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  1. So go volunteer to the police and maybe catch me or other drivers driving fast if you care.

    It's not like I want to act the way I want (I know my place, and I won't force anyone to drive one way or the other, and I probably won't tell others what to do)

    Whatever the case, I will pass on anyone who is bothering me on a point road.

    And I will be petty and distasteful and will dazzle and do everything to anyone who gets in the way of me to move.

    And I said it already.

    It's a way to unload nerves.

    And that's my way (and I don't force it on anyone)

    (And I really don't do it sometimes)

    I do it because people like that fool make me obnoxious.

    My brother don't get me wrong I am not against fast travel and not against you.

    What I'm saying more or less right is asking that the average driver in the country be alert to what is going on around him because in my opinion most if not all accidents happen just because of lack of alertness and attention.

    I will not say that I am an angel and that I do not travel fast because it is not so but I always emphasize the constant alertness of the road no matter if it is in the city or not.

    As I said I have been on a motorcycle for over a year and only one skating has I had because of a dog who decided to jump off the road.

    If it wasn't my alertness, I'm sure there were plenty of accidents and there were quite a few, I'd find myself already underground.

    What I ask is that you be careful pay attention to any retarded or retarded on the road and it is very important that you look into the mirror before you cross a lane or make any face, maybe there is a motorcycle / car / bus, etc.

  2. We'll see you riding a motorcycle on the roads .

    You won't believe how small your troubles are on theirs.

    As much as I agree with this sentence, it's just a nightmare how much people disrespect every two-wheel drive.

    We do not see us in meters (literally) to my delight I yesterday saw the first time in a year that I was on a motorist who is careful and alert in driving.

    I have come across dozens of people who do nonsense and nonsense they talk on the phone too, as much as I don't like cops (they don't really show affection either).

  3. The first one was shocking .. He wasn't point and click, only point that the computer was fighting alone. : -X

    I hope for you that he is better

    I disagree with you ..

    You have settings in the game itself for how the hero will react when attacked.

    If you haven't found it then this is your problem ..

    As for the game both of them I liked are highly recommended.

  4. Great initiative I recommend the advice

    By the way the Camaro LT1 is my friend's

    And to say that there is no slr in the country so there are 2 such one in Arsuf (a small millionaire town near Herzliya) and one in Caesarea but I am not sure that anyone from Caesarea just saw it there.

    So there are probably 3 SLRs

    Because one from here from Ashkelon had a black SLR which is tomorrow and took another Mercedes I will take pictures on Sunday and upload the picture

    Whoever Ashkeloni must know is Remy's SLR

    PS And there is also the new CORVETTE as well I took a picture but can't find the picture

    PS 2: I found a picture of the Ford Mustang GT I saw in Petah Tikva:


  5. As some have said AVP2 was one of the games I didn't finish until today I switched to the aliens and the predator but if the marinav it was too much for me.

    The second game I didn't finish because I was scared to death is THING It was all in the middle of nowhere a lot of dark snow and creatures if the scary sounds.

    And there's another one that is Megason's Mario. I turned it on now and panicked :)

  6. What is the situation today people finally got the game

    After a year of installation I go into the game everything works very well even

    But after a few minutes, a blue Windows window appears and the computer restarts what could it be?

    I am using the latest driver card for screen 169.06

    New Computer:



    4GB ddr2 800

    seagate barracuda 250 GB

    Can anyone tell me what could be the problem?

    I'm using a PRO SP2 All the patches are installed

  7. Can you show some simple building scenes when each of them uses a different-built graphic? Eg surfaces with BUMP MAPPING vs. pologons and the like?

    By the way, where the word "pixels" comes in, exactly what they are influencing, they are also a component of the picture, or it's just a monitor (such as burned pixels etc) and I'm just in the market that I link it to here at all : smile1:

    By the way, bro, in connection with your post on the writing side: Impossible. M1

    Yes I can show some things but I really do not have free time to do that I'll do something maybe even today.

    What is a pixel at all = a pixel By most interpretations mean a point of color or a toning how many pixels there is in the image that way the quality of the image decreases.

    How it is expressed in the sample screens so that a simple background image does not matter which one and then change the resolution to 640 on 480 you will see refinement gradients and the quality of the image will be quite different if you compare to 1024 on 768.

    PS I will change it to the section of IMPOSSIBLE I did not even notice it

  8. It seems to me the opposite. My CRYSIS works great but looks squared shit.

    I do think CRYSIS uses a lot of SHADERS, and alternative methods than simple methods to solve these problems.

    I see the faces of people very well.

    Just remind you that it was transmitted by the easy patron on the subject because Shaider does not need much power for the nation, but the polygon calculation is much more burdensome on the computer

    When I have time I'll do 3D STUDIO MAX Render that shows on the picture the time it took for him to Render if he got the same thing when I read it from polygons you're sure you'll see the difference in time

    PS This is exactly the same as you said to compare the graphics of CRYSIS and FARCRY. The significant difference is in the model of the person and of the various types of mechanics, but nature itself is slow and has not changed. His physics has changed but the graphics are not really, it just proves my point that most developers try to highlight the important things that are usually the people and all the other objects like tanks, cars, etc. Another example of this is NFS PRO cars where they have a very impressive dieting but the people and the environment look simple Shit and I'm not the only one who says that

  9. Well then I look to me (not sure) can answer the question why there are still games whose wheels are square:

    My answer here is to highlight the other things in the scene, for example:

    The example you brought from HL2 is that the wall is pixelated and does not have a smooth portion

    But the rest of the objects in the image quality is pretty good and the reason that use it is still to highlight what is really important in what is happening and what is less important to reduce the formation of polygons and thus facilitate the scene itself so that the most powerful computers can show the same results.

    In other words, there are not many polygons and this map shows these protrusions without overburdening the computer, allowing the "superfluous" amount of computer power to be used to calculate more detailed objects such as the man in the TS image.

    And as to why the game is so heavy? Because most things are not built by BUMP MAP but by actual polygons (DA developers themselves did not think the game would come out so heavy)

    A mower I helped a little :)

  10. 116897009700jk5.jpg

    The game is called ADEN or EDEN do not remember exactly

    This is the 90's QUEST game the first QUEST game I craved

    Some stones had to be collected there if I remember correctly.

    I will try to find the disc and bring the right name and release year too

  11. Well for me the problem is pretty much the same as what you write here and me in the email that it's 015.

    I'm on the 1.5 \ 0.5 cable surfing package I've been talking to over the phone now and what they tell me is the most annoying thing that could be: "The problem is not with us but with your neighbors,

    Most cable users in your area decrease your speed "

    What can I do about it?

    I wore a switch to ADSL but there is no upload speed for 0.5.

    And pay as slow as 300 per month is not a solution (5 / 0.5)

    So what do you offer me to do what is important to me is the high upload rate of why I teach graphics over the Internet

    Both downloads and games.

    PS this 014 International?

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