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  1. $ 479, 1600 NIS before importing and covering .. Maybe at least it will bring down prices? We'll wait and see
  2. I understood, thank you ! I guess I will upgrade according to your recommendation, and take the time to search for the desired video card
  3. Currently mainly Escape From Tarkov and Yuzu emulator of Switch, here and there playing new things. A video card like the one I wrote down will fit the upgraded specification without the need to buy a new power supply, ie 600 W is enough?
  4. First of all thank you all for the reference, appreciate it very much. As for the power supply - I gathered courage and opened it, tightened the screws there, cleaned and played a bit with the fan. Wonder and wonder, made no noise when I turned it on! I will wait to see if everything is fine, if the noises return new property as recommended to me. I understand the video card market is problematic right now, I guess it's in light of Bitcoin? Anyway, another question. Would it be worthwhile for me to purchase the upgrade offered by Jabberwock and Kendrick Lamar, and in the near future try and look for a second hand ticket at a reasonable price? Say and I will be able to find a card like 1070 / 1070ti / 1080 in the 1K area (understand that it is difficult to impossible, but say), would it be a good upgrade in your opinion?
  5. Hello everyone at the time (about a year and a half ago..about) I consulted about an upgrade, and did not implement it and rightly so because the computer still held up nicely in terms of gaming. Today I am already feeling the decline in performance, and I am considering whether it is worth upgrading, and how much a proper upgrade will cost. I'm not looking for a computer that will run all at 240 FPS, but at least that will work smoothly and hold for the next year or two. If upgrading for this purpose would require replacing too many components, would it be better to purchase a new computer and that's it? I would love your opinion on the subject of the budget for the upgrade, assume up to 1.5-2K, but prefer as little as possible. Another thing, there is a fault in the power supply in the computer. Its model is the FSP HYPER 600, and when I turn on the computer it makes a noise
  6. The noise from the processor fan, that's for sure. About the processor I don't know if he has a problem or is just out of date
  7. Doesn't take longer than before, same thing. I cleaned up recently and everything is neat inside
  8. Hello friends, About half past two I consulted here on the upgrade about performance issues and helped me a lot. (Thread here) Turns to you again after another glitch that started on the computer, I suspect there is a processor / fan problem or both, what started to happen is that the fan makes loud noises when I turn on the computer, which was not before, and the noises stop after about 10 minutes, plus Computer crashes have rarely begun, but nothing before. Here is my latest specification - https://valid.x86.fr/9rad2h. I would love to recommend a new processor and fan to replace the existing ones, and is there a need for a new motherboard? Many thanks in advance and Merry Christmas
  9. Okay so I update, I bought 2x8gb 2666 from HyperX, the graphics card now works on 100% instead of 70% and feel the change on your computer! Still the processor reaches 100% of load from time to time but there is a significant improvement, thanks!
  10. Hi, I'd like to upgrade my computer. I've noticed lately that it starts a bit of a leap, occasionally FPS falls and long loads in relatively heavy games, and another example in my work I deal with really long Word files and occasionally happens when the file becomes long enough all the typing becomes slow and the files load really slowly. Here is the current specification - https://valid.x86.fr/luqspv, I want to upgrade in the 1.5-2K environment, my knowledge of computers is also a little limited so I would be happy to explain a little why exactly upgrade the component from what I understood you should perhaps increase the amount Ram, upgrade the SSD and also replace a video card, thank you very much for the helpers!
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