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  1. From the technical point of view of setting up purchasing groups, in principle there are two practical / principled approaches to doing this: the first is to set up a purchasing group in advance, ie to bind all the members, who will each put money in the cash register in advance, and then to purchase the equipment. But it is a long and exhausting process, as collecting over 10 members in advance, takes quite a bit of time and sterilizes the practicality that will succeed us in a reasonable time. I learned that most people (from my experience) just say, "First you get equipment that will be available to me immediately, and after that I will bring the money to the cashier for the group purchase." That is, they pretty much sterilize the process in advance with this approach and the group just isn’t set up. This is the reality from the field. The second option is to set up the
  2. Intel at a crossroads, a very difficult decade ahead of it. Its competitors are threatening it more than ever, AMD in the field of CPU / GPU, Naduaya in the field of ARM. Never before has Intel been in such great danger for its future. At best it will overcome the difficulties and storm that is right for it, but at worst it may become extinct.
  3. Indeed, and I would not phrase it as a "serious fee", since it is not a transaction or a down payment for a transaction. This is a minor, "with the participation of the member in a group purchase of the equipment", a group I set up. After calibrating the screen mentioned above, Peaks will appear. I would even dare say, dropping jaws. This is one of the most advanced panels in the industry today, suitable for top screens, video editors and graphics. Who also happens to know how to do fast gaming thanks to the panel's very fast response speed. This is a bonbon screen with a lot of technical capability, which just needs a good calibration, in order to get the most out of the impressive it can give, and just like the reviewer of unboxed hardware did who is very experienced in the field, and
  4. Check price ... Compare to my understanding by price category and power consumption.
  5. There are amazing protections, they created complete denial of access between all the virtual instances running in the machine from each other, everything is encrypted, in all layers, including the RAM itself, and including preventing VMware from accessing the virtual intensities it runs, in case it itself is infected, what it runs , Is actually encrypted and she does not understand what is in it. Something out of this world, preventing everyone from everyone including the operating system from being able to see information of the systems it is running itself. And most of all, you are not required in terms of adjustments to do anything, you as a customer, your transition to the new platform is completely transparent. In fact what they have done is a revolution in the field combined with a change in VMWARE code, which makes it possible to do so, there is an integrated development of
  6. AMD's market cap today is $ 94 billion! Compared to Intel's 258. Kerry AMD is already worth 40% Intel. Really? Who would have believed that Lisa would do such a thing in a few years Sporum. That's what's amazing here, the speed and the dizzying pace.
  7. VMWARE is developing the dedicated code for epyc processors to take advantage of the new features they bring into the field, especially security, and actually implement these capabilities in the new virtual operating systems. At the moment VMWARE is putting Paul Gas to complete the necessary adjustments, they understand that the world is going to steer.
  8. As it seems, at this rate, AMD's problem will be meeting demand, given the real difficulty in a 7nm production infrastructure that is stretched to the limit and is already collapsing. This seems to be evolving into a situation where AMD will not be able to meet all the demands that its product will have, and therefore will not be able to realize the full potential of penetration into the field. And maybe that's what will save Intel this year ....
  9. Two sockets of epyc are 4% faster than 14 sockets of Intel. That is, a socket is more than double the performance of an Intel socket. The test is relational databases, one of the most common applications in the industry:
  10. There is an estimate that the third generation epyc will increase AMD's penetration share (which today is a little over 10%), to over 25% in the coming year. Intel is starting to sweat profusely, feeling the pressure blowing in the back of its neck. It's only a matter of time until the last skeptics complete purchases of epyc servers, especially to a cloud-based data center where epyc's security advantage is paramount. Next year 2022 - probably towards the end, a fourth generation epyc will be launched, based on 5nm and up to 96 cores (192 threads) per single socket. If Intel (which is still stuck on 28 cores) does not make a parallel leap, then this is the stage where it is estimated that AMD will be able to gain a 50% market share in the global server space.
  11. AMD wipes the floor with Intel's product, just like that. Those with a keen eye will be able to notice improvements, not only in the area of ​​performance, but in a very important area, which is the area of ​​security and encryption of all layers of virtualization, a solution for which Intel has no answer. AMD will pick up a huge amount of sales, today cyber is a very sensitive issue, whoever has an answer to the issue, wins the deal:
  12. How did I know she would not resist the temptation and respond. Exposed in his pussy and does not understand. Now instead of pumping mantras, slogans, come and explain to us: show examples of calibration of some cases, and show us how calibration can be bad and all the claims you made before us .... because empty claims are not convincing without proof an explanation and demonstration is also desirable. To ensure that the demo is authentic on our screen, perform it using standard DSLR calibrated by sRGB. So that we are on our calibrated screen we will see exactly the source you photographed one by one and we will understand. What, can not do? It's easy - take a simple video, make a video, and upload it here - the forum receives mp4 format videos - I uploaded several times
  13. What do you say, you did not use such a style? Sure ? A reminder of yesterday one page back: never an attempt to explain and reason. Is this how they try to convince in an argument? Fulfilled you had feathers to frequent them so okay, as some well-known doctor or professor, who assumes that when they reject without reasoning, forgive them for the inability to reason, and accept their ruling as it is. But in your case? Who you are I will tell you who you are: Being here 24/7 - which explains to us that you have a lot of time to invest in the forum, and little time to spend outside of it. The forum is known to not pay. So what does this tell us? That there is no social life in the real world outside the world of the virtual forum
  14. You made me laugh, so now the marketing source that sells the sensors - has become the source that taught me? You might be able to pardon a bit for the sake of tone, nothing would happen to you that you learned something from a forum member, try to reduce less so you get more credit from friends. Let me remind you (if you forgot?) That Bidi's education and practical experience as a result of his career are also involved in the Israeli elite defense industry (which is a world leader in its field) and which deals with many fields, including physics, optics, waves, sensors, software, algorithmics, mathematics, astronomy, astronomy, astronomy. And everything in between. So that the knowledge is well suited for engaging in a discussion of the subject under discussion in this thread.
  15. I sent you a private message did not receive it? Send me your phone message
  16. I can add another point from the personal angle, when I perform the calibration with the x-rite sensor I have, all the screens look the same at the end. The deviation is indistinguishable, and if there is a difference here and there, it stems from the technical difference between the screens - based on their technology, like a contrast that changes the GAMA response curve in areas close to dark / black, which stems from the difference between IPS and VA. But where there are no technical differences between IPS and VA there seems to be no difference in outcome. And if we take two identical twin screens of the same model, the result after calibration is the same one by one. Very impressive. On the other hand, an attempt to test and play with spyder sensors of various kinds, a test of different screens, resulted in a different calibration each time, what he heard
  17. Indeed, and an addition that many are unaware of (from the technical aspect) and therefore will share / learn / expand the canvas, is that datacolor sensors (marketed in spyder branding) are sensors where the filters are not airtight and therefore suffer from constant degradation. Slowly the filter changes its values ​​and therefore loses accuracy. As a result of exposure to oxygen. In an experiment they performed, they discovered that within 3 years, the deviation that datacolor sensors display is large, and the product ended its life. In order to prevent the degradation of the sensor (filter), the x-rite company from pentatone realized that it had to protect the filters and seal them from exposure to air, thus preventing any change or distortion in their values. And that's what they did.
  18. It's amazing how a person your age behaves in front of other human beings in a child's mentality. Haven't you noticed how much damage you have done to yourself in reality (not just in the forum) and still not learned? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, is like stupidity.
  19. Abroad, at least in good places like England USA and Germany, there are photo shops that rent a calibrator per day, at a price of around 20-30 pounds British pounds or US dollars. And for a one-time job, it's worth renting. You get 10% sizing than purchasing the equipment. And you can in the same one-day rental, calibrate everything you have not just one system. So renting once every few years, comes out worthwhile. ** Be sure to rent exclusive equipment from the X-rite brand, everything else (like the spyder and the like) is toys, do not mess with them it is scrap equipment.
  20. exactly. Whoever is a professional graphic artist or professional video editor, ie it is his field of work, is in any case working in the studio and he owns a lot of expensive equipment, for which the required expenditure (and learning) of the calibration, are an integral part of the day routine and production chain. The cost of the calibration equipment is idle for them at sixty, in relation to the cost of the studio, which is tens of thousands of shekels and even over one hundred thousand shekels (depending on the size of the studio). And this is the segment where calibration equipment is purchased, because it is used regularly, all the time. And often also a calibrator of a different type, which is suitable for printed paper because the studio also makes prints. But for an individual? The one who has it all has a home computer, or an office computer, or a laptop, which in total m
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