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  1. This usually means that the elements in the image are rounded with more quality / detail / distance from the lens, and so on in those ... load that is on the GPU.
  2. The graphics load is not based on the processor but on the graphics accelerator, so want to see low to intentionally take the graphics accelerator out of the equation and test, who is the platform and CPU really faster in the photo shop test on the finish line ...
  3. It is no problem to implement a small logger that records max or min values. Such as working frequency, current, temp, etc. in those ... some discrete variables ...
  4. Indeed the atmosphere is not good at Intel - just announced the dismissal of the current CEO and bringing in a new CEO from VMWARE: -to-step-down /
  5. Indeed, I would be very happy for the 11400f to come into the arena, with 20% more performance (due to improved IPC) compared to the 10400f, mainly also because of the DDR3200 memory it will support, and at a price equivalent to the outgoing model of around 700 shekels per consumer. Because if so, it would definitely be something that would spur me to consider upgrading to it.
  6. Joining, so Intel said ... in the meantime check with an unsuitable card = 3080. Let them check with RX6800XT that works at 2.7ghz frequency on the Risen 5900X platform optimized to the end properly in terms of infinity fabric = system bus at 2000mhz, in coordination with DDR4000mhz, tightening timings, like At lanzar, and with active SAM. Let's try 1080p low graphics settings in the various titles I have a cautious and preliminary assessment only of course, that Intel will further discover that its claim that 11th generation processors are faster in games does not hold water in the reality test on the road. In my opinion, they did reduce the gaps with the Risen 5000, but have not yet achieved the lead they are trying to convey. We will wait for third party measurements that will test it properly, or we will test at home and we will all see a reference for comparison, how the Risen 5000 shoots FPS on the screen in front of 11900K.
  7. In any case, anyone who is interested in watching Nvidia's CES 2021 presentation is welcome at the following link and I recommend, as always, not to give up:
  8. There's a new president in the White House in a short time, hopefully he will make a rollback to some of these unwise decisions of Trump from the consumer angle, and then the caps will be removed. One way or another we are in a difficult period in my estimation and as long as mining continues to rise, new generation video cards will be a rare and very expensive commodity. When the mining boom is over, there is a flood of tickets on the used market and we will celebrate. We have to wait for the rain ....
  9. Do you mean they have a logger in the product, designed to track down some parameters they are tracking, in order to know what they did in the product, and whether what they did is in the area of ​​disclaimer. If there is such a thing (logger) they may keep it a secret, if only to prevent consumers from knowing about it, in order to prevent the consumer from messing with this logger and disrupting its contents.
  10. AMD's presentation from a few hours ago for those who want to watch. I put in this forum (processors) by chance, it does not really matter. This is a company that does everything from everything through GPUs and what not. Give a preview of the following EPYC processors based on zen3, a demonstration of a single socket 32 ​​cores compared to Intel's fastest dual socket, a total of 28 dual cores 2 = 56 cores, and the epyc with only 32 cores faster than it. Very impressive. Pleasant viewing:
  11. The new mining boom is drinking what it already has ...
  12. See the caveman's answer. In addition, in my opinion, the manufacturers do not want to give a warranty for the card if the use they make is not for the original purpose for which it is intended, does not sit inside a neat computer for example and is properly protected. Some are replacing BIOS with MacCustom and more. Why do they have these troubles? They have reduced the warranty to 3 months for your question, instead of 1 year. Not that they have the ability to verify what you did with the card, and if they were to refuse liability to the consumer, it is likely that in court they would lose in favor of the customer. As long as they have not found physical or other damage that proves that they have caused the card maliciously or through negligent use.
  13. From what I understand, the 12GB version will be priced at $ 330 and the 6GB version will be priced at $ 280
  14. Although it is not related to processors, and we are here in the section of processors, but just came up with the idea of ​​testing a GPU sample. The figures how to say gently, do not surprise anyone:
  15. Presumably Yoav, whose percentages are within its relevant segment, presumably they do not mix mobiles with desktop and these are foreign domains. Therefore in percent we should not mix and confuse. But only make a relative comparison of a product against its direct competitor, both of which come from the same field. At the same time he would and will insist on believing that Intel still sells more desktop processors than AMD, rather believe in what you want. As an experienced investor (relatively, 20 years plus ...) and heavy (relatively, for the average person from the street), money is expensive and close to my heart. Therefore I would rather (with your permission) research and look for answers to these questions, than live "in faith" and hope you do not get angry with me because if I live in faith and not based on actual concrete information emerging from relevant studies in the fields I invest in, my investment will go down the drain. .
  16. During Q4 2021 or Q1 2022 chip developer AMD plans to launch the next generation of its processors and graphics accelerators on the next 5nm lithography at TSMC, which will allow the addition of 84% transistors in the same space cell. This means mainly in the field of graphic acceleration, almost double the performance compared to the previous generation, because we should not forget that the frequency of work that can be achieved increases accordingly. In terms of processors, this will allow doubling the amount of cores in a new processor compared to the processor coming out at the same chip size. In light of these data there is definitely room for cautious optimism ahead of next year. Zen4 and RDNA3 look more seductive than ever. The problem will probably be like today, the availability of sufficient quantities of products which will meet the demand in the market.
  17. Blackmailer Yoav, Walla has and as expected on mobile Intel controls Greater. ** Now you have made me appetite, bring more models of mobiles to check ....
  18. Yes depending on his visual condition. If God forbid he is full of corrosion, then no. If it is free of corrosion, there is no prevention. Even fans renovate myself (if necessary) and so I did for all the piles we bought, here and there was a fan in poor condition, so we repaired it. There is a lot that can be done to the card in order to fix it. Bios update (in case the miners named Bios McCostem), continued to renovate fans, and of course ended with a thorough cleaning that makes the product almost new out of the box. I have a thread here in the forum that deals with second hand issues and you can see (I uploaded photos) of tickets before and after. The others looked (in some cases) like a card now being pulled out of its packaging as if for the first time. In all the tickets however I personally purchased from acquaintances and still have at home at work on which of the computers, and there are several, all working like a horse with zero problems. Including my 1080ti. The tickets are almost a few years old for me ... two years? This is one of the best programming reviews out there, which shows that it works great for this business (mining tickets).
  19. It also took time for the previous cycle - do any of the friends remember when it started and when it ended? And is it right for us at all to tap from a previous cycle, on the range amplitude also in the current round ...? Right now the business is in Luba with a crazy dollar print that inflates the stock market and the crypto value indirectly. The same inflationary print, it's hard to know when to stop if at all - it's a viscous cycle that is very difficult to get out of if at all possible
  20. It is quite possible ... and perhaps I would say, wishful thinking is more appropriate in this context
  21. The topic of LAPTOP computers looks interesting and beautiful that you have raised it. This is a niche in itself, one of the largest and most important in the field. The common thesis is, that Intel controls it with a level hand without argument, that's also what I know. So let's hope DB also has information on laptops. Now, since I'm unfamiliar with processor models in the field of laptops, will you throw me something to test ...? What a popular Intel processor of laptop and its equivalent Brisen. See if there is anything to spend ...
  22. I was interested to check something else, how much did 8700K sell in the amateur computing market, compared to the Risen 2700 which was its competitor in 2018. You can see that at that time Intel still ruled with a level hand, as they ruled with the 7700K against the first Risen: in fact the trend reversed right from the Risen 3000. Comparing 9900K versus 3700X. Kerry zen2 is the key to a tiebreaker as I estimated, this is another reinforcing statistic:
  23. I said to myself something like this: We see that in 2017, the year of the launch of the Risen, Intel still dominates the market and sells much more than the Risen. Something like three-quarters of Intel versus just a quarter for Risen. That's already improved for AMD yes, because before that AMD barely had a 10% market share. Makes sense, it took time for the market to seize the change that Risen brought, and Risen First Generation has not yet demonstrated the peak of quality as they say. Now, from the other side we see, that in the years 2019-2020 every comparison I make in the engine, AMD dominates the market at a level hand. No matter what I check. So I said to myself, nec, let's see what happens in the middle of the period - at the seam between these two periods, in 2018. When the second generation Risen was launched, when the Intel 8th generation was launched which was a quick response to the Risen and was successful in itself. What is the trend? I thought so and said, we will test the i3 8100 model compared to the G2400 which were two parallel processors around that time. Both have a similar price and probably what represented the computers of the institutional market in quantities, not just the domestic market. And the result as it seems makes sense, where one sees the segmentation to half and half in this period, which is after the market has already started to confiscate Risen probably, and understand, that it is a rising technology and accepted brand, but have not yet reached the full move, the one that changed the bowl according to Starting from zen2 to you. Meanwhile from all the tests I do the picture looks something like this: By 2017, in the crappy years before that, AMD barely holds a 10% market share. In the 2017 launch year, AMD manages to rise to a quarter-share share over three quarters to Intel. The so-called beginning of penetration is nice and clear. In 2018, a balance was created for the first time and in quite a few cases, the amount of sales is balanced by Intel and AMD. And starting in 2019, the trend is reversed while AMD dominates the desktop market, a trend that does not stop but becomes more extreme. This is more or less what I can diagnose from the data that the DB gives us in segmenting models by launch year. Fortunately, this trend also makes sense, it is in line with the rationale. it makes sense. It seems to me that anyone who thinks that Intel is better known in the desktop field sees this "in Israeli eyes", in our local market, which is not an example of what is happening in the big global market, which has changed disk. In fact, in Israel AMD has always had no serious representation in the local market, not even in the past. In Israel, the market is biased towards Intel, for all sorts of historical economic, economic reasons and more, we have talked about this in the past in the forum. And let us not tap into the local trend regarding what is accepted in the global market.
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Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

The intermediate model from the Turing generation adopts the number of active units in its refreshed super version, equipped with double the volume of graphic memory - and goes out to provide a solution to some of the constant demand for more and more video cards