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  1. This ad has ended

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    Purchased in Israel, warranty for another two and a half years. Sold due to lack of use. SUPER WINDFORCE VERSION. Dual cooling.

    850 ₪


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    4 sticks 8 gb each. Sold due to lack of use. * Can also be purchased in pairs

    650 ₪

  3. This ad has ended

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    Purchased in Israel, about a year and a half ago, still under warranty. Comes with Wraith Spire cooling

    850 ₪

  4. @ napoleon45 as one who does not know of other reviews / sites. I would love for links
  5. Why exactly this card and no more advanced one that supports ray tracing and other vegetables in the slightly more expensive series? (Sitting with a similar system and considering upgrading a card)
  6. I got you. The question of which of the two will give the best value in general, without touching on a specific game, even though today I mainly play in WITCHER, also because the current card does not allow too much. RTX 2070 or RX5700 XT? In large, I noticed 3 versions: https://www.newegg .com / global / il-en / sapphire-radeon-rx-5700-xt-100416nt-8gsr / p / N82E16814202351 xt-gv-r57xtgaming-oc-8gd / p / N82E16814932208 Or is it better for the 2060 SUPER?
  7. Why would you buy what I offered despite the processor bottleneck? Two or three years is a lot of time on tickets isn't it? Or I'm not really up to date ...
  8. Hi, I have the following system: I5 4590 10GB DDR3 Motherboard with Zipst B85 b85 Killer / S12G-550 -Seasonic Power Supply * I do not plan to upgrade Trinity in two years- The next three (to add memory is imminent) So far I managed to survive with the HD5850 that Otto is celebrating in the mitzvah, and after getting stuck in the house for the near term it seems time to upgrade. The purchase is from overseas, a $ 400 tax before taxes, allowing RTX 2070, RX5700 XT screen - currently at 25 ", in the near future the system will move into the living room and be replaced on TV around the 65". No specific game I'm aiming for. Should I invest in one of the cards above with the system I have? Or purchase a more moderate card until the whole system is replaced? I'd love for tips / insights / recommendations
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