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  1. Beauty of a ticket, of course you have to put in a six-month wait until the price and availability make sense. I am patiently waiting for the simplest 3050 to be, 4-6GB will definitely suffice. Passive cooling and no additional electrical connections. Price range of ~ 800 NIS. Double performance and more than that of 970GTX. Thank you.
  2. That's right, just like I wrote down. They put hardware into the RT calculation but it is not at all worth comparing it to the RT cores that NV put in their core. A difference of heaven and earth and hence also the huge gap in performance.
  3. NV has dedicated hardware at its core for calculating RT. AMD does not have anything equivalent worth mentioning, they have done the bare minimum and this is reflected in the results. This is a material gap that no driver or optimizer can bridge when talking about the same TR level. If and when AMD develops such hardware and assimilates it in future generations then they have a chance to compete with NV on this front, otherwise they will be left as far behind as the situation is today (if not more). In addition, NV has another core, Tensor, which allows them to gain an advantage in any title that has undergone DLSS optimization (not many of them, requires a great deal of investment). AMD has nothing similar at this point, perhaps in future generations.
  4. I did not try to convince that NV is better in any situation. If RT is not interesting and will not interest you then as I wrote earlier, AMD are a very good choice and probably better at the stage (theoretical => stock does not exist) it is in the high segment.
  5. I understand NV invested in their development and it gave them exclusivity, the only manufacturer of DDR6X is Micron.
  6. agree. What will determine the success of this or that product is the availability to the end consumer. The company that manages to stock up and put a ticket on every shelf in every store is the one that will establish its success in this round. This situation is due to the relative balance between the products from the 2 companies at the top end, something that has not been seen for many years.
  7. This too, NV currently ran with 2 weights on its back that AMD has yet to load: 1- RT and DLSS capabilities in dedicated hardware. 2- Samsung's sub-optimal manufacturing process at TSMC's polished 7NM ratio. Not talking about 5NM at all. I estimate that within half a year NV will start talking about the "refresh" of the amp on 7NM improved AKA SUPER versions. On the other hand, NV has the exclusive access to DDR6X memory and it gives them a backbone that AMD does not have (and probably will not ..). By the way, at the forefront of the software / driver, it seems that this time too AMD is dealing with unpleasant problems (severe frequency drops in CONTROL). Accumulation of such problems can completely tip the (balanced) spoon if they do not address it in the coming month, and preferably faster.
  8. If AMD does not add dedicated hardware in the next generation to RT capabilities and parallel to Tensor cores they will sink back to where they were in recent years. NV has already made the necessary leap and "absorbed" the cost in the form of power consumption, this is well evident in the 3000 series. AMD still have to go through this hurdle and that is before Intel joins the celebration. AMD will have to invest a lot more from now on to stay in the race for the top spot. Once NVs get access to the same advanced 7NM manufacturing technology the gap will grow again in their favor with quite certainty.
  9. In a world without DXR what AMD achieved with the latest launch is most impressive. But everything is going in the direction of DXR so NV stays in the GPU power unquestionably (and this is unfortunately, RT in my opinion is a feature that is easily possible without it). It's nice to see the inverse relationship between power consumption, low temperature in load and noise and performance - how intertwined they are. Assume that 16 GB versus 10 GB will be the point of sale / debate / world wars between the 2 camps and that is a pity because there is really no reason. A total of 10GB will suffice in the near future but 16G "feels" better and right. In short, for those who are not looking for RT but want 4K should go for AMD in this round. If he manages to get a piece ...
  10. Those looking for value will wait for 5500. The processors that have just been launched are in addition to strain 2 in the medium range and below, not in their place. Correct practice on the part of AMD, now that they have a successful product. It is also not really fair to compare the cost of a new product that has just been launched to a product that has been on the market for a year + and especially in Israel. It is worth giving 3-2 months for price and stock stabilization.
  11. For many, many years now there has been no reason to buy these expensive versions if what interests you in life is the Benches and the OC itself. In NV's current round, and I believe it will be the same with AMD the reference card will be the best thing there is and all third parties will not give an extra performance that is worth the price.
  12. In short, you should extend the time during which you can really expect products at a reasonable price and available from 2-3 months to six months from the moment of announcement. Patience is required in a period with 0 tolerance
  13. The 2070S is a completely different case. He entered between existing tickets / at their expense into a market that was already saturated and when the production line of the 2000 series had been running for a year or more. The whole machine was well oiled. Compare to brand new series and you will see that there is always, to one degree or another, a period of a few months until the stock stabilizes and the mornings are balanced. Anyone who thinks he owes everything as soon as it comes out, will pay, but there is no wonder that this is an event that has not happened many times already.
  14. Each time the same grievance over prices on launch day. It is known that one has to wait 2-3 months until the price (derived from stock) stabilizes. Until then, they will stick to whatever price they want and whoever it is important enough for him - will pay. Not good - no money.
  15. When you completely ignore the RT issue, it seems that AMD did a good job at the top end for the first time in many years / series. - Ample amount of memory - High but low power consumption in the plantation from NV (which completely deviated from the way they have gone so far) - Special optimization with their new processor is a nice bonus beyond the price, availability will play the decisive factor in the coming months. Estimates that next year the RT issue, which AMD completely ignored and no performance data was presented about, will tip the scales in favor of NV. There are some significant game launches that will bring this (unnecessary in my opinion) feature to the forefront of the stage and will be a crucial factor in choosing a GPU to put coming.
  16. In the current situation, there is no contradiction between the things ..
  17. This is probably a problem that they will find a simple solution to, but it indicates something much more basic: this time NV deviated from the way they have gone over the years, a way with very efficient thermal tickets. The improvement in performance in this generation is impressive but not worth the sacrifice of power consumption that leads to oversized, heavy, expensive heaters, more noisy tickets and as you can see in the above event more prone to end problems - just pushed them more.
  18. As in any other market, it has the same place in the top and mostly professional promille of the scale. In the country everything is in small quantities anyway so assume there is justification in the amount of a few tens to individual hundreds.
  19. Price of 4000 shekels to buy from a store in the country for the next two months is really good, a "bargain" that to snatch if you owe the card and now.
  20. Said 2 times faster than 2080 and it stands the test of reality. I do not understand what all the disappointment is about ... What I do not like at all in the 3000 series is the very high power consumption. It is not clear what benefit one gets for many tens of percent of power consumption. NV for years has been showing improved performance along with incredible thermal efficiency, until now. If it costs RT and DLSS capabilities I give up the pleasure easily.
  21. RT has no feasibility without AI capabilities. To this end, DLSS was created. The combination of the two allows, in some cases, to get the same FPS with or without RT.
  22. Marketing matters. If you search you will find where what he said takes place. Of course there are very many other cases where the improvement is not as good as he presented. He simply presented the best case, not the average.
  23. Of course at the same price level. If NV want, and it seems that is the case, they can price the 3060 of sorts and down in a very aggressive way. I expect a worthy replacement for the 970 GTX to come out in terms of cost / benefit. Assumes that AMD will be able to present an "advantage" in terms of memory. More / double memory for the same price level. Of course it is useless other than marketing but do not think they will have much more than that to build on. The power consumption may also be in their favor this time, NV did not account for the electricity bill this time.
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