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  1. Hello I wanted to know if I can apply to a faster memory board, besides it will slow me down will it work?
  2. Hi I got a weird message after replacing motherboard "motherboard 1.0 centigrade" anyone know what is this post what do they mean?
  3. I understood, and probably after so long and it is irresponsible, so Asus will no longer replace the board right?
  4. I checked by this site https://event.asus.com/2011/mb/Identify_B3_Motherboards/ and it's not my board model. But it is the same phenomenon and the only way I worked on updating after seeing the forums, on this particular board is updating the steps, which is why 5 updates succeeded, after a certain update it just stopped working.
  5. You can tell why not? A little more in-depth explanation?
  6. Hello you eyali23 This is exactly what I have, I have a problem with the SATA controller and I rest after I update the bios it worked out. And of course I downloaded the BIOS through the official ASUS website and managed to update 5 updates via the BIOS, extracted the updates into USB and so I updated the EZ updates to the 3506 version and the map could no longer update. Download link https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P8H67/HelpDesk_BIOS/ If you are familiar with another method of updating the interruptions other than the interrupts I would love to hear.
  7. Hello IVAN Whenever I try to update beyond this version I get the message "Image integrity check failed"
  8. Hello I have a P8H67 board and tried to update it from the first version until recently because it was not possible to update directly to the latest version, this bio has 17 updates and I got stuck in the 3506-3603 version and I can't update beyond that, the reason I need to update is because this version is not detectable I have the usual SATA 2 connections only the two SATA 3 that are on the board, I saw that there is the option to order bios in my latest version, but where do I go to have other methods that I can update the bios? Thanks
  9. Hello Question Is it possible to install Windows on an Android system?
  10. Hello, I have a whole new computer except for the motherboard If the memory and processor I bought secondhand, the computer turns off the tension completely on its own after half an hour to two hours. I'm afraid it's probably in the board but maybe you have a direction. * The only way I can recover it from the shutdown is with only I remove the pins that provide voltage to the board and return them back, only then it goes back to work, even if I take the power out of the supplier does not help. I'll be happy for whatever direction in interest, the board is h77-ds3h GYGABYTE .. thanks friends
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