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  1. Basa ... I was hoping that at least they were saved. So there are probably things beyond what has been presented to the community so far ...?
  2. Are you sure it's still at 7nm before? From the information I understood it is 7nm euv.
  3. You meant 22% .... 166 versus 136 is a 22% gap. And that's a total of 8 Risen cores versus 10 of Intel's. I mean it also lacks 20% pistons in the engine, and is also faster than 20%. In running numbers fast in the head, it seems like over 40% core to core advantage. Just saying that - if we did not notice and for a moment we lost it in the numbers they wanted her name on the screen ....
  4. From what I understand from all the internet whispers, this is not a small improvement, or a creeping evolution, but a revolution. Seeing a 15-20% improvement is what we would expect as a standard compared to the previous generation of Risen. And if this is the case, with the full caution required of course everything is still under limited warranty, it seems that the Risen 5000 will be faster than the 10th generation iTunes, in everything, in all games - until the last of them. The question will only be how much more the gap will be, in each type and type of application / game. Therefore, in my opinion, its price is very, very high, probably in relation to what we are used to. I expect a price of $ 499 for the new 8 cores as some rumors have been saying for the past week. When you lead the giant the only competitor Shai
  5. Since the IPC in Risen's architecture is different from that of Intel, it is faster, a situation is created, that Risen at a lower frequency, achieves Intel's instruction per core performance. A good measure of this is cinebench. That is, Intel needs a higher operating frequency to fill its missing gap in IPC. While the Risen 3000 (outgoing) knew how to reach a single core up to 4.7ghz in its good processors such as 3950X, and at such a frequency it is equivalent to an Intel processor running at 5.3ghz, it can be made common sense that raising the working frequency to 4.9ghz in the Brisen 5000 The 15% IPC in question (modestly) is going to produce a significant gap for Risen 5000 processors compared to Intel processors, such
  6. Meanwhile another source that says similar things in some, and more different (the amount of cores of the cheaper models, and electrical consumption). Watch:
  7. Indeed borderline and problematic .... already today. See for example Dom Ethernet in 1440P in max settings consumes more than 8GB .... and is not the only title. From what can be understood, it is said that the 3070 came out in the 16GB version for $ 500 not long after, and the 8GB version will drop in price to $ 450.
  8. What is left as a contra to bring? Their GA102 chip is already 628mm in size, huge, there is really nowhere to grow it with. So what it can provide as a counter, will be in the 3080 Super or Ti style, with dual memory = 20GB. It can also try to play with the range it has Between 3080 and 3090, but it's not big, there's a whole 10% tiny interval to utilize it and that's it. It's nothing. I.e .: if at some surprising length, say for the moment charged and not beyond, RDNA2 is in the caliber of 3080/3090, by chance Such a nudity ... apart from providing a product with more memory and trying to give a lower price, there is no additional maneuvering space.
  9. Something interesting and even fascinating if it is true, and I doubt very much of course, there is now a rumor that Zen3 is performing a process of minimizing the io die, from 14nm in the Zen2 generation to 7nm in the Zen3 generation, mainly to free up more space on the CPU, in order to allow On it more chiplets. This means, for example, that mainstream processors can reach up to three chipsets for a total of 24 cores. At this time I am very skeptical, but worth a peek if only for the sake of it. Illustration:
  10. Official launch of AMD on 28.10.2020 (this is already old news) but, reviewers tests went online on 9.11.2020, and sale in the ticket shops starts two days later on 11.11.2020 (asked for fresh and new information for us). There will probably be three new Blaine models navi 21,22,23. The top model navi 21 is also known as the Big Navi is apparently a dual core from that of the previous Navi 10 known as RDNA1 or RX 5700XT. This time it will have 80CU's compared to the 40CU's in the previous model. Something large in area, around 500 mm square in principle size, with 2 times the processing units from the previous model as stated. Electric consumption from size 300 - 350 watts. So
  11. 3080 with 20GB is a long known fact, not something new, and is around the corner. But, the 3060Ti cards are a little fresher - these will be based on the 3070 core with only a 20% cut in cores. Fortunately, the same amount of 8GB of memory and the same bandwidth as for the 3070, and a reduced price of $ 100 to $ 399 per consumer. What's nice is that it is equivalent to the performance of the outgoing RTX2080, or its equivalent GTX1080Ti. Total to get a card equivalent to them, at a list price of $ 400 (about 2000 shekels in Israel after price stabilization) is not a bad option at all compared to the $ 700 that came up the previous ones. Titles Maxi Graphic Settings
  12. Take the opportunity, if anything, to re-discuss the reputation that Asus has developed for its brand over the years: its equipment is the most reliable and stable in the industry, in all areas it touches, most notably motherboards and video cards. Here we have an example of 3080 cards, Asus without anyone asking for it or owing it, decided on its own to locate engineering vulnerabilities in the basic design of Nvidia, and decided not to skimp on material and money, but to put straight the more expensive and quality solution. Asus is a brand that advocates philosophy, which is the cheapest and will end up costing it dearly. So she prefers to continue her long-standing tradition, of maximum quality and perfectionist reliability,
  13. It's not been two years since the 2000 series fiasco, which you deny in this thread and really fight, with all your might, to erase history ... not that it will help you, the experienced older friends (probably scholars in the field) remember well, and you can not confuse them. So here we have one series after that, series 3000, and again childhood diseases. Yes, this is the glorious Nvidia. When will you study ....? That new technology is acquired, preferably, only in a second batch (and to you). That is, a quarterly gift. No matter what the reputation of the manufacturer. Reliability in the beginning does not depend only on the manufacturer, but on the mileage that technology accumulates on the road. Everyone is equal before this law - big and small alike. The rest
  14. You can purchase in dollars and not in shekels, and make your conversion from weights to dollars in your bank account here in the country. Since it is expensive to make purchases in shekels on sites abroad, here is just an example of this. Usually the conversion fee is a kind of expensive black market. For example I have in mind both euros and dollars other than weights. Because I, among other things, invest in international stock exchanges, and therefore need these currencies routinely. For example, to invest in the NYSE you need dollars. One of my credit cards is associated with a dollar currency in my current currency account. A second card is associated with a euro currency in the foreign currency account. When I enter, for example, the American website version, say newegg, I choose to show me the
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