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  1. No I do not have fiber in my TV building works well but the quality is very poor compared to Partner and Channel 5 4K I doubt it is 720P in quality and I checked and no problems on the internet running YouTube videos on 4K and watching scary and without crashing on the same device
  2. Mostly torrents and downloads and there are 4 devices that use the internet for streaming services and cell phones enough to send something to download. Everything would get stuck if it's a torrent or a game in sets.
  3. So from what I understand it is the CAT 5 that supports up to 100M The question is is there anyone upgrading the infrastructure in the house that will fit 1GB and how much does such a thing cost?
  4. This is what comes out of the wall (pictured) The cable that is connected to the computer is CAT6
  5. Could it be that what I have in an old wall is already and that's why it's the speed like that? Because it's an infrastructure of many years, the question is how can I check if what's really in the wall is old?
  6. Hello everyone I moved this week to Cellcom for Internet Fiber up to 600 MB now there is a problem that can not find what and I would be happy if someone with a little knowledge on the subject will make me understand what is wrong so this way their router is connected to computer 1 directly The 600 now more computers are connected to this router via a cable that goes through walls and goes through a switch before spreading to other computers in the house what happens is the other computers get speeds of up to 100 MB after my test I saw that the switch I had supported up to 100 MB so I bought a new one -SG1008D after the replacement checks and again speeds up to 100 MB and does not understand exactly why my computer and other computers
  7. I have 2 USB connections on my computer that no longer work and need to be replaced and I no longer have a USB connection on the computer
  8. Hello everyone I need a recommendation for a place to send USB laptops to a good price in the center of the country Thank you!
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In June everything will work out? The MWC 2021 exhibition begins with a Corona-adapted version

Instead of a grandiose mobile celebration in Barcelona - we get a relatively small event in Shanghai this week, and plans for a European comeback this coming June The MWC (Mobile World Congress) was the first notable technological event to suffer last year's coronation, with naive restrictions in the first stage, Complete cancellation of the physical event afterwards - and at the same time promises that next year everything will return to normal, when it is likely that at that point in time no one guessed or predicted that even in 2021 ...

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