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  1. Is a new chipset also supposed to come out with these processors or are they staying with the x570 for now?
  2. I only look at gaming performance. I was pretty close to buying the 3090 but for 10% at best it's just not worth it. Each card that comes out will be in the range of 0-10 percent improvement no matter what they do to it.
  3. As long as the gap between the 3080 and 3090 is so small I find no reason to wait for a model with more memory that came out who knows when.
  4. 8K is one of those gimmicks ... unbelievable that people fall for this nonsense
  5. The best case scenario of the 3080 ti is another 10% performance roof because it will not be better than the 3090 ... I would not build on this card too much
  6. Very disappointing, if it was towards the 20% -25% there was something to talk about for 10% and down it totally for the bling. This card is marketed like any gaming card so expectations accordingly
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