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  1. This specification has been compiled at - Start Computers Audio | Haifa | Tel Aviv | Ashdod CPU: 771 NIS - * Sale * - AMD Six Core Ryzen 5 3600 Up to 4.2Ghz AM4 BOX CPU air cooling: 156 NIS - Be quiet! PURE ROCK Motherboard: 612 NIS - * New * - ASUS PRIME B550M-A Wi-Fi Memory: 310 NIS - * Sale * - XPG 16G (2X8G) DDR4 3200Mhz CL16 GAMMIX D10 BLACK Video card: 1781 NIS - * Computer assembled * - MSI Radeon RX 5700XT 8GB GDDR6 Up To 1925MHz MECH Hard Disk: 504 ₪ - * Sale * - WD Blue 1T SN550 NVMe R / W Up To 2400 / 1950MB / s 5 Year Warranty Power Supply: 359 ₪ - * New * - GIGABYTE G750H 750W GOLD MODULAR 3 YEAR Package: 279 ILS - Corsair Carbide 270R SOLID Final price: 4772 ILS Cash 4867 ILS for credit up to 12 payments 4962 ILS for credit up to 36 installments
  2. Agree with none77, it's a bet that saves too little and is too poor. NIS 47 more for this bundle Suppose: Antec Case GX202 White Led + Gigabyte 700W and you get a more reliable supplier. An unstable vendor can be much more critical to a computer's performance than a 20% weak video card. I would consider 5700XT instead of 2070.
  3. The offer you offered is good, but I suppose it is only possible at Eilat's prices (maybe not otherwise clear). Usually a purchase in Eilat does not include a computer train. Also missing an operating system ... And I would certainly buy SSD in addition or in a hard place.
  4. In the last specification I doubt this supplier is carrying. In the specification from TMS this supplier is borderline and not recommended, 2 12V rails that reach the 35A roof say 420W, about 12, for a system that wants at least 500W. And there is no operating system (if my calculation is correct, that is the maximum 400W connection of each component individually, and it will actually be more in the 350W area). I personally would like all the games on SSD, but I'm spoiled 😁 (and therefore at least 500 gigabytes for me).
  5. It's priced at 5700, if you want to drop to 5500 - you can reduce storage to half a tare, or take a cheaper screen. Computer model: AMD self-assembly AMD processor: AMD processor Ryzen 5 3600 3.6Ghz AM4 - Box - Box 1 AMD processors: Gigabyte B450M DS3H AM4 motherboard, AMD B450, DDR4, 2xPCI-E, DVI, HDMI 1 Memory: G.Skill Aegis 2x8GB 3000Mhz DDR4 CL16 Kit Computer Memory 1 Video Cards: EVGA RTX 2060 XC OC 6GB GDDR6 DVI HDMI DP 1 SSD Drives: Crucial MX500 Hard Drive CT1000MX500SSD4 1TB SSD M.2 2280 1 Power Supplies Active Power Corsair 550W 80+ Bronze CX550. 1 Packs: Corsair Carbide 270R ATX Mid-Tower Black Color Case 1 Screens: Asus VG249Q 23.8 '' LED IPS 1 PC Gaming Computer Screen OS: Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home Hebrew 64Bit OEM - Available With New Laptop / Stationary 1 Assembly: Assemble a Complete Computer - Parts of CSP Package Price: 5692 NIS KSP Product Page Guarantee the Cheapest Price Attention! If you find a computer or the same part (s) (in stock of an actual store) at a lower price than our online price and under the same terms of delivery and warranty, you may purchase the product at a lower price and additional discount, or receive 50% of the difference in showing an invoice and the product purchased after purchase.
  6. What size of storage do you need? Do you currently have an external storage solution, or is the storage part of your computer budget.
  7. You don't have any USB Type C connections here. There are all kinds of solutions like expansion cards ... What do you connect with USB C? The question is whether the performance changes you or only the connection form mainly. (Performance-thunderbolt \ relevant USB generation) General Comparison: If you go in the direction of Intel, you can give up the video card and stay with intel UHD 630. I haven't yet figured out if it comes out more lucrative or not, but at least it looks like it. This specification has two type C connections on the motherboard and one expansion card: This specification was compiled on - The reliable and professional computer network in Israel Processors: Intel Core i7 9700/1151 Tray Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 1466 CPU Cooling: Arctic Cooling Freezer 34 Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 126 Motherboards: Gigabyte B360M D3P Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 400 RAM: HP DDR 4 16G 3000 CL16 V6 Quantity: 2 - Price: ₪ 611 Enclosures: Antec Case P7 Silent Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 215 Power Supplies: ANTEC PSU 550W EARTHWATTS GOLD PRO Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 301 SSD Drives: A-DATA SSD 1TB XPG SX8200 PRO M.2 2280 Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 685 Optical Drives: LG DVDRW X24 SATA Qty: 1 - Price: ₪ 72 Expansion Cards and RAID Controllers: Asus USB 3.1 TYPE-C CARD Qty: 1 - Price: ₪ 217 Total: ₪ 4092 Price in Eilat: ₪ 3498 12 guarantee a very lucrative price for the same specifications. The prices include VAT and are payable on credit up to 95084 equal payments without interest.
  8. Are you planning to use video editing programming for YouTube videos? If so, what programming? Regarding USB C connections, whether the front or back connections? Do you need a sound card or have an external one?
  9. It is easier to offer only the specification of the computer in a certain budget than the specification + peripherals, because peripherals are more a matter of personal preference (so it is not clear which part of the budget goes to peripherals). Keyboards I prefer mechanical but for the office they may be too noisy. The most comfortable mouse I have ever used and is relatively ergonomic is this Logitech MX Master 2S This set is also relatively comfortable, route = product / product & product_id = 17867 offers such a direction: This specification was compiled on - The most reliable and professional computer store chain in Israel Processors: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X AM4 Box Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 1315 Cooling for processors: be quiet! CPU Cooling Pure Rock Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 141 Motherboards: Asus PRIME B450M-A Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 315 RAM: HP DDR 4 8GB 3200 CL16 V6 Quantity: 2 - Price: ₪ 324 Cases: Antec Case P7 Silent Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 212 Power supplies: ANTEC PSU 550W EARTHWATTS GOLD PRO Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 297 SSD drives: A-DATA SSD 512GB XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 2280 Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 348 Graphics Cards: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC GV-N2060OC-6GD 2.0 Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 1499 Software: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Hebrew Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 439 Monitors: Dell 24 "LED U2419H IPS HUB USB3.0 Pivot 16: 9 Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 960 Total: ₪ 5850 Price in Eilat: ₪ 5000 We guarantee a very affordable price for the same specification. Prices include VAT and are payable in credit. Up to 12 equal payments without interest. Https://
  10. Sufficient, the best value is usually at 3200 depending on the price. No - firstly the number of fans does not necessarily mean colder. More quality fans can just be noisier. Secondly, even if it is warmer between video cards in the same price range the difference is Generally quite negligible, so to a meaningless rabbi. You can look at reviews about this card, I only encountered the positives. In terms of performance in games and most regular uses you won't feel the difference. In terms of reliability, I think it is "enough" - the choice is more because of the value for money. You pay two-thirds of a gigabyte + - from the drive you offered in the specification above, for the same usage experience. The drive that goes up 1.5 times and comes with five years warranty and not three is more reliable, just in my opinion it's not worth your budget. I don't see a problem with a bronze supplier, and you can add fans to the chassis ... you don't have to spend much on it. If you think keeping a carrier + enclosure to the next specification to spend more on them might be justified.
  11. What screen are you connecting to? The 1080p below will suffice. Without exception: PC system quote - - The place for people who love CPUs - AMD Socket - AM4 100-100000031BOX-PC - AMD - AMD Ryzen5 3600 Gen3 6 Core / 12 Threads - Base Clock: 3.6GHz - Max Boost Clock: 4.2GHz - With Wraith Cooler - 65W TDP - Box - With new PC Only ... Three Year Warranty - Official Importer - The Price of Buying a New Computer Only Quantity: - 1 - 790/774 ₪ Motherboards - AMD Socket AM4 PRIME-B450M-A-PC - ASUS - AM4 - B450 - With New PC Only - 4x DDR4 - PCIe 3.0 x16 - 2x PCIe 2.0 x1 - 4x SATA - M.2 - 6x USB 3.1 Gen 1 - 2x USB 3.1 Gen 2 - 4x USB 2.0 - SysFan - mATX ... Buying a New Computer Only - Three Years Warranty Quantity: - 1 - 330/323 ₪ Memory - DDR4 - Stationary AX4U300038G16A-SB10x2 - XPG - 16GB (2x8GB) 3000Mhz DDR4 CL16 DIMM - 1.35V - Black - XPG GAMMIX D10 ... Lifetime Warranty Quantity: - 1 - 337/330 NIS Tax Cards - NVIDIA PCIe VCG1660T6SFPPB-O - PNY - GeForce GTX1660Ti 6GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores1536 Clock Speed ​​1500MHz Boost Speed1815MHz 6GB GDDR6 192-bit DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI 2.0b DVI-D Card Dimensions 1.57 x6 .... Quantity: - 1 - 1330/1303 ₪ Hard disks and SSD - SSD - SATA SSD7CS900-960-RB - PNY - 960GB SSD - SATA3 6GB / s - TLC - 550/500 - CS900 Series ... Three years warranty Quantity: - 1 - 413/405 מחשב Computer Enclosures - Enclosure with MX330-G-VTE500 Supplier - Cougar - MX330-G Tempered Glass Window with 500w Cougar VTE500 PSU - 427mm (L) x195mm (W) x473mm (H) - ATX - Max. Graphic Cards Length: 350mm - Max. CPU Cooler Height: 155mm - 1x 120mm Fan ... Three Year Warranty Quantity: - 1 - 331/324 פל Plonter Laboratories - Parts Assembly SERVICE FORUM - Plonter - The cost of computer assembly is at our expense for an entire computer when the computer costs over 1500 NIS. If this is not a complete computer, there may be an additional charge for the assembly, as per our decision. Shipping with courier anywhere in the country. Free shipping on order ... Quantity: - 1 - 1/1 NIS 3532.00 / 3461 NIS Up to 12 interest-free payments. The cheaper prices are for cash / wire transfer or Bitcoin payment - the discount amount is 2% of the price of the product / transaction. = 176706
  12. The 3600 does not come with a built-in graphics processor (as opposed to 3200 G) and must purchase a video card in addition. If you're sure you don't want to buy the video card now (although it also improves performance for photoshop and allows some features) and still wants a processor that will be good for gaming in the future, it forces you in the direction of the Intel i5 (not F). The choices in peripherals look good. Doubt I would go down 100 and take the supplier CORSAIR TX550M 80+ GOLD Modular 5 Year Warranty will suffice for the budget card you are looking for.
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