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  1. Hi friends, can anyone tell me where to buy the head that fits the Israeli outlet? (Purchase in Israel, do not order from abroad - the manufacturer turns out to be Israeli but I could not contact him) The plug (transformer) of the shield has such a rail that it is possible to connect different heads (with different plugs) An American to Israeli plug adapter will not help, need the head itself.Thanks

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    Hp pavilion ak100nj laptop 15.6 FHD 6th generation Intel® Core ™ i7 2 x 8GB memory) 16GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM 1TB memory + 128GB 16GB NVIDIA® GTX 950M graphics card The computer is very well maintained and in excellent condition Sold due to receiving a computer from work

    2,700 ₪

  3. Hi, maybe salvation will come from here trying to send an internal newsletter from Outlook to Outlook with text and image and I want them to be responsive, meaning the content will change according to the size of the recipient's window. I know it's possible because they sent me one, but I'm unable to produce one myself. I searched for hours in Google but I can not find a solution. Is there a solution to this? Attaches a picture of to explain myself better: Thank you very much
  4. Hi, I would love to recommend a 27 "screen for parents. Uses - Basic use (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Online Needle Games) No gaming. Budget - 500-700 They are locked on a Samsung screen but I'm not sure it's the best value for money I have no problem ordering a dance if it's worth the price difference and the waiting time. Thank you very much
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