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  1. I would recommend the game Portal (there are also the 2) a great game in my opinion and may not look at the peak of the graphics but really cool.
  2. Know who you are talking about. If there is no choice we will probably bring the computer there but I prefer to save the travel time. From what it really looks like this is probably the only option.
  3. Hello, I am looking in the Jerusalem area for a lab that can engrave on a laptop keyboard ordered from abroad. I tried to search but I can not find a lab in the area that does such a service. I would be happy if you would refer me to a lab that does professional work. Thank you very much
  4. What exactly is CPPC and what is it largely responsible for? I have not changed anything in the computer since it came to me (a month and a half with me). Drivers from what I checked in the driver are updated (click on update driver name and then the computer automatically searches for driver and gives a message that is updated and there is nothing to update). Photos from Device Manager in the comment below.
  5. What exactly is method number 1 supposed to do? What does the command mean? I ask because I did not see an explanation there. Regarding method number 2, I do not have these settings in Windows at all. He says to enter into these definitions: but I have only the following definitions: I lack definitions
  6. Note to me that the driver is the most up-to-date (built-in ryzen 4700U card). What to set in your computer's energy saving settings? Indicates that the problem happened twice yesterday not in a row, not today. So it's hard for me to know if one of the actions will help because it's not something permanent probably. Maybe bringing a Windows crash report will help?
  7. Yes. Pretty new so nothing special is installed on it either yet
  8. Hi today I got a blue screen twice at different hours for no particular reason in my opinion. Pretty random even. The computer asks to restart after the blue screen and then goes up as usual. Once after turning on the computer and once again just happened to be in daily use. I did not do anything unusual beyond normal uses. Attaches a picture of the error.
  9. And no problem that the computer will get 20V voltage from the charger even if the laptop needs to get 19V? Or did I misunderstand the data? By and large what must be compatible in the whole matter of cargo? The voltage (V), the power of the charger (W) or the current that the charger carries (A)? This computer states that it is possible to supply up to 65W, I understand that, but it requires a voltage of 19V and the amps are not specified in its data, so the charger must have the same data or is it "allowed" to exceed? Forgiveness for the questions
  10. The computer itself meanwhile is running perfectly smooth. Loading it once a day in my current use (relatively easy to use). Not noisy and not warming up at rest. Screen with medium quality in colors and not the brightest but cool inside closed spaces. Good viewing angles. Thanks for the answer I attach a picture of the charger data and I would be happy if you tell me what name shows that it is suitable for this specific computer - that way I will know in the future and be educated. you helped me.
  11. I have an acer swift 3 computer sf314-42 r6t8 https://www.acer.com/ac/en/IL/content/model/NX.HULEC.003 I want to charge its battery using a usb c cable and not using the original charger Which uses a thin barrel plug. To the best of my knowledge there is such an option to charge this computer using usb c but I do not know which charger will fit. I saw a charger in this style: https://www.ugreen.com/products/65w-4-port-3c1a-gan-pd-charger Does it support and there will be no problems? In general, what should I look for when purchasing a luggage and how will I know if it is suitable? Thanks!
  12. Thanks. By the way, should I maybe take a mobile without a dedicated video card? But to settle for the built-in Intel? I have a real need for an I7 or I5 would be good too? Because if taking an I7 with an import video card at the expense of overall product quality, maybe it's better for me to compromise? (Suppose 2 computers for the same price, one with an I7 and a video card and the other an I7 \ I5 without a video card, probably the latter will be better quality?) Yes it is important that videos run smoothly on FHD.
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