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  1. interesting! There is an additional 1TB mechanical drive. Its the current situation - it is not initialized and not recognized by Windows as a storage space (it does not have a partition or file system), I just could not configure it. There is a situation that is really faulty. Do you think sometimes the computer tries to BOOT from it?
  2. model? Crucial MX500. Was previously installed on another computer and worked great. @HelpSupport Thank you very much, I'll try
  3. Hello everyone New PC with i5 10400 and Gigabyte B560M DS3H motherboard. Assembled yesterday. Some of the times the power is turned on, the operating system fails to boot from the SSD - stuck on the rotating circle with the motherboard logo or written Preparing automatic repair. I searched a lot for the glitch in Google but what's weird is that when it happened, an attempt was also made to boot the computer from a bootable dongle with a Windows installation (the same dongle from which Windows was installed on the SSD) and it also did not come up - was stuck on the rotating circle. After a few shutdowns and ignitions and disconnections from the power it finally works out and the system goes up from the SSD. It makes me think there's some sort of hardware problem. In any case, a restore was made to a restore point in Windows that was taken automatically shortly after the installation of the operating system and since then the problem has not recurred. I also opened the case and saw that everything is properly assembled and there are no dangling or loose parts. What can you start testing? Could there be a problem with the motherboard / processor? Thank you
  4. Sounds logical, great, thank you so much! You spared me to wait two days
  5. Is this really a TRAY version without a fan? How are TRAY versions supposed to arrive?
  6. Hi, I ordered computer parts. The i5 10400 processor came in an open box of the i3 6100 processor marked X as if it was not really an i3 (pictures attached). After the holiday I will go to the store but in the meantime it prevents me from assembling the computer. On a practical level, can and how can you make sure the processor itself is new and unused? Is there a logical reason for a processor to come this way? Thanks
  7. Good evening parents have an 11 year old desktop computer: E5200, HD4890, 4GB DDR2, EP43-DS3M. Do not want to replace a computer meanwhile recently bought a 27 "2K screen, the HD4890 for some reason does not allow to issue such a resolution. Maybe you need a DP port for such a resolution? This card has only HDMI looking for a recommendation for the cheapest video card with DP that will fit the computer 2K, the computer is only used for surfing. Aimed at around 200 NIS. Hope there is something? Thanks!
  8. Hi, after upgrading my computer, I want to upgrade a screen as well. Right now with a simple Samsung S22D300 screen I got from someone who didn't have to. CSGO, COD, GTA game mainly computer: AMD 3600 processor PALIT RTX 2060 Super graphics card I want a 1440P 144HZ screen in 27 "size - I saw that my video card is a bit borderline to it, but I do not mind going down a bit in settings and keep me able to upgrade in the future with a video card without Upgrade also a screen some critical G-Sync? I saw that it significantly limits the supply budget around 1,500 unless there is something significant that justifies an exception, you can buy in the country and you can also Amazon Thanks!
  9. Hi there, join the concatenation I with the same processor and the same bracket, the antec p110 silent chassis wants to replace the cooling stock that is a bit noisy in Idle too (such an annoying buzz) Is the arctic 34 suitable for the chassis? Is there a difference between regular and esports? Or is there more recommended cooling?
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