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  1. Agree with you, this is also what I wrote to them and sent a picture what manual it says it does not support and we will see what they will respond. Anyway I downloaded the x.mp and for a week the glitch did not return, yesterday I updated the bios to f35 and returned the x.mp now we will wait and see if it comes back again so I will know it is safe because of it.
  2. This is what gigabyte support answered me:
  3. I downloaded yesterday still do not know if solved because it comes randomly that means I can have a week without anything and then suddenly it happens and can happen to me 3 times a day .. at the moment has not happened yet but the incompatibility really sounds the most logical option because it would happen mostly having a large consumption of oryx..
  4. Thanks a lot bro! I also sent them a direct message on the matter. By the way, I'm not with the latest bios chair because when I updated I saw that it is not recommended so I am currently with the f32 and not with the f34 but believe it does not really sleep right?
  5. I do not know how I missed it .. I intend to ask their customer service directly because there is a situation that after the latest BIOS updates it has changed, anyway, I deal with development and programming which means a lot of work in front of the browser that consumes a lot of RAM The computer so if I can not use their x.mp I will probably have to replace. + I noticed now that my ssd also does not appear in their support list, could this be due to this?
  6. Yes I assembled myself, except for x.mp there is no change in the settings at the moment .. And regarding the memories:
  7. Thank you very much bro I watched everyone there experienced the glitch following the cooling of NZXT and after they replaced it will work out, for me this is probably not the problem because I have already replaced 3 coolers for the CPU and it did not help ..
  8. Hello!! Looking for candles regular keys for sk621 unsuccessful if anyone sells or knows how I can get I would love to help! (The keys I am looking for are like those of the sk622) This is what I am looking for:
  9. Hear the truth I do not quite understand what it means the dism etc. but as for the task manager I can tell you wholeheartedly that it opens with me 100% of the time lol. As I turn on I open it and the hwmonitor regularly.
  10. Unfortunately the glitch happened again this time the av was not even on high consumption of ram .. yes I have no idea which direction to go, maybe it's already the stage it's time to go to the lab?
  11. Interesting .. even more interesting if it will really solve because I read about it and it really happens from math calculations and all sorts of things that made sense lie as a result of my work, what also was written that it concerns GPU so it fits stamp for these 2 things, again thanks for the help dude update If the fault returns!
  12. The truth is that Bull does not fit the phenomenon, only that I do not understand why it will happen to my hardware, which is relatively powerful.
  13. Hi friends, @NR @ A-10 @ aviv00 The glitch happened to me again, attach a link to a detailed video. If there are any more ideas I would love to know .. https://streamable.com/7ywukg Thanks!
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