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  1. I do not know the Hasee company 😮 but on the face of it, the specs are probably not bad in relation to the price. As my predecessors noted, it is advisable to specify an exact model of the mobile to give a more informed answer. Is this a new computer? Or lightly used? Is there a warranty?
  2. SSDs are cheaper. I will build you in exactly a year (Crisms 20 which is as I will in December) when the console comes out, and its hardware will be even more mediocre (and cheaper) than it is today. Until then, I have nothing more to say. I was exhausted.
  3. The price in the country will be very far from US $ 1. In my opinion, this console will cost between NIS 500 and NIS 2500 in the first year of launch. We (what to do, and unfortunately) do not live in America. And their price is irrelevant for us. Imports will not improve the situation much, either. In my opinion, even with the exception of 3000 or even 500 that is easier than a computer is still better. And it comes from a person who has every current-generation console (and some previous generations). Unless there is some exclusive game you have to buy the console for. Personally, I spend most of my free time (and there aren't many of them) on the computer and not on consoles. But don't get me wrong, I'm totally going to buy the PS1000 (going to give the PS5 to my brother as a gift, and maybe even give the XBOX to someone for adoption).
  4. You don't have to explain to me. As the owner of xbox one and ps4 and switch i am definitely aware of what makes a console stand out in terms of games. However, for my size and design reasons, they make the console so attractive in the living room or bedroom. If you saw my setup in the bedroom with all the consoles, you would understand why this design pisses me off. The console on the side, which minimizes the damage in the case of XBOX gaps are reduced to nonexistent. Most games also come to windows (which makes me want to sell the XBOX). Probably overpriced, with such a design, for me, this console has no priority over a computer in a tiny form factor.
  5. Lost the meaning of a console. Size of a computer, at the price of a computer with lower capabilities than a computer. Hopefully Sony will go for a more conservative design.
  6. It is excellent that hacking is not sufficiently optimized for all computers, but some work just fine. All my friends bought the game, probably I'll buy to play with them too.
  7. This is the kind of game that is very much preferable to playing with friends. Playing in borderlands alone misses the goal in my humble opinion.
  8. Glad you work well (for now). The network is full of people like me with crashes and more, not only in the initial session but in certain areas of the game. I'm surprised this version hasn't received Nuke yet. By the way, I'm with a processor similar to yours but with a newer generation card. For those who can't / don't want to buy, I guess it's better than nothing.
  9. It's not it yet. The break-in is not proper. Lots of bugs, crashes, between 2-3 minutes until the game even goes up. And the most important thing is not to play with friends. Anyone who wants to play like a human will buy.
  10. Just disgusting what you describe here. And everything else under such magnificent guise on their site, as if they were your best friends. Also indulge ... I will consider continuing use. (I got through membership in the Histadrut)
  11. This

    Wait for Black Friday

    As far as I know, computer parts only pay VAT so it's not too bad anyway.
  12. At that time I was green (nvidia), and even now I'm green. For many years in between, I was red.
  13. No, the truth I meant for 7950 and 7970. But if nostalgic, 6950 and 6970 were great too, but cores could be opened there as well. (In some models) In 7950 and 7970 cores could not be opened but turned full of upgraded bios. So the name of the situation was the same with the 5700 and 5700XT. Always with AMD, there is this question of whether to buy a senior card or his little brother. Don't know if it's good or bad in the 6000 series, I went for the 6950 and for the 7000 I went for the 7970. By the way, at the time, for my fucking luck, I "managed" to buy one of the few (but very high quality) models on the market (at that time) that couldn't be opened. Whatever the case, I made it so massive OC it didn't really matter I even had a brief period of crossfire with the 6950 duo.
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