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  1. The sages and experts of the forum - at your command, Rabbi Feked Moshe ... In any case, can you send me screenshots so that I can see what it is about? I did not quite understand what you wrote down for me here successfully
  2. Make an update to the operating system - Updates to the operating system solve 95% of these types of glitches Activate the restore points, PS - You can create restore points yourself, you probably accidentally deleted or clicked on something that reset it It's really hard for me to answer when I have no idea What are you doing on your computer and what were you really looking for there in the settings ... will recreate restore points and that's it ... good luck
  3. Try 1. Computer 2. Internet connection 3. Mouse and keyboard 4. A cup of hot chocolate
  4. Congratulations on your new computer !!! First thing - update your operating system to the end, and even after you update - and restart your computer, keep checking for updates, after you install all the updates the computer will show you (no more updates), try updating drivers of the latest version screen (from website Manufacturer BLBD) If you do not know who the manufacturer is, download CPU-Z and check successfully
  5. בפוסט הזה כבר מישהו רשם שיש לו פחות או יותר את אותה התקלה כמו שלך , אז תבדוק ותראה מה אני עניתי לו ותנסה לעשות גם בעצמך - תעשה העתק הדבק לקישור שאני רושם פה , 5195859 . .
  6. Hey, according to what you describe, this is a lag problem, could it be that someone is using the internet and making you slow? Are you connected to the craziest supplier in the country? (Netvision)? Connect to the Internet of Hot - 200MB MPLS connection with Bezeq International or Bezeq - 100MB connection with Bezeq International supplier - and a gaming package for ten NIS (I know I have the package) It does not seem to me a hardware problem - and regarding what you said about the processor, too A car can reach 200 km / h, and still travel 90 km / h on an interurban road (the oldest in our building) I mean - a processor can reach a certain level, but the manufacturer drops its power a bit to prevent overheating and burning the CPU and other computer components Your, if you want to take full advantage of your computer, you can perform OVER CLOCK but it is only if you invest in normal cooling in your computer, because otherwise - blue screen every so often and the computer will go after a year or two successfully
  7. 2 - AV - ANTI-VIRUS SETTINGS After your stuff, the most recommended things for you are: 1. Download REVO - and remove Chrome with REVO software What is REVO - software that removes other software deeply, including subfolders and keys from the registry and so on That you remove the CHROM and REVO software makes sure that all the files and data related to the CHROM are deleted immediately from your computer, which does not happen in normal removal (because there are always folders and settings left in the computer of the software you deleted) with REVO, any trace of Chrome on your computer will be deleted You can reinstall Chrome on your computer as if it were the first time you install Chrome 2. Then - do a computer restart 3. Try downloading and reinstalling Chrome, 4. Restart your computer again 5. Open Chrome - but do not log in to your GOOGLE account In Chrome, check if it's OK or not 4. After checking if it's OK - enter your GOOGLE information into Chrome and try to see if the problem recurs successfully
  8. DEFENDER's scanner is a simple scanner, and not really as up to date as the rest of the antivirus you pay for if you only use DEFENDER you probably have some 50 viruses on your computer or spyware and you have no idea about it ... with a slight remote command I can turn you off -DEFENDER and you will not know, and in a few seconds, I can turn on your camera, microphone, delete and play files and transfer files to your computer and everything without you knowing it ... My advice? Even AVG FREE is better than DEFENDER successfully
  9. I think I've asked you this before, but if not then I ask do you install VMWARE TOOLS? Did you install the ENHANCEMENT plug-ins when you installed VMWARE? And do you have the option in virtualization - virtualization technology?
  10. Ahh, is that the drive you have? (plus minus), if the board does not recognize, need to check, 1. try another SSD 2. try to connect Your drive to another computer 3. try to reset to BIOS (jimpor) 4. try to run a WIN 10 installation disk and see if the installation of WINDOWS detects your SSD drive successfully
  11. I did check and it's true, they release a new version every second probably ... lol, good to know :)
  12. A second ago they created SERVER 2016, how did they manage to reach 2019? Microsoft Goddess, hallucinatory ... Good luck
  13. Some simple questions I did not see asked you, 1. Have you tried to see other browsers to see if the problem recurs there? 2. Did you try to connect the computer with a network cable and see if the problem recurs? 3. Have you tried checking the encryption settings on your router? 4. Is your WIFI connection stable and full or with one line? 5. Is your WIFI connection 2.5G or 5G? 6. Which router are you using? 7. Have you checked the TTL setting?
  14. It could be that because HOT's equipment is set to work and identify only HOT's equipment ... as one who writes software, - APPLE for example do it full, if you buy 2 new iPhones today, and open them and only replace between the two cameras we will not say connect another camera to it Switch between 2 cameras of 2 iPhones of the same model one by one it will not work, because APPLE has protection, maybe it's that way too hot - you know ... if that's not the case - if the mocha has a web control interface, check the settings Of Hot's mocha and try to copy the same settings to your new mocha successfully as well
  15. This can usually happen when there is a spyware on your computer, try checking with MALWARE BYTES or ESET (preferably for a legal license) if you have any particular spyware that has entered your computer, successfully
  16. By the way - you can say that you have a pretty clean computer, compared to other people (we will not specify who). Another thing - have your computer checked by a computer technician as you make statements that your built-in sound card will malfunction ... as it turns out - your board is from an old one ... you do not have Chinese capacitors, drop the board, one new component, with a processor I 3 The new board should not cost more than 300 NIS
  17. According to what it looks like 1. Check the connection of the screen to another computer to see that the problem is not really with the computer 2. According to what it looks like there is a problem with the screen itself, it's a problem that Dai reads on old screens, you probably exploded on the screen. Inside the screen what can cause jitters and distortions as you show in the video will check the screen with another computer, and if still the same problem, take the screen for repair or buy a new screen that will be successful
  18. 1. Delete the chrome and download the chrome again from their site in direct download 2. Try to check the settings of your AV, it may be set not to save password 3. Check your browser settings, can be registered there not save password settings - it The only thing that can come to my mind regarding your problem, good luck
  19. The fact that you connect a splitter does not mean that it will work, the question is how the electrical array of those headphones is built, you will take a picture of the headphones and their cable to see how it is built, then we can be smarter, like that on one leg, without a picture and without too much information. Go but have a lot a lot of success
  20. 1. Disassemble the entire computer 2. Clean contacts 3. Check that there are no swollen or blown capacitors on the board itself 4. When you reconnect the computer, make sure you connect all the parts correctly and fasten them exactly as they should be 5. Try to clean the dust with Air pressure successfully
  21. The screenshot you uploaded does not really tell me anything, does the BIOS recognize your hard disk? In the board - Is the hard disk connected in SATA to SLOT 1? If not, disconnect the hard disk and connect it to SATA 1 slot (if it is drive C) (regardless of whether it is an SSD or an HDD) successfully
  22. As of 11.18.2020 - The latest version of Ubuntu is 20.4 - How did you get to 20.10? Did you download UBUNTO from their site? Software download link: What version of VMWARE do you have? How much RAM do you set in the machine you are running? What is the HDD volume you set? And do you install the VMWARE TOOL that needs to be installed on each new machine? (Also on UBUNTO)
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