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  1. Do you have the option to make a purchase in Eilat? :)
  3. Hi another option https: // tms / index.php? route = product / product & path = 10167_10028 & product_id = 18461 Cost about 2090 NIS
  4. אישית לא הייתי מכניס כרטיס מסך במארז צפוף מפרט זה הורכב ב - [url][/url] - רשת חנויות המחשבים האמינה והמקצועית בישראל [b]מעבדים:[/b] [url=]Intel Core i7 10700F / 1200 Box[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 1194 [b]קירור למעבדים:[/b] [url=]Arctic Cooling Freezer 34 for Intel Bulk[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 122 [b]לוחות אם:[/b] [url=]Gigabyte B460M GAMING HD[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 352 [b]זכרונות:[/b] [url=]DDR 4 8GB / 2666 CL19 Apacer[/url] כמות: 2 - מחיר: ₪ 316 [b]מארזים:[/b] [url=]Antec Case GX202 White Led[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 205 [b]ספקים למחשבים נייחים:[/b] [url=]ANTEC PSU 500W VP500P Plus EC[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 164 [b]כרטיסי מסך:[/b] [url=]Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 GV-N1660OC-6GD[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 1783 [b]דיסקים SSD:[/b] [url=]A-DATA SSD 512GB XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 2280[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 336 [b]דיסקים קשיחים:[/b] [url=]Seagate HDD 2.0TB 256MB SATA3 Barracuda[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 241 [b]כוננים אופטיים:[/b] [url=]LG DVDRW X24 SATA[/url] כמות: 1 - מחיר: ₪ 70 [b]הרכבת מחשב:[/b] [url=]הרכבת כסף (חינם! When ordering a new computer) [/ url] Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 1 [b] Total: [/ b] ₪ 4784 [color = # C87B1D] [b] Price in Eilat: [/ b] ₪ 4089 [/ color ] [color = red] [b] Commit to the most affordable price for the same specification. [/ b] [/ color] The prices include VAT and are payable in credit. Up to 12 equal payments without interest.
  5. You can order any item from a manufacturer (YA) at an importer - if a product / item appears on Korsair's website. In front of a purchase invoice of a customer and a serial of a product
  6. Can but a manufacturer only helps in front of a serial of a case - belongs to KSP which means with KSP they would open an application for RMA / glass door for their case - it would reach them within a month + -.
  7. F processor - without a graphics core, which means that without a simple video card in this specification, you will not have a display, except that everything is pix
  8. Here everything is available in immediate stock
  9. A. Eilat assembly for Eilat residents only so we did not assemble the system - if our assembly and something does not work then of course our warranty in Eilat there is no processor - anything that arrives defective in Eilat will be sent for inspection to Netanya / Holon.
  10. In my opinion no and I will explain to you why the site enters during the day XXX customer orders are divided into 2 groups one - come ask things want advised. Second - Make an order Check as you do on the sand site. If there is a problem with the product you received, contact? Customer service or lab - from what I know I never went there.
  11. Hello, you have chosen to register here + in Zap - instead of calling the hub, choose "laboratory" or send an email to and understand that what you are missing is the next product route = product / product & product_id = 103495 & search = coolerm Thanks for helping.
  12. Hi welcome to email, I would love to help you.
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