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  1. Asrock Phantom 6800xt version on the right and 6900xt version on the left on the weekly drawing for the child, look for the differences between them:
  2. Really what's hiding? The video opens and looks maybe .... WhatsApp Video 2021-01-18 at
  3. The wheel turns, is not new to us and sells the business. Once there is a lack on the first side and wait for the second to add competition for it to balance, and after that in the next generation it turns upside down. Familiar, we were there, this is the nature of the field.
  4. The problem to my understanding is divided into two vectors: in the plane of Nvidia it is competition with the miners and they are what to do, willing to pay much more than a domestic / private consumer, because it is profitable in their business aspect, Even if you pay double for the machine yes, it still makes them profits. And so they are pretty much killing this market for home consumers who are not willing / able to pay double for the product. At the level of AMD, its products in this generation are less attractive for mining (thankfully), but the problem is different, supply side on the production side. AMD managed to get a share of 150 silicon wafers per quarter from TSMC and that is already very impressive, but not beyond
  5. Following on from lastresort's witty remarks, in the meantime, in my business estimation, the manufacturers in Tachles are doing what is best for their pockets, ie their shareholders. There is a clear conflict of interest here between the investor side, who wants to get maximum return on his investment and therefore wants to maximize profit, and the consumer, who wants to get maximum performance for his shekel and therefore wants minimum product price on the shelf. I happen to be on both sides, also as an investor in Nvidia and betting hard on it, want it to go up and soar because any such increase sweeps into pockets of handsome profits, which is why I am in the market as an investor, and on the other hand it is an interest contrary to my consumer interest because I want to get these tickets Rabak
  6. Morning light friends, we completed the two measurements in 4K that we owed you from yesterday for the 6800xt card (see two posts above from this post). And now we have all 8 measurements on both cards as required on 4K. We summed up the average in the two 1440P and 4K measurements, and the findings in the aforesaid comparison are: 1440P resolution has an average advantage of about 10.3 percent in favor of our 6800xt compared to our 3080. 4K resolution has an average advantage of about 7.3 percent in favor of our 6800xt compared to our 3080. See that in 4K the 3080 narrows the gap by 3%. This is not surprising and we already know that empirical architecture places more emphasis on restoration compared to geometry, and that
  7. Slightly optimistic news? It is possible that this toy will come to us for the benefit of the measurements. We'll keep our fingers crossed - this is a lanzar connector and we're working on it. Not sure he's ready for it, it's new and the friend is in the excitement phase right now.
  8. Well, we have the 4K measurements. Since there is no point in flooding the page with a ton of screenshots, and after that once again the reference tables for reference, and especially not after we did it right here in the previous post, so this time we will make it short and to the point: first, we compressed all screenshots with measurements zip we attached below. And so does anyone who is interested, who will download and open his computer and peek. What will be done here will be a short text, showing in each of the eight titles, what was the result of our 3080 compared to 6800xt, and what is the percentage difference. Our Gears5 3080 makes 87.8FPS compared to 6800xt made 87.1FPS too small a gap within the wrong
  9. If so, at a good time we finished from the first end where we measure the eight titles we originally tested on 6800xt so we have a reference for reference and comparison against each other. We are very happy that we insisted on finding a good 3080 card, and not only the first card we opened EVGA, because we found in the second ASUS card that we caught such an exemplifier, which in any internet comparison found on the net, is actually considered the fastest card available = golden sample The Empire's architecture. Moreover, it helps us to give a good estimate also of the capabilities of the 3090 card to a considerable extent, because it is faster than it in some situations, and that was the purpose of the
  10. Well, as it turns out, this Asus is probably a bad beast in OC and we found a quality sample. If there are no last minute surprises, these are the rush performance we were able to extract from it, impressive at any scale of cards in this line of empire and we have already done homework on this series, this is a great result: we are actually GDDR6x memory speed at 21Gbit / per pin / per sec Compared to the 19 deputies and see an improvement in performance - so leave it at that. This memory carries nicely and does not lead to performance decline due to errors but improves. And here are titles that it goes through 2100mhz, we caught a picture in 2115 and we also saw 2130 on the screen and it is not a familiar course
  11. Moon Magician - Obviously, but because we have a mountain of 3080 cards, and in the coming days more will come, we decided that in terms of time management, at least 2 cards are trying to test, just to take the best of them, in order to reduce the sampling error. Let there be no situation where we fell on a Kaka sample. If we hurry fast enough we are actually in the territory of 3090 already and this is something we also wanted to check after all (in the absence of a 3090 ticket available). Nor does it bother us that in the 6800xt we did not make two cards, and we will be content with the measurements of the less good card we received, the first of the two, it satisfies us. The few more gears that the second (better) card did improve most of the 1FPS roof so not critical problem
  12. Well, trying to see if the Asus will be better, the speeds are starting: indeed we will see a card that makes OC better - Attached WhatsApp Video 2021-01-16 at
  13. Unfortunately this conversion is unstable, we checked a bit more and it's no go ... We will check an Asus card for the lanzar gut feeling that it will be better soon.
  14. In the meantime, OC tests are being performed to locate a maximum frequency that the card passes and does not collapse, and on the face of it, we seem to have found a good card in this aspect? lanzar plays with msi after burner: these are the settings we found stable (maybe?) and also the memory improves performance at this speed and does not hurt - we checked carefully that we did not err in this aspect yes, very important: running experience of borderlands, typical frequency that carries 2040mhz, attempt to switch to - mhz2050 Leads to a crash: Compared to a TPU, we quickly achieved a nice result and it seems that this Iczemler definitely fits the topic and we will use it:
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