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    Amazing screen in perfectly normal condition, sold due to moving abroad. Purchased directly from the importer (Alctis) about a year and a half ago and is still under warranty for another year and a half! Https:// g9 Warranty Three-year warranty at Elctis Labs by phone: 03-6372323 Model C49G95TSSM Overview The concave screen revolution 1000R is the new vertex of concave screen technology, it matches the contours of the human eye to indescribable realism. Changing the rules of the game - 1000R Strong, experience the next level of the game like you have never seen before. The huge 49-inch super-wide display fills your perimeter vision and draws you into the game. 'R *' is an acronym that represents a circular radius. The smaller the R-value, Thus the curve is deeper, purer, brighter - QLED Superior performance and a new level of vibrant resolution achieved by light shades of QLED technology. Enjoy playing at any moment and watch every detail accurately. HDR + 10 and HDR1000 tones are the closest images to reality. The HDR1000 darkens shades of black and lightens shades of white for maximum contrast. While the HDR10 + optimizes the contrast and brightness so that the image looks like a real reality. Dual QHD resolution - DQHD The world of imagination becomes a reality. With DQHD resolution and a 49-inch screen size you have a display like two QHD screens sitting side by side. The images are incredibly sharp and detailed and the display is more comprehensive with space to perform all the operations. Smooth and fast 240Hz 1ms Conquer any enemy at maximum speed. At 240Hz and a response time of one millisecond you will play very smoothly and quickly with no lag or lag in the game with the accuracy of mouse movements. Rapid reflexes seized the winning control. So fast with incredible accuracy that even the enemies in the game will be surprised. G-Sync technology G-Sync technology maintains synchronization between the GPU and the panel so that the game runs smoothly without jams. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro with guaranteed stability for the benefit of your game. Designed core lighting Choose your color touches with 5 lighting modes on the back of the screen. The new design conquers its surroundings! Ease of viewing Find the position that is comfortable for you with a height-adjustable and rotating arm You can adjust the screen to a comfort that suits you. Image next to image - PBP and within image - PIP Experience a more efficient and productive workflow when editing images, creating videos and more. With PBP a single monitor becomes a dual display screen by displaying content from two different sources side by side on a single screen. With PIP you can resize the second source to 25% of the screen size and place it wherever you want.

    5,999 ₪

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