB, 500GB, etc .: 1. In Ivory there is currently only one drive with a volume of 2TB, the same drive mentioned here in an article that costs about 760 NIS to the house (SAMSUNG 860 QVO), with us in Eilat at Ivory branches it costs 897 NIS, yes it is about 140 NIS more expensive, but do not forget that for these 140 NIS you will receive a local warranty of 3 years. In the KSP branches in Eilat you will find: a. KINGSTON A2 400TB with 1.92 years warranty - 3 NIS b. TRANSCEND SSD739S 230TB with 2 years local warranty - 5 NIS c. CRUCIAL MX846 500TB - an excellent and better drive from the BX2 series offered abroad according to this article, with the same local warranty with us for 500 years, you will receive it for 5 NIS d. The same drive that exists in Ivory, SAMSUNG 888 QVO 860TB, you will also find in KSP branches in Eilat at the same price as Ivory and with the same warranty for 2 years - 3 NIS again I will mention, I am not against shopping from abroad, the opposite in favor, but if definitely There is a considerable difference in prices, that lately, according to all these "deals" from abroad, I simply do not see this considerable difference in price, and do not consider it worthwhile to buy from abroad. And I do not do any advertisement for Ivory or KSP, I was just more comfortable and faster to show the prices they have to offer, of course there may be more hardware stores and gadgets in Eilat that also offer good prices, as I wrote earlier - a little homework anyone can, This is not a problem to find. I myself am now interested in buying a 897 "SSD drive with a capacity of 2.5TB, and in the meantime I do not see any more advantageous price from abroad than with us in Eilat, if I already buy such a drive (or no matter, any item that can be compared at a price from abroad ) At a price close to NIS 2, I prefer, if necessary, to pay the extra NIS 1000-100, but knowing that I bought it in Israel and with a local warranty, and what else - a 150-year warranty. And this very weekend I will be in Eilat, and I will buy myself the good and excellent drive (which I have many years of experience with) CRUCIAL MX5 500TB at a price of 2 NIS. So do your homework, and fix what pays off the most and where it pays off the most.
  3. I did not understand you exactly ... What responsibility are you talking about when ordering a product from abroad and what service? As I wrote in my previous long comment: You bought a PS4 from Amazon, after less than a year something happened to your PS4, how will it work ?, because I just do not know, explain to me ... you will contact them, abroad, and how the warranty service will be provided exactly? It does not seem to me that they will directly send you the same product as a replacement, or that if it can be fixed then what ?, you will send it God, and what about the return shipping fee? In short, I really do not understand how it is possible in this case to exercise warranty of such a product from abroad ... In my opinion it is really better to already have some kind of warranty with us locally ...
  4. I do not know what promotions you are writing about here from abroad, although in Israel the prices for the PS4 PRO are the same: for example, the Bug store is now offering the upcoming Black Friday for the upcoming Black Friday PS4 PRO without games, only in 1 NIS '', Or in general in Eilat at a price of 1449 NIS, which is more with an official importer's warranty Isfar, which in my opinion if already, it is not fair to compare product prices in the country with an official importer's warranty (which always micromanages the product), compared to the same products on order dance. If you are already thinking of ordering from abroad - this automatically means that you care less about the warranty (because it is known that from abroad you do not receive a product warranty as in a local purchase), but more you care about the price, which will be as low as possible, right? This way, you have to compare with products bought in Israel with a warranty no matter what, because then the price will in most cases be cheaper, and in this way I think it is best to compare with products ordered from abroad. Let's say, the black Friday of a bug or of one store or another in the country is over, still, the cheapest standard price in the country today for the PS1239 PRO 4TB is about 1 NIS in the whole country, or about 1400 NIS in Eilat. And if we talk about games, which are offered abroad as a bundle with the PS1270, then the same story here - not a problem at all to get these games in Israel in certain stores at "normal" prices, for example the same famous and new game COD, costs 4 shekels Only in certain stores - not that expensive, right? So make an account, because I did, and in my opinion I do not see any real super deals here from sites abroad, in principle the same prices as here in Israel, but do not forget that when ordering from abroad you have to wait for the product until it arrives, hope it arrives complete and arrives In general, and you also have no responsibility for the product because it comes from abroad, something will happen to the product after two-three-four months, who will you contact ?, abroad ?, when on the other hand when buying in Israel, especially if the price difference is almost non-existent , You still get some local warranty, even if it's unofficial but still a real warranty, think about it. Do not get me wrong, I myself am in favor of certain products when buying from abroad, the main thing is the price is as cheap as possible in Israel, if there really is a noticeable difference in price, but in the case of this article - I do not see a real difference between abroad and Israel The PS205. Do not be lazy people, check, make an account, and choose the right path ... Fun shopping :-)
  5. From what I see it is, that on all platforms this game costs 60 euros for a base version, but for some reason only on the EPIC platform it costs the same amount but in dollars, that is 60 dollars, which of course 60 dollars is less than 60 euros. And this is what I did, I bought for $ 70 the DELUXE version at the EPIC store, and when I started installing the game, it automatically linked it to ORIGIN and installed it in the ORIGIN library.
  6. I too am waiting for promotions for the wireless headphones, although as I know myself - I can just not wait but go and now straight buy new wireless headphones for me without any problem, but I really want to order something good from abroad and at a price that can not be found in the country . It's time to replace my old Corsair Vengeance 2000 7.1 Wireless, and as I've discovered over the years, all CORSAIR's products are just useless and expensive, they do not have a drop of quality in all the products and they really but really do not justify their famous name CORSAIR , Really no one recommends CORSAIR, stay away from the products of this "sticker" company.
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