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  1. I do not know the Hasee company 😮 but on the face of it, the specs are probably not bad in relation to the price. As my predecessors noted, it is advisable to specify an exact model of the mobile to give a more informed answer. Is this a new computer? Or lightly used? Is there a warranty?
  2. SSDs are cheaper. I will build you in exactly a year (Crisms 20 which is as I will in December) when the console comes out, and its hardware will be even more mediocre (and cheaper) than it is today. Until then, I have nothing more to say. I was exhausted.
  3. The price in the country will be very far from US $ 1. In my opinion, this console will cost between NIS 500 and NIS 2500 in the first year of launch. We (what to do, and unfortunately) do not live in America. And their price is irrelevant for us. Imports will not improve the situation much, either. In my opinion, even with the exception of 3000 or even 500 that is easier than a computer is still better. And it comes from a person who has every current-generation console (and some previous generations). Unless there is some exclusive game you have to buy the console for. Personally, I spend most of my free time (and there aren't many of them) on the computer and not on consoles. But don't get me wrong, I'm totally going to buy the PS1000 (going to give the PS5 to my brother as a gift, and maybe even give the XBOX to someone for adoption).
  4. You don't have to explain to me. As the owner of xbox one and ps4 and switch i am definitely aware of what makes a console stand out in terms of games. However, for my size and design reasons, they make the console so attractive in the living room or bedroom. If you saw my setup in the bedroom with all the consoles, you would understand why this design pisses me off. The console on the side, which minimizes the damage in the case of XBOX gaps are reduced to nonexistent. Most games also come to windows (which makes me want to sell the XBOX). Probably overpriced, with such a design, for me, this console has no priority over a computer in a tiny form factor.
  5. Lost the meaning of a console. Size of a computer, at the price of a computer with lower capabilities than a computer. Hopefully Sony will go for a more conservative design.
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