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  1. Not related to the topic,

    Just take the opportunity and nothing more:

    Reminds all the slanderers among us, the optimistic ones, that we insisted that 10GB is enough Of RTX3080 for several years

    The next of kin and who among the friends who dared to tell us and warn us that it is too little, that it is quantity Which is on the scale, we probably were

    Need to listen to him.

    These were tumultuous discussions just a few months ago, all of us who bought 3080 are already starting to snatch contradictions

    From several directions, when new titles come out now 2021, not coming 2025, but now really and not a year has passed

    From the launch of the 3000 series, and the memory consumption in Triple AAA titles clearly shows an increase to a new standard = 16GB.

    a picture is worth a thousand words.

    An example our good friend did, this is the friend we did not listen to, he did not believe in himself how much his prophecy was

    underrated, because he too thought districts consumption Such will come only in a few years.

    So here it does not work on his 3080, but only on the 6800xt he has:



    One can take solace in the fact that the 3080 is very easy to sell second hand to miners today and not suffer pocket damage.

    That's what I did too. I actually sold the most expensive than what I bought. And for the consideration received to purchase 6800xt.


    Here is the attempt to run the title with the 3080 in the same settings:


  2. The situation is really a friend. The one in the demo video (which was shown on the day of the show), and at the end of it said that it will also work on Nudeia products,

    Blurring, that does not mean you have stated Do not catch. The release of the capability is officially on 22.6 and has toAssumed - AMD

    Which is not a small falafel shop down the street, but a global giant whose name binds, probably claims truth.


    Right now it's just a noise factory about nothing, from the introductory video / play and nothing more. More noise from fanboys trying

    Stain and look, based on his blood ahead of the formal launch by three weeks.


    Anyway in the section that it's rounder by card , Clearly evident, that no decrease in image quality can be seen,

    And so I made for all of us from the same video of Shear of two As there were those who made a decree on the execution of 1060.

    In them clearly it is neither close nor near the comparison they made in the case of card 1060. and is probably closer to the practice of

    Their algorithm.


    At the moment I will suggest we talk less, and see the official launch at reviewers on 22.6.

    Just as the burden of proof is on , At the same time the burden of proof for negation is also valid.

    There is no evidence of anything yet, not even that it works poop. Certainly not from the demo from the YouTube video.


    Regarding "Title Protections",

     When you're in the position of editor, call me.




  3. In the demo they showed on the 6800xt it looks great.

    Here's the freeze I did I just did on 6800xt, where there is no noticeable drop in the eye, at least not one that can be diagnosed with a flick

    fast. * Click on the image to enlarge for self-impression:




    Here I sampled another section and marked for our impression right versus left (orange color at the bottom of the image), is it possible to notice a decrease in quality when the circle is concrete on the right compared to its beginning on the left? (I do not see any decrease in quality)



    It should be emphasized that only in the demo on the Nodia 1060 would it look bad. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!

    Which is not performed by the dedicated hardware, which does not have and is in RDNA2. And maybe it's just a demo video and still not the product itself.

    Kerry just wanted to show how much improvement would be obtained in the demo, did not demonstrate the upscale engine itself.



    that- Promised to release the equivalent technology to DLSS, we knew this for a long time.

    Better late than never, she brings it back in a big half a year compared to the original plan, this June instead of last January.


    That she would take out this technolgia and yesterday also her old gear, the truth is we were not surprised. 

    Support for RX500 series, , RDNA1 and of course in the new RDNA2.


    But while Nvidia in Life does not consider releasing a new technology (e.g. DLSS) so that it will support its older edition cards,

    After all, this is a foot shot: the whole business goal is known to promote sales of new equipment. Not helping consumers about how to keep working on

    The old equipment, in that it optimizes the performance of the old, and indirectly rejects the need to buy new equipment. So this Nodia does not do of course

    For obvious reasons.


    So there is someone who sabotages Nudia in her plans (of supporting the old and optimizing his performance) and does it for her (and in her place). Crazy precedent : ) 

    From now on a parallel to DLSS is also supported on all NVIDIA GTX1000, RTX2000, RTX3000 cards by .


    It's just unbelievable how the competitor puts snooker under the belt in her business rival:

    "If you are a NVIDIA you will not support consumers and the community using modern software code, which optimizes performance and image quality which works backwards on equipment

    Your old man, we will do it for you. "







  5.  From the technical point of view of setting up purchasing groups, in principle there are two practical / principled approaches to doing this:


    The first is to set up a pre-purchase group, i.e. to bind all the members, who will each put money in the cash register in advance, and then leave

    To purchase the equipment. But it is a long and exhausting process, as collecting over 10 members in advance, takes quite a bit of time and sterilizes the practicality

    That we will succeed in a reasonable time. I learned that most people (from my experience) just say:

    "First you get equipment that will be available to me immediately, and after that I will bring the money to the cashier for the group purchase."

    That is, they pretty much sterilize the process in advance with this approach and the group just isn’t set up. This is the reality from the field.


    The second option is to form the group in advance, with zero incorporating members other than the chairman as the No. 1 member to form

    The group, which means it will be merged, first investing the required cost on the part of the group organizer,

    And after that when the equipment arrives in Israel, and becomes available to us as they say, only then ask who wants to join the group,

    When the joiner already knows that there is no need for him to wait = he comes and immediately receives the value of the calibration, right at that second 

    That he put the money in the coffers as a joining fee. Since the equipment has already been obtained, it is in the hands of the group here in Israel, and the knowledge to operate it exists.

    There are actually no more obstacles in the way that motivate him to join.


    Since in any case the amount is small, and does not lead to bankruptcy for an ordinary person (hereinafter the chairman of the founder), and since this is in practice

    Probably the only option we understood to be practical = that would allow us to organize a group in a quick and effective implementation, so I chose this option. 

    That is, before the group was formed, the equipment, the study, and the internship were obtained in advance, and only after all these were completed, the members joined one after the other.

    Each at his own pace.


    I noticed that in the test of experience from the field, the suitability of the members to join, when there is already a living process that exists, works and is accessible to them, is

    Several times stronger than the previous option - of first putting money and waiting for the group to crystallize for many weeks,

    A possibility that people shied away from. Kerry did not want to join for a fee, expecting that until everyone joins and the equipment arrives,

    They really have nothing to do but wait. This way actually kept the members from joining the group, hence this option

    Disqualified. It has no programming at all.


    In practice it turns out that I made the right choice, first I picked up the group, and after that the members join it. I was present

    In the end, the friends come, just like that. It is convenient for them to join at a cost of 100 shekels and immediately receive the consideration that the group provides them

    In fact, they are members of it. Some of them are actually not from our forum at all, but from other groups and acquaintances (to which I belong).


    We might put it this way:

    While there are those who - when talking about an initiative to set up a group, only talk about how to set up, is the protocol

    Of the ownership of the equipment is sufficiently regulated for their taste, with whom the ownership will be registered, whether there is a meaning of taxation and should be established

    Company / corporation etc ...

    From the experience of these approaches, remains in the talk box on paper, in practice this does not crystallize and does not solidify into steps

    Operative. And on the other hand those who are less enterprising in barbarism, simply establish, , And the venture takes shape.

    So I took the initiative, and I'm not surprised it worked out for us. Joining retrospectively afterwards and not in advance - is the winning recipe.



    ** I wrote in another thread to friends, to those who said it bothered them, that if they need an invoice and want to see it as a service and not

    Joining the group, then me and the group (we have no interest in it and we are not businessmen and we are not a business for all intents and purposes), we can not help

    to them. I referred them to a professional company that specializes in calibration, from which they will purchase the service. 

    The benefits are receiving an invoice, defining the service as a legal service, the calibrator coming to their home / office - which is a bonus in general

    Very big and comfortable that I support. The difference lies in the orders of magnitude of the cost:

    They get the service 500 NIS plus VAT. Or 600 NIS including VAT -> which is the right amount for a private customer who can not

    To qualify for VAT.


    Every sensible person immediately understands, what did those who did anyway ... at first talk loudly about taxes and invoices:

    That is, they all wanted a private calibration for their computer at home / laptop, but when the alternatives cost 600 shekels through a tidy service

    And standards at market prices, compared to NIS 100 for joining a group of amateurs in the field. Proponents of paid service have pretty much evaporated

    Not surprisingly. So apparently joining a group, it turns out, in the end is more appealing to amateurs ...  : ) 


    ** Yes can tell that he was one of the professionals in the field of graphics processing, one who tried to take advantage of us, who thought he had jumped at an opportunity,

    Asked to help the group and save himself and his office the cost of the market price = 600 NIS professional service, and of course he

    Rejected out of hand. Group members banded together to remove any doubt (and he did not understand it), only on an amateur background for home use only

    And personal. Anyone who is a professional in the field of graphic work that is an office or business, can not need the group and it does not approve

    The joining of such. 


    The group is against the background of members, against the background of amateurs in the field, for the purpose of private personal use at home only. Therefore the price of joining is

    Only symbolic in size six, the cost of standard service at the market price. And when the quota of joiners will cover the cost of the equipment,

    The group will close. After all, this is not a group set up for profit. And as long as the total funds received from the group members to the fund

    The coordinator, smaller than the group's total expenditure (for the cost of purchasing the equipment), is that the group is not defined as a for-profit business.

    It is made clear to the zincs that the issue of tax is close to their hearts, that it is very important for them to express themselves on the issue, but without understanding the language of the law

    In the field, and without knowing the rules of the group by which it operates. 


  6. indeed,

    And I would not put it that way " Serious fees", Since this is not a transaction or a down payment for a transaction.

    This is a minor, " With the participation of the member in a group purchase of the equipment", A group I set up.


    After calibrating the screen mentioned above, Peaks will appear. I would even dare say, dropping jaws. This is one of the most advanced panels

    There is currently in the industry, which is suitable for top screens, for editors And graphics. Who also happens to know how to do fast gaming thanks to

    Very fast panel response speed. This is a bonbon screen with lots of technical capability, which just needs a good calibration, in order to get out

    From him the impressive maximum he knows how to give, and just as the reviewer of unboxed hardware did which he very much

    Experienced in the field, and the reviewers of rtings, who did reach a slightly less good result = only to the area of ​​6400 degrees Kelvin, and this is not

    Limitation of the screen of course, but more a mistake of the calibrator, who probably is not so proficient in the process and did an easy job



    For comparison, one of the new screens I bought (about two weeks ago), a modest screen, only 600-700 NIS of the order of ,

    It went out 6507 degrees Kelvin, with the equipment I have and the knowledge I have gained in the field. It is not difficult to reach such a level of accuracy, just need to understand

    How to perform and what parameters allow to get there. There is no reason that such a screen is as expensive as in the link above = 2000 NIS, no

    Will reach such a high level of accuracy, or at least very close to it. Too bad rtings missed.


    I can understand a level of 6450 or 6550 Kelvin which is a 50 degree deviation, but on a junk screen mostly used yes, old that already

    It's hard to be precise with him. The 6400 they arrived on a new modern premium screen is how to put it mildly, a calibrator from inexperience. The hint

    His mistake is emphasized and understood from the parameters he gave:









    • confused 1
  7. There are amazing protections, they have created a complete denial of access between all the virtual instances running in the machine from each other, everything is encrypted, in all layers, including the occupancy of the Itself, including preventing VMware from accessing the virtual intensities it is running, in case it itself is infected, what it is running is actually encrypted and it does not understand what is in it. Something out of this world, preventing everyone from everyone including the operating system from being able to see information of the systems it is running itself. And most of all, you are not required in terms of adjustments to do anything, you as a customer, your transition to the new platform is completely transparent. In fact what they have done is a revolution in the field combined with a change in VMWARE code, which makes it possible to do so, is here Integrated hardware versus software.

    Systems protection has risen a notch. Need to really dive deep, I guess later came out the technical materials, which explain in depth how it is done and all the details. In the presentation we touched on the subject at a glance, just to explain in principle what we got. And that was already enough to be very impressed. new AMD 3rd Gen,a sandboxed%2C isolated execution environment.



  8. VMWARE is developing the dedicated code for epyc processors to take advantage of the new features they bring to the field, in particular ,

    And actually realize these capabilities in the new virtual operating systems. VMWARE is currently putting Paul Gas to complete

    The necessary adjustments, they understand that the world is going to direct.


    As it seems, at this rate, the problem of Will meet demand, given the real difficulty in a 7nm production infrastructure stretched up

    To the edge and already collapsing. It seems to be going to evolve into a situation, where You will not be able to supply all the demands that your product will have, therefore

    You will not be able to realize the full potential of intrusion into the domain. And maybe that's what will save you This year ....

  10. It is estimated that the third generation of epyc will increase the penetration rate of (Which today is slightly above 10%), above 25% already in the coming year.

    Intel is starting to sweat profusely, feeling the pressure blowing in the back of its neck. It's only a matter of time, until the last of the skeptics will complete

    Purchases of servers , Mainly to cloud-based data center where the security advantage of It is crucial.


    Next year 2022 - probably towards the end, will be launched Fourth generation, based on 5nm and up to 96 cores (192 threads) for a single socket.

    If Intel (which is still stuck on 28 cores) does not make a parallel jump, then this is the stage where it is estimated that You will succeed in winning a share

    A 50% market in the global server space.

  11. How did I know she would not resist the temptation and respond. Exposed in his pussy and does not understand.


    Now instead of pumping mantras, slogans, let us explain:

     Show examples of calibration of some cases, and show us how the calibration can be bad and all the claims you have made before us ....

    Because empty claims are not convincing, without proof, an explanation and demonstration is also desirable. 

    To ensure that the demo is authentic on our screen, perform it using standard DSLR calibrated by sRGB.

    So that we are on our calibrated screen we will see exactly the source you photographed one by one and we will understand.


    What, can not do?

    It's easy - photographer Just, make a video, and upload it here - the forum receives videos in mp4 format - I uploaded several times

    On different occasions assures you that it works. Ready to lend you a professional calibrated DSLR do not be ashamed.


    Do not excuse yourself by searching for materials on the net that will bring us, be original, create the content yourself.

    You will see that you really know and control the umbrella, and not looking for others to do the work for you.

  12. Quote of A-10


    Just to clarify things -

    No I used the bold phrases, certainly not the last two bold phrases,

    And in general, handsome requires - handsome fulfills.


    And for that matter - I did not quite understand what His Majesty wants / offers.

    Indeed, I ask not to exaggerate and maintain proportions,

    For example - good and less good equipment, instead of "perfect" and "nonsense".

    And the pronunciations require, that you give minimal credit to the source used

    To strengthen your claims.

    Elementary, Watson.





    What do you say, you did not use such a style?

     Sure ?

    Yesterday's reminder One page back:



    Never attempt to explain and reason. Is this how they try to convince in an argument?

    Well, you had feathers to fiddle with, so fine, like some well-known doctor or professor, who assumes that when they reject without reasoning,

    Forgive them for their inability to reason, and accept their ruling as it is.

    But in your case?

    Who are you anyway


    I'll tell you who you are:

    Found here 24/7 - which explains to us that you have a lot of time to invest in the forum, and little time to invest outside of it.

    The forum is known to not pay. So what does this tell us?

    That there is no social life in the real world outside the world of the virtual forum?

    There is probably no serious, lucrative career, because for the most part such careers do not leave enough time for other things,

    Like being here 24/7.


    And in light of the style, the lack of education, the relentless attempt to reduce, jealousy?

    The pencil approach that is not the sharpest in the pencil case, blocking 5 users so far, it is likely that regarding the personal level (woman children ....) 

    And we'll stop here. You're a big kid to figure out on your own


    But let me estimate that in a few minutes there will be another response in the post from you, because you just never miss an opportunity to do .... 

    You never know when it's time to just stop (and shut up). Then Lior or Milford comes and redeems us, and just silences you

    And so saves us all.

    Not that it helps for more than 5 minutes, because the ritual repeats - you open a new user, once again, with as usual some childish name

    Something A10 style after you tried Napoleon, askme ...  



  13. You made me laugh, so now the marketing source that sells the sensors - has become the source that taught me?


    You could maybe pardon Gwen a little, nothing would have happened to you that you learned something from a forum member,

    Try to reduce less, so you get more credit from friends.


    Let me remind you (if you forgot?) That education in my life and practical experience as a result of my career,

    Also involved in the Israeli elite defense industry (which is the world leader in its field) and which deals

    In many fields, including physics, optics, waves, sensors, software, algorithmics, mathematics,

    Astrophysics, and everything in between. So that the knowledge is well suited for engaging in a discussion of the subject under discussion in this thread.







  14. I can add another point from the personal angle, when I am The calibration with the x-rite sensor in my hand, all screens look at the same end.

    The deviation is indistinguishable, and if there is a difference here and there, it stems from the technical difference between the screens - based on their technology,

    Like a contrast that changes the GAMA response curve in areas close to darkness / black, which originates in the difference between To the VA.

    But where there are no technical differences between VA does not see a difference in outcome. And if we take two identical twin screens the same model,

    The result after calibration is the same one by one. Very impressive.


    On the other hand, an attempt to test and play with various spyder sensors, testing different screens, resulted in a different calibration each time, which indicates

    Lack of consistency. In short, toys. Feel that way, and act that way. And the result does not impress me with the naked eye then at all.


    If all this is not enough, there is the aspect of speed:

    The quality of the sensor also determines its sensitivity to light, a more sensitive and high-quality sensor, capable of providing a faster sampling rate.

    The spyder sensor is small (cheap) and its light collection is weak. The x-rite sensor is huge, and absorbs much more light.

    The difference is not only exactly as stated, but in its speed. When it picks up more light, the stabilization time of the sensor signal is short

    More, so it allows data reporting to the software, at a faster rate. The speed of x-rite is more than double that of spyder,

    And in some cases (depending on the pattern) more than 10 times.

    Performing a calibration that takes hours, instead of minutes, is the difference between something practical and something irrelevant.

  15. Quote of NR

    I can also give relation to certain models. But anyway most of the x-rite calibrators and especially the high range do give higher accuracy in recent years and so do their neutered models. In most cases calibrators of the same generation contain the same hardware and only a software limitation or firmware level differentiates them. This is not a discussion such as who is the best basketball player. This is a product whose effectiveness can be measured scientifically by testing a simple Delta-e deviation along the entire scale of your choice. Anyway I believe datacolor calibrators are also doing the job and will please most people so I said I only partially agree. In my case if I buy something, then I will buy something that will give me the better solution that will want me for more years. For the sake of reliability say I have a calibrator which is a flagship of the generation x-rite before what nec has and currently because I do not need calibration capabilities for brightness of hdr up to 2000nit or screens OLED And I can live without the improvement in the darkest shades because I still prefer to save money and I do less prints.


    Indeed, and an addition that many are unaware of (from the technical aspect) and therefore we will share / learn / expand the canvas,

    Is that datacolor (spyder branded) sensors are sensors where the filters are not airtight

    The world, and therefore suffer from constant degradation. Slowly the filter changes its values ​​and therefore loses accuracy. As a result of exposure



    In an experiment they performed, they discovered that within 3 years, the deviation that datacolor sensors display is large, and the product ended its life. 

    In order to prevent the degradation of the sensor (filter), x-rite from pentatone realized that it must protect the filters and seal them from exposure to air, thus preventing any change or distortion in their values. And that's what they did.

    Their sensors even after a decade still show quite the same accuracy as the day they were born, which is the difference between professional equipment from a business

    Who is an expert in the field, and the wanabe brand which is intended for home amateurs only. Professional equipment does not require recalibration

    Fixed itself. It remains accurate over time, or loses accuracy, but at a very slow rate and therefore has a long lifespan.


    This industry of calibration is quite limited to individual brands in the world, like many professional fields, and quite monopolistically controlled

    By x-rite. But in this case there is a real technical and engineering reason for this: the equipment does not wear out, does not change its accuracy throughout

    The time, is the most accurate there is in the industry already on day 1, and is a workhorse. Not just over the years the whole professional industry,

    Works exclusively with their equipment exclusively.




    Quote of A-10


    There is no connection,

    And call for other equipment without referring specifically to "scribble" models,

    There will always be nonsense.


    It's amazing how a person your age behaves in front of other human beings in a child's mentality.

    Haven't you noticed how much damage you have done to yourself in reality (not just in the forum) and still not learned?

    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, is like stupidity.

  17. Quote of ClassMulder

    I would be very happy to take this opportunity if I was in the country.


    Abroad, at least in good places like England USA Germany, there are photo shops that rent a calibrator for a day,

    Priced at around 20-30 British Pounds or US Dollars. And for a one-time job, it's worth renting.

    You get 10% sizing than purchasing the equipment. And you can in the same one-day rental, calibrate everything you have

    Not just one system. So renting once every few years, comes out worthwhile.


    ** Be sure to rent exclusive equipment from the X-rite brand, everything else (like the spyder and the like) is toys,

     Not messing with them is nonsense equipment.


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