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  1. Ad validity: 14 days and also 4 hours

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    Video card in like new condition, well kept as you can see in the pictures. Found in a package with everything that came with it. Has been in use for a few months and has been sitting in the closet ever since. A cool and quiet card. Slightly flexible in price.

    1,200 ₪

  2. First post in the forum, chooses to comment on a discussion from two years ago. Sounds absolutely believable ...
  3. It's good that you remember to comment only a month later on last year's promotions ...
  4. No warranty, that's the only thing.
  5. Is there a reason you'm stuck on 27 screens? If you play FPS games, which are basically the ones that enjoy a high refresh rate, the optimal screen size is 24. Then you have a lot more options and even 240HZ which is no small leap compared to 144HZ. Says from experience since I recently upgraded myself and definitely gives a big advantage around the corners and in how much part it feels.
  6. Hi and thanks for the answer. I tried sfc / scannow already but it asked for the windows disk and did not let go. Not my computer otherwise I would have long ago formatted a simple format and installed Windows 7. Pretty sure it has quite a few viruses on it as well, so that was my recommendation anyway even without the problem of the DLL. At least after I replaced it with a motherboard it works so she can back up the important files and then see if she will want to upgrade the system. I thought maybe there is some free software that fixes such issues or a particular file that can be replaced. thanks anyway!
  7. Hey, trying to revive an old computer for a friend. windows xp pro service pack 3. Receive the above message when the system booted. Before that I got the message when I tried to install new software like malewarebytes so I tried to replace the msvcrt file. But after the replacement Windows crashed before the boot. I was able to replace the old file But now get the message fixed.Solution? More details needed? Thanks in advance,
  8. Hi, have you set up the router in its computer interface? The username and password need to be set since the router is new. You need to look for your default gateway in CMD by the ipconfig command. It usually looks like or and the like. In the continuation itself you go to PPPOE and there you will have fields of username and password of your carrier. Successfully!
  9. Hi, first check temperatures to see if there are any issues that require adding fans, cleaning a case or replacing a thermal ointment with the CPU. In general, even if there are no temperature problems, it is advisable to clean the case every few months and replace the thermal ointment with the processor every few years. If the front fan is not working properly then surely replace, it is not an expensive business at all and you can buy a quality fan of 120-140MM for a few tens of shekels. If it is just stuck you can try to clean and lubricate the hinge to see if that solves the issue. The configuration of the front, rear and top fan is most sufficient for most systems as long as there are no special requirements. Easy Cooling Software I guess you mean fan temperature and fan speed? If only for checking the temperatures and speed of the fans you can use HWMONITOR for example. If you want fan control you can use SPEEDFAN.
  10. What is the purpose for which you want to upgrade to the video card? Basically the card fits yes.
  11. בבקשה.
  12. Hi, contact Amazon customer service through the site by navigating to the product from your orders and then clicking get product support and you have a chat with a representative there. They will already guide you what process to perform. Successfully!
  13. It is unnecessary to purchase another vendor for the new computer unless you intend to purchase it for a few more years. Offer you some 650W 80+ GOLD power supplies that can hold just about any powerful system you purchase, it's not that you need to purchase a 1000W power supply after that. You choose well and you won't have to spend a few hundred more on doubt afterwards ...
  14. Take a look when you respond and the date of the article ...
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