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  1. Thanks for the help, yesterday I received the esport 34 duo. It looks really good, really quiet, and handles well the heat problems of the ryzen 3600 and the noise of its cooling stock.
  2. Surrey, processor-ryzen 5 3600. AM4 resident. Kraga has no limit but I think to replace the corsair air 540 chassis.
  3. Hello, I am pretty much locked on Corsair air 540. But if there are any more interesting or cheaper offers I would love to hear. It is important to be relatively quiet, black and ventilated because of this the 540 winked at me. I currently have a Corsair obsidian 550d.
  4. Hello everyone, processor, it's important for me to be quiet and strong. I don't really understand the cooling, the budget is 150-200 I hope that's enough. It's better to be black too, no need for lids. Thanks and be healthy.
  5. I'll just wait for him to die for the responsibility.
  6. Hello everyone, I don't really know what's going on, I'll try to describe the fault. A few months ago I noticed that the computer had stopped identifying the hard drive (2TB, Western Digital Black Series). I tried to replace a cable and nothing happened yet, so I decided to upgrade the computer. Two weeks passed and then I remembered he was still in charge so I jumped into the store and there they did a test and found that everything was working fine and really it worked. I tried again with a cable I got with the motherboard and the new Voila is working normally. All is well and beautiful and then after about two weeks the computer stopped recognizing it and then I started giving it up but because I have a little tendency to reject things for tomorrow, it came out that it stays connected and then the other day it pops up again and the computer recognizes it as usual without doing anything. Does anyone have an explanation for this and what can be done? Apologies for the excavation. Shabbat hello and be healthy.
  7. Oh my gosh, start short open the wallet. So what are my options in 1700? Because there is a limit, I will not buy Intel Pentium.
  8. Hello everyone, I want to buy my partner a laptop, the use will probably be quite normal: Internet, maybe Office, movies and Netflix. It is important for me to be thin and light and pleasing to the eyes, I do not understand the prices of laptops, is 1300-1500 with an exception here or here is a realistic budget?
  9. Good friends, I could not resist already and the truth that two days ago I jumped to TMS Eilat and bought the parts. Thanks to everyone who helped, I hope I made the right choice with the nvme I took something relatively simple to have for Videus for now and I think I'll buy one better and cheaper from Amazon or something.
  10. Hello, I am upgrading and it always brings with it a Windows installation. I had an original (no longer existing) disk of Windows 8.1 and when Windows 10 came out so I updated it for free, how do I create an installation drive? And the main problem is that I no longer have the product key. Is there any solution?
  11. The truth is that I don't know either, and I really don't understand my need for a better one (scratch) I do know that I would like something that will last long term (I don't often upgrade) that will give more options for future improvement such as two m.2 connections. In one place. It is also important to me that he look good. And Rolly is also about time to stop being afraid of Overclock, but I don't understand that, maybe a more stable board? And something else important The above board comes with updated bios. I talked to tms and when I asked for another option then they offered gigabyte b450 aorus elite the difference at a noncritical price.
  12. Okay, I did check the board a bit if big looks okay but I thought it might be worth investing in one more advanced (not much), maybe one of the Asus boards, the price differences are not higher than 2 shekels. Unbelievable, it always starts like this, there is a budget but the temptation is too great. I'd also be happy to recommend ssd drives, should I buy two relatively simple ones, or invest in m.XNUMX and add one more ssd to the one I already have. Anything else, I didn't even buy at TMS, from your experience are they okay?
  13. Okay, I'll take a look at what you've offered, thanks. If there are any other suggestions I would be happy.
  14. Something between 1000-1200 I would prefer not to exceed but I know sometimes there is no choice. I bought all the hardware I bought over the past few years in Ivori and I am very pleased and saw that there is also tms in Eilat so this is also an option.
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