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  1. I installed the system. At the moment there is no difference in anything other than designing and changing the entire settings menu. Some things are still called windows 10, whatever.
  2. One of the most broken games I've seen. - On the first day it was not possible to play because their GOG servers did not send emails / 2FA due to congestion which caused me to get stuck out of the game. - There is a very difficult performance problem. I'm with 2080TI + 3800X and can't run the game at more than 30 FPS without RT in QHD. - The amount of bugs that exist in the game is huge and reddit is exploded in videos and photos. - The police system (Wanted) is just awful. At the moment, it's better to cancel it than to leave it that way. Cops get spawned in a location close to you and in huge quantities. If you WANTED and entered a room (say the size of a standard bedroom) where there is only one door, you are aiming for that door because you assume that from there another policeman will arrive, and suddenly there are three policemen behind you. Clearly illogical. You can be with four police stars, get away from the area by a few meters and immediately all the stars disappear. - Assure us that the characters will be realistic with advanced AI, in practice the characters do nothing, completely stupid. Do not try to escape when you shoot at civilians, do not get out of the vehicle when it is not possible to drive and the road is blocked and there are shots around, nothing. In GTA 3 the characters were several times smarter. These are just very specific points that have come to my mind right now. For me the game is neither worn nor enjoyable at this point. Any other modern game I manage to run at 100 FPS, here I scratch the 30. Impossible.
  3. Remember how much there was in Noidia's announcement?
  4. When are we expected to see full on Amazon? Last year version 3000 was launched, I remember that already in Black Friday there were very good deals. Is this likely to happen here as well?
  5. How did you manage to catch on? I go in every few hours and check and there is none. Neither American nor British.
  6. Is there an estimate of when the memory versions came out? Consider replacing the 2080TI with the 3080/90
  7. Excellent reviews, I enjoyed reading! Will we see such a critique even with the 3090? Happy holiday
  8. Don't understand those who are not upgrading. Beyond the countless benefits of Windows 10, do you think you can stay in Windows 7 for good? After a while you will pass. You can't stay on Windows 7 forever. Windows 10 is here to stay, and you better get used to it as soon as possible. Do not eat all the antagonists of the opponents of the system without self-experience. It is a much better system for every subject you look at. Successfully
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