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  1. Not worth buying the P2 - Crucial sent the reviewers an initial version and then cheated on the retail version and switched to a very bad NAND, in continuous writing the performance drops to tens of MB per second - less than a modern hard drive.
  2. VP9 encoding is not supported by hardware acceleration of very many chips. At Intel it is supported from generation 7 and up, it is just a slightly negligible coding that is not widely used outside of YouTube. This is just a bad example of the chip being weak and therefore dropping a quarter of the frames, but it is a bit outdated and does not support the codec. I'm pretty sure it handles nicely with video in H.264 or HVEC
  3. It is easy to understand that the product will be used for the benefit of rental companies and for the benefit of renters
  4. I understand that Series 7 failed to extort money over the years that Series 9 needed? To look for. I'll continue with Thinkpad for now
  5. Stunning. Just bring their products to Israel! Apart from the conservative import processors here bring nothing, neither branded nor stationary.
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