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  1. Thanks ! So basically the limitation stems from the motherboard and not the processor? I can be sure that even with the 10th generation, with the B560 will support 3200? As for the memories you gave, I can not see inside information about the timing, how do you know it's C16? By the way, regarding the board if I also consider buying it from Amazon, not really the price (costs more or less like in the country) but just because I have some money there to spend on a gift card. Just make sure it's really the board: because I see there: Memory Storage Capacity: 2 GB, not closed on what it's about.
  2. I have already come to order the 11700k from Intel in the employees' internal system, but it turns out that it is out of stock. The only one that exists from one of the last two generations is 10600k for $ 130 (before shipping and VAT). While I was debating whether to order or wait for maybe the inventory to be renewed, I saw that all 10th generation processors say that memory support is up to 2666 speed? Could it be? ( That higher memory speeds are not supported) on generation 11 for example it is written 3200
  3. thanks for the answers ! So as for the memories, I actually understand from you that 3200 C16 is better than 3600 C18? Say out of three which ones would you take (almost identical price)? One. Two. Three
  4. the settlement ! I've been dragged a bit to other things for the last two weeks but am back to dealing with it again, hoping to order everything right today / tomorrow. I would love to verify again the final specs I am fixing on (some more hesitations). There will probably be a combined order of parts from Amazon and the country. Processor: Still debating between i7-11700k (can bring in about 900 NIS) or i5-10400 (can bring in about 450 NIS) [It is clear to me that there is a significant difference between the processors, but there is also a difference of a few hundred shekels in price .. and I'm looking for a computer for no more budget gaming, the question is how significant the more powerful processor will be and whether it's worth the difference] Cooling for the CPU: I guess it very much depends on the processor I choose, I end up looking for the required cooling that will not endanger the CPU. So it can be assumed that the price difference here will be added to the price difference between the processors definitely between them. I would be happy for a final recommendation for cooling with the recommendation regarding the CPU. Storage: Deciding between Samsung Electronics 980 SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe (about 215 NIS) and 1Tra at a double price ACER F100 in Israel (is there a significant difference in quality between the models?) Memory: G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3600 CL18-22-22-42 1.35V - for about 250 NIS, or G.Skill AEGIS Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200 CL16-18-18-38 1.35V for about 235 NIS H (actually it's a difference of higher speed versus lower timing, I guess it also depends on the other parts and what did they know to take advantage of?) By the way, there is also this: TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Za (Alpha) 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR4 Dram 3600MHz CL18 for about 220 NIS, which is similar (high speed and timing) but cheaper and a different company. Does it matter what the company? And it also says that it is special for Reisen processors, do not know if that means it will not work with Intel? Motherboard: Deciding between GIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2 (about NIS 225) and B560 in Israel (about NIS 450). Is it necessary to pay double the price for the model of the 560? (The difference is due to the fact that there is the 450 at a VAT-free price and shipping on Amazon). Bronze 450W, Fully Modular (about 650 NIS) and ANTEC 5W NEO ECO GOLD that can be brought in Israel for 80 NIS (more expensive and not modular, but 650 watts more and it is GOLD and not BRONZE. How significant is that? Case: Option to keep my current case (Fractal Design Define Mini) or if I sell it as part of a sale of the current computer, buying a new mini / micro case is not looking for anything special, which will be cheap but high quality that will not knock the parts in. No lights and no nonsense I thought of ANTEC VSK215. Video Card: Keeps my current video card (700 GB) for now, probably for at least two years if not more. In short, I would love a final recommendation regarding the various dilemmas so I can come together and order the parts of course In general regarding the fit of the parts so please if you can also take this into account and tell me if there is any problem.Thanks!
  5. Another question please, regarding the B560 I see quite a few different versions on the net with this model from different manufacturers, the price differences can reach quite a few percent. There's a difference? it matters? For example: (and there are many more expensive ones there was no place in the screenshot) Thank you!
  6. I understood, thank you. Which actually makes up the difference for me between the processors by another 150-250 shekels .. These are my full options, with these prices having to add shipping (unknown) and VAT (17%): the question is really given everything I have detailed so far and given that the gaming I Seeking is not the most demanding, it is not better to already go for the cheap option.What do you think? Thanks!
  7. What cooling would you recommend with the 11700k? And if I decide to go for the 10400 cooling I programmed enough?
  8. Since this is a CPU for probably another 7 good years, it's very likely that I'll someday upgrade a video card. But I do not think it will happen in the next two years, at least.
  9. Well, I have a friend who works at Intel and it turns out I can get through it processors at a really, really cheap price. I can probably bring the 10400 in the NIS 400 range, and I can probably bring the 11700k in the NIS 850 area. Obviously the discount on the i7 processor is much bigger but the question is if I have any need at all .. what do they say?
  10. By the way, I see in startpc that there is the 11400 for NIS 779, not worth the other NIS 100?
  11. Update: With the articles on this site, there is also a good power and storage provider from Amazon, so the specification I am currently fixing on is: Memory: G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB - about 200 " Storage: Samsung Electronics 980 SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe - about 250 NIS Power supply: EVGA 220-B5-0650-V1 650 B5, 80 Plus Bronze 650W, Fully Modular - about 200 NIS I also changed a case for a micro Hopefully all the parts are compatible with each other. What do they say?
  12. I have some 700w supplier that I bought once (at least 6 years in my opinion), not modular, do not even remember which company / model. The question is how reliable these things are and how much can you trust that it will continue to work for many more years.
  13. By the way, another option I have is to buy the cheapest one and replace it with the 700 watts I have today, I guess the 500 watts should be enough for the current computer ...?
  14. The price goes up with everyone in a few shekels .. I do not understand it to know where to stop .. I will trust your word here
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