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  1. Jonathan Mendelssohn - The appeal is to you: of course thank you very much for your efforts, that you search for and find all kinds of interesting prices for this or that hardware across the web from sites abroad, and thank you for trying to help our people here in Israel buy more lucrative, but if You're already trying to help, so help if you can to the end. In other words, at least mention in your articles the matter of Eilat prices with us, if you have found those who are quite good in relation to foreign prices and perhaps also more profitable and even worthwhile. Because again, let's not forget that for many people the issue of local responsibility is also important. There is no need to go into too much detail in articles about Eilat prices, etc., just a small reminder of a line or two (the rest will be done alone), that people will "open" their eyes and buy what is really most profitable for them and where it is most profitable. And so you too will help people even more, and you will receive more thanks and sympathy from the people (-:

  2. I do not know what has happened lately with prices abroad ..., or the sites such as , Niue, etc., no longer offer prices who knows what is competitive, or that in Israel they have lowered hardware prices so that it is no longer profitable to buy from abroad ... Okay, by and large, the "standard" prices in Israel for hardware are higher than the prices abroad. To, but do not forget that we have Eilat - and here in my opinion the whole picture changes. In any case, many of us go down to Eilat sometimes, someone from work as a seminar or something like that, someone just to relax, etc., and if we need some hardware or gadgets, then on the way you can buy there, in Eilat. And if you do a little, really a little homework, take and compare overseas prices that are offered to us as "discounts" and "promotions", for the prices of the same hardware items and gadgets in Eilat, you will see that the prices here in Eilat are not much higher than the prices The "promotion" and the "discounts" abroad, and sometimes even the same. In addition, we will add the issue of local warranty, which, no matter how you look at it, will always be better than the warranty from abroad (if there is one), so what to say here: it is not profitable to buy from these prices abroad, when our prices are almost Identical and with local responsibility ... Yes, I agree, it is not in the whole country but only in Eilat, but regarding the frequency of our visits to Eilat I have already written before ... Here are some examples, and it is only for 2TB models, because the article on these volumes, of course Other volumes at good prices here in Eilat as well, such as 1TB, 500GB, etc .: 1. In Ivory so far there is only one drive with a volume of 2TB, the same drive mentioned here in an article that costs about 760 NIS abroad (SAMSUNG 860 QVO), with us in Eilat at Ivory branches it costs 897 NIS, yes it is about 140 NIS more expensive, but do not forget that for these 140 NIS you will receive a local warranty of 3 years. 2. In the KSP branches in Eilat you will find: a. A400 1.92TB with 3 years warranty - 739 NIS b. TRANSCEND SSD230S 2TB with 5 years local warranty - 846 NIS c. MX500 2TB - an excellent and better drive from the BX500 series offered abroad according to this article, with the same local warranty with us for 5 years, you will receive it for 888 NIS d. The same drive that sleeps in Ivory, 860 QVO 2TB, you will also find in KSP branches in Eilat at the same price as Ivory and with the same warranty for 3 years - 897 NIS again I will mention, I am not against shopping from abroad, the opposite is in favor, but if there is definitely a significant difference in prices, The latter according to all these "deals" from abroad I just do not see this considerable difference in price, and do not consider it profitable to buy from abroad. And I do not do any advertisement for Ivory or KSP, I was just more comfortable and faster to display the prices they have to offer, of course there may be more hardware stores and gadgets in Eilat that also offer good prices, as I wrote earlier - a little homework anyone can, This is not a problem to find. I myself am now interested in buying a 2.5 "drive With a volume of 2TB, and in the meantime I do not see any more advantageous price from abroad than with us in Eilat, if I already buy such a drive (or does not matter, any item that can be compared at a price from abroad) at a price close to 1000 NIS , I prefer if necessary, to pay the extra 100-150 NIS, but to know that I bought it in Israel and with a local warranty, and what else - 5 years warranty. And this very weekend I will be in Eilat, and I will buy myself the good and excellent drive (which I have many years of experience with) MX500 2TB at a price of 888 NIS. So do your homework, and fix what pays off the most and where it pays off the most.

  3. I did not understand you exactly ... What responsibility are you talking about when ordering a product from abroad and what service? As I wrote in my previous long comment: You bought From Amazon, something less than a year later happened to Yours, how will you act ?, because I just do not know, explain to me ... You will contact them, abroad, and how will the warranty service be provided exactly? It does not seem to me that they will directly send you the same product as a replacement, or that if it can be fixed then what ?, you will send it God, and what about the return shipping fee? In short, I really do not understand how it is possible in this case to exercise warranty of such a product from abroad ... In my opinion it is really better to already have some kind of warranty with us locally ...

  4. I do not know what promotions you write here from abroad, although in the country of prices to PRO The same: for example, a bug store is now offering for the Black Friday Battle and Coming PRO 1TB without games, only for 1449 NIS, or in general in Eilat at a price of 1239 NIS, which is more with an official importer warranty Ishpar, which in my opinion if already, it is not fair to compare product prices in the country with an official importer warranty ( That it always micromanages the product), compared to the same products when ordered from abroad. If you are already thinking of ordering from abroad - this automatically means that you care less about the warranty (because it is known that from abroad you do not receive a product warranty as in a local purchase), but more you care about the price, which will be as low as possible, right? This way, you have to compare with products bought in Israel with a warranty no matter what, because then the price will also be cheaper in most cases, and in my opinion it is best to compare with products ordered from abroad. Say, the Black Friday of a bug or store in the country is over, still, the cheapest standard price in the country today for PRO 1TB is about 1400 NIS throughout the country, or about 1270 NIS in Eilat. And if we talk about games, which are offered abroad as a bundle with the, So here too the same story - no problem at all to get these games in Israel in certain stores at "normal" prices, for example the same famous and new game COD, costs only 205 shekels in some stores - not that expensive, right? So make an account, because I did, and in my opinion I do not see any real promotions here from sites abroad, in principle the same prices as here in Israel, but do not forget that when ordering from abroad you have to wait for the product until it arrives, hope it arrives complete and arrives In general, and you also have no responsibility for the product because it comes from abroad, something will happen to the product after two-three-four months, who will you contact ?, abroad ?, when on the other hand when buying in Israel, especially if the price difference is almost non-existent , You still get some local warranty, even if it's unofficial but still a real warranty, think about it. Do not get me wrong, I myself am in favor of certain products bought from abroad, the main thing is the price is as cheap as possible in Israel, if there really is a noticeable difference in price, but in the case of this article - I do not see a real difference between abroad and Israel The PS4. Do not be lazy people, check, make an account, and choose the right path ... Fun shopping :-)

  5. From what I see it is, that on all platforms this game costs 60 euros for a base version, but for some reason only on the EPIC platform it costs the same amount but in dollars, that is 60 dollars, which of course 60 dollars is less than 60 euros. And this is what I did, I bought for $ 70 the DELUXE version at the EPIC store, and when I started installing the game, it automatically linked it to me And install it in the directory.

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  6. I, too, am awaiting promotions for the wireless headphones, even though I know myself - I just can't wait but go and now go straight to buy New wireless for me without any problem, but this time I really want to order something good from abroad and at a price that can not be found in Israel. It's time to replace my Drake headphones, Vengeance 2000 7.1 Wireless Antiques and, as I have discovered over the years, all the products of Just useless and just expensive, they do not have a drop of quality in all the products and they really but really do not justify their famous name , Really no one recommends it , Stay away from the products of this '' sticker '' company.

  7. Supports of this kind (those that connect to the available slots under a video card) are neither useful nor effective in the idol. Definitely do not recommend anyone to buy these types, believe me I have tried it, and it just does not justify what it is meant to do. If anyone wants to support approx. A heavy screen it has, just fix this kind of kind of stand that stands in the corner of the c. Screen, where one end of the leg actually supports the approx. Screen, while the other end of the leg just below stands inside the case on the floor of the case - those who support the video cards that really do the job, but not really those who wrote here in the article. You want , No problem, I've also seen types of '' leg '' with illumination , If you look.

  8. Don't know what about you, but I don't really connect to this SSD of . I actually just got two days ago from Amazon this SSD - CORSAIR FORCE SERIES MP510 1920GB, which I think is far better than 660P's Yes, the MP510 is more expensive, it cost me 300 dollars including shipping, which is about 75 dollars more than the 660P, but hey, besides the price, the MP510 at every parameter gate exceeds the 660P, which has technologies 3D TLC and no , Because its work speeds are higher than Intel's, which is 3480 Random Reading and 2700 Random Writing, etc. So in my opinion the drive By CORSAIR, the 510GB MP1920 model is really preferable, although it is more expensive it offers TLC technology instead of QLC, and its work speeds are really higher, it's especially good for those who want to target Has such a small volume for heavy work and loads such as edits Maybe maybe heavy gimping, etc., for example, 100 percent is going to turn this MP510 I bought into a workspace into edits Solid volume, high work speeds and better reliability of TLC technology.

  9. I also have a credit card with a national logo, and they also sent me an email on this subject. Looks like I'm just planning to buy a card In the volume of 2TB in Amazon, then we will see if Leumi's operation will work ... Also, I know that of course I have to choose the Amazon product that was sold and shipped by herself. And I've already found such a NVME card - FORCE SERIES MP510 1920GB I think its price is pretty good in terms of performance and volume, 304 dollars including shipping and taxes) The question is whether I will also install the extension of For the browser, can I enjoy both Leumi 's discount and the discount of Simultaneously ?, because these two different assumptions ...

  10. Exactly, and that only indicates that the manufacturer / company of this product is really not smart, when they even in the delivery of their product in the advertisement are already shooting themselves in the foot with such a pak. In this first accident in the ad, Ok, the camera saved him, just what exactly did she save him from?))), Who is that in this case he definitely loses because he did not give priority? Unless there are probably some "special" countries in which the right of way is the opposite of what we think.

  11. I did not really read the technical data, but if that's what is written there from what you say then think: minus 20 - not our direction in Israel and not really interested us, right and Plos 42, if it really is then it is already a failure to our climate, stop your car In the hot summer days, when the outside is about 35 hot, under the sun somewhere for about half a day (many of us have to do it, that's the reality), what temperature do you think you'll be in your car as a result ?, I'll tell you, well above 42 degrees, around the 60 If not more. In my opinion, in our country with our hot climate, and other countries with similar climates to ours, should be registered from the manufacturer that the product holds in the heat of up to about 90-100 degrees, that have the ones that are even registered 70 degrees and also it has been on the border in our climate ... But if the manufacturer even records that the product is heat resistant up to 100, we would not forget that many manufacturers to sell products often quite like ..., how to say it gently ..., "inflate" the technical data of their products when In reality it turns out that this is not really so ...

  12. What do you tell my dear friend, DOD cameras I had, 2 different models at a cost of about 1000 each, and both models did not show their durability to our summer weather too hot. The 460W model was just jammed by the heat and stopped the recording, and the 470W model that I'm still using as one of the two cameras installed in my car has been replaced by the importer because of problems Exactly, and although replaced by the same new model only, he too soon after began to make recording problems like the two previous ones! (I already have only 3 models of problem DOD) so I also have experience similar to yours for about 4 years and some cameras, I also have someone working with the model 460W also has problems with it! So I do not have to say that I "might believe I had quality cameras" and put words in my mouth, because I can say that maybe you believe you live in Israel But this is not so and you get a little confused and you live in another country with a less hot climate! But I do not really say that, I believe you had a good experience with different models of cameras through, but I also tell my experience was, and I have no point in inventing anything, because I'm just the opposite, when I have a good product and good experience, even Which is expensive, I will praise it, but in my case with my experience this is not the case and I write what is there, and it automatically indicates that even in DOD models everything is not pink and there are also not good cases, and it builds the statistics that not all DOD models 100% meets customer requirements and needs to accept it. Or maybe you'll try to put some words in my mouth and write that I probably used cards (Which I found in a market for two shekels) on cameras, or something like that, because you probably know me better than I know myself ()))) So here too I'll cut you by saying I'm not from those bunkers you think and can not spend If you need more high-quality products, such as good quality memory cards, and even when the camera problems started, I thought I might have a memory card, so I bought another new, high-quality, .

  13. Looks like an interesting and good product, but ...: 1. Is it good enough to withstand the warmest climate of our country? Because from my bitter experience, with cameras that I owned, even more expensive and quality than 1000, even cheaper, I did not encounter one product resistant to 100% To our hot climate, all of them after standing half a day of the car under our hot sun during the summer in the temperature around the 35 degrees (and the car is almost a sauna), all these cameras that I had all start to go crazy in this car, part They simply break down and stop working, suddenly because of the tremendous heat in the car, just getting stuck and going to work, etc., and leaving that 100 is never protected from the product that should provide it. 2. The battery issue inside the VEZO 360 is another problem, because, as is known, Of any kind simply do not survive the great heat in our vehicles in the summer after parking the car under the sun for a few hours. 3. And last thing - the price: if now the price is 170 and 220, respectively, in the early auction, then how much will the price be higher in the regular sale already, and would anyone want to spend that small amount for a camcorder and then find out that it also does not function in the hot climate "I've never been so upset before, when I spent quite a lot of money on expensive and high-quality cameras (and I'm not just buying something I see without checking reviews around the net), and they're all not functioning properly in our summer heat ... In short, we'll see and see, when people around the world start buying and producing real reviews and reviews, then we'll see if the product justifies the price Or it is another product that does not survive high temperatures in the car .. And of course it is better to see reviews and real reviews from our country that someone will do and not from other countries where the climate may be more convenient probably ...

  14. Everything is good and good, and it's good that we see the beginning of RAM memory discounts, but according to this article what I see is that of course they started with assumptions for the simple memories in the simplest, the lowest frequency (2,666) (Coolers) Also simple to have, the volume of each module is only 8GB and there is no 16GB per module etc. Again, it's good that RAM assumptions have started, but in the meantime, those that do not fit everyone, especially those who want to More "serious", more "high-quality" and with more impressive parameters for assembling computer systems not necessarily only in low budget but also to medium-sized systems and above. Anyone who installs a computer system other than a budget or wants to upgrade memory In the existing system and not completely empty his wallet - this operation will suit him, all the rest - will continue to buy at the standard prices. I really hope for all of us that assumptions like these will begin to trickle into talent More 'serious'' for building / upgrading computer systems that also have medium and higher budgets ... and thanks for the article :-)

  15. I am not a great expert in memories, but I know that the memory sequence that comes from the manufacturer's text is important, the higher the frequency, the faster the memory works according to what I understand, With high frequency will always be more expensive than those with lower frequencies.

    There are also the timings or timings that are some of the memories that are the truth. I myself still did not understand how it works and what is considered better.

    There is also another parameter of the memories and is their working voltage, whether it is 1.35V or 1.25V etc.

    Baside that, Are given to the OC as the processors and so on. The screen, to what extent it is complicated or justifies dealing with it - I do not know, probably depends on user knowledge and severity of the user as well.


    For example, I am now building a completely new computer system, and from what I understood (at least in the present generation DDR4), it is advisable to take Whose frequency is at least 3200MHZ, and that's what I did, I bought 3200MHZ, because there are also such 2600, 2900 something ...


    In my opinion there should be somewhere around the Internet detailed information that tells about the data of the memories.

    And in any case always remember that when you buy computer memories, it is very desirable to check the compatibility of their work with the board if they will be installed, lists of compatibility also have motherboard manufacturers and memory manufacturers, so it is two-sided.


    In any case, maybe someone here who understands more than us in the memoirs will answer your question, because that's interesting to me, too : )

  16. Thanks, works. For anyone who did not understand or did not read the article properly - should be registered to. Enter the HUMBLE store (you can link through this article), choose to get the game with two free expansion packs, link the game to Yours, then at Enter the codes you received by email from HUMBLE, and then at the same In the game directory you choose to download and install the game with add-ons, not the most complicated, enjoy.

  17. Quote of Shasoosh

    I would be happy to sample such a board


    Example of panels with sufficient power supply for 9900K, especially if you prefer , She:

    1. Designare

    2. Master


    These two boards are pretty good for the 9900K processor, I myself now bought a new 9900K + computer MASTER, the price between them is not really high to negligible, so it's up to you what features and additions you prefer to get on the motherboard.


    And as he wrote napoleon45, To the desired 9900K processor Serious, if it's air then something from the taps or at all Liquid, of course, provided that you do give him a "normal" OC, because this processor is rather "warm".


    Also, you should wait for the recommendation of djelectric : )

  18. Quote of ClassMulder

    Well .. I came back from vacation, I opened the case. And the direction of the radiator cannot be reversed. Physically, the piping cannot be inverted (if it cannot be inverted there is no room to screw the radiator in the recommended manner), nor are there any threads for the outside thread on the side of the fans.

    Are there any other tips? Except for something drastic like exchange Cooling The processor.



    Can you install the radiator so that its fans will be between the front panel of the chassis and the radiator ?, a panel of fan-radiator front panel ...

    If you do not then install it like: fan-cooler front fan panel, that's basically how you install your cast now, just the fans on the radiator will make them instead of taking air out of the chassis, they will put air into the package through the radiator, .

  19. Quote of djelectric

    I do not know if it is still relevant but I will answer the need for public knowledge

    2700X can suffice with the cooling it deserves in the box. It will maintain normal working temperature in most situations with maximum sustained effort.


    If you want to spend a little more, you can go for the new Arctic Freezer 33, which fits the AM4 socket where the processor sits. Cooling That should cost 140-160.




    If OC is not designed as written, and even if yes, This OC is not so much who knows how to break boundaries, so I absolutely agree with every word that -djelectric wrote down.

  20. Let me be healthy ClassMulder, How many people here recommend you and tell you what to do and it is not for nothing .. And I will join them and say also:

    Always in most cases, and of course also like your package, the most sweeping recommendation for the most "normal" air flow and the most "healthy" in the package will be:

    Front fans and fans down (if any) - Cool air from outside into the case!

    Top fans and rear fan (the rear is usually one fan in most cases), again, if any - remove heated air from the chassis out!


    And it does not matter where the AIO radiator is installed. If you have one, if it is mounted up in the package, or down, or front or even small on the single fan in the back, it just does not matter, you stick to the sweeping recommendation of fan arrangement and air flow Their way in this recommended air flow pack!


    So yes, in your case, you decided you wanted to AIO for your processor, OK, no problem, it has two fans, 240 mm or 280 mm, and your case supports an AIO radiator only in one place, it's only in front, there's no problem, you It installs it there (because you simply have no other choice in this case), but you set up its ventilators to put air from the outside into the case and, through the radiator, that's the way!

    While the upper and rear fan you install to get air out of the chassis!


    That's it, that's all, it's the recommendation in most cases of this kind for normal and healthy airflow, unless it's a special chassis with a special and rare structure (which is not your case).


    People here have already brought you a link to a video from the famous BITWIT hardware channel, where the guy explains the air flow terms in the cases and the radiator positions, and you're still fighting people here instead of trying to get what everyone recommends here, including me, , come on 😄


    And I have not yet said about the dust filters and especially the rear fan arrangement that puts in air instead of removing (it is simply hallucinatory to do such a thing) because behind almost no manufacturer Do not put a filter by logic, and then if you put air in the back, you get a picture where you see a case like yours filled with dust inside, and that's guaranteed!


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