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  1. So after years of serving me faithfully it's time to replace the old Siberia V2 (if only because the contacts on the volume wheel have been knocked out and you have to play with it to hear in both headphones). In principle, he uses headphones mainly for gaming in a rather casual, non-competitive and unprofessional way (FPS, ACTION-ADVENTURE, RACING). The budget is around NIS 700, it is possible to encrypt a little if it is worth the difference. If there is something wireless in the price range it is better (but not mandatory).
  2. Currently looking for a gift for my brother in the form of new Gaming Headphones (OVER EAR). To date, we have both used the SteelSeries Siberia V2 with the USB adapter. We both really like the comfort and sound quality they provided at the time and even today and are therefore looking for something with the following parameters (not in the specified order): Comfort - which will be relatively light and comfortable, it has medium head and ears, and sound quality (presumably) - is currently mostly played in DOTA 2 But you may want to expand horizons, and for web meetings so that a medium or higher microphone should also. If there are wireless headphones that will do a good job in budget - great (and if they have excellent ex-box ++ compatibility), if not - not critical. Budget: Up to 750, it is possible to make an exception if there is something super successful and lucrative. In the meantime I looked at SH ZERO and SS ARCTIS 7 but of course would like more suggestions if there are.
  3. kaboonkal

    NVME or SATA?

    B360-HD3- It has M2 with PCIE traffic. 2 questions: 1. Are you familiar with ADATA, of course, but do not know the status of SSD / NVME, reliable? Any performance falls? How compared to Samsung / Intel? 2. Is the price supplement (although "only" about 150, but still extra) justified for my uses? Will there be a significant improvement?
  4. I am planning to replace one of my HDDs soon (already making noise and working properly right now, but it seems to be approaching its last days) and thought of the way to replace the SSD as well. I currently have an EVO 860 250GB which does a great job, but my requirements have changed a bit and I need a larger volume so I think I'm aiming for 1TB already. I understand that NVME drives provide writing speeds that are much higher, but I'm not sure how relevant that is to me. My uses are mainly gaming and code writing in terms of the SSD, in the heavy files the HDD handles. Is there any reason to squander even in the direction of NVME and the prices it reaches (to my understanding the difference in speeds will be felt almost only in large file transfers, rendering, etc.), or is the logical move to stick to SATA? In addition, I would love to receive a recommendation for SSD (one or the other, according to the answer to the previous question) of 1TB (there is no such restriction, but you should not spend NIS 500 more for a minimal improvement in performance that will not be felt daily).
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