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  1. You are with an FHD screen and will surely fit into the neck of a significant bottle. Totally not worth you to buy a 3080. Wait for the 3060 or equivalent of AMD to come out in the coming months.
  2. Beauty of a ticket for 4K. Personally I was allowed on RT capabilities in exchange for a 100W reduction in power consumption but whatever, this is probably the "future". Do not see AMD succeed in presenting a more attractive product.
  3. Do not understand the "excitement" from the prices in the first 3 months. It's always the same story.
  4. The 3060 is set to be the new 970. Will be sold in piles and will give a cost-benefit ratio that will not be seen for several good years. Even if NV had launched it now the inventory would have run out in seconds. They accumulate a large stock before they are marketed (estimates November-December). Get 2070S performance at 1660S with 6GB of memory and peace be upon Israel.
  5. One of the most comprehensive reviews on the above game. For FHD the minimum is a 1660 card and preferably a 1660S that costs about 1000 shekels (in your budget). (Which is what is recommended for this game).
  6. Even if in any other game (without RT) there seems to be a less big improvement - ours.
  7. I seen. Transferring the load does not mean that the processor becomes completely redundant. Not to mention that all the calculations and actions now being done on the CPU will only go to the video card. It is still necessary for various calculations, especially when you want a high refresh rate (which is in contrast to what happens in the world of consoles). It is also mentioned there that all this solution is temporary and when the number of cores increases there will no longer be a need for it. Therefore, I would not rely on the above-mentioned feature to cause Intel's advantage over AMD to be eliminated.
  8. A fast SSD will not be a replacement for a fast CPU. To achieve reasonable RT capabilities both are needed along with a formidable GPU. The weight of PCIE4 fast for data retrieval is lower than the importance of high and efficient core speed. Especially in the PC market investing in SSD should come in addition to investing in CPU, not in place.
  9. It is "stolen" only if you decide to pay for the product. The one who gives a power of attorney to the seller to carry out the "theft" is the consumer. No one is forcing you to buy the product. This is not a product you can not live without. Lecter is cool but does not move anyone. Just vote in your wallet, quietly, and do not buy if it does not suit you.
  10. Nice performance improvement and price drop back to the more "sane" area
  11. Maybe the cards are more powerful but not at a level that will affect the CPU dramatically. It's mostly extra RT capabilities around them that will be performed faster. I highly doubt if the gap that exists today between say 3600X and 10600K will change noticeably even if you use 3090
  12. In general, take the price in dollars and multiply by 5, this is what roughly came out in shekels in the country in the first period close to launch. In addition, you also have to wait 2-3 months until it arrives in the Holy Land in a reasonable time, before that there is nothing to talk about (just buy from Amazon together). We are a tiny market with very low priority. Always has been, always will be. GPU is a net luxury product and can be easily given up. Not good - not money. All the noise they are trying to produce is not worth the energy and air around it. Drink plenty of cold water and wait for winter to come before you buy 300W + tickets
  13. Great start from NV. All it takes is for AMD to give a similar look and the consumer to finally be able to celebrate
  14. Hopefully by the beginning of 2021 tickets will be released without RT capabilities (from both camps) giving 2070S performance at the 1650S price level. One 6PIN connection and mini size (one 9mm fan) as standard. 6GB of DDR6 memory will suffice. No more asking.
  15. An exemplary presentation and seems like a classic launch of NV with a stock of models and designs from all manufacturers. They achieved the "wow" effect and by and large, all that remains is to wait for the performance tests and see what the added performance without RT. Estimates that this time the tickets of NV itself- FE versions- will be very attractive and will sell as the cost of the 3rd most expensive side tickets. 4K 144HZ "for the masses".
  16. The train is already here, the speed is maximum, and the crash is inevitable
  17. Do not understand where the contempt is. The comparison is not made according to the name of the product, these are based on the price ... Besides, the difference in performance between the Titan and the 2080TI is quite small, so any improvement compared to the 2080TI is similar to the improvement against the Titan.
  18. We may see a "normal" improvement of ~ 30% in game performance in general as well as a 100% + specific improvement for RT titles combined with DLSS2. Estimates that all the extra power along with the NV minimization was pushed to the RT and Tensor cores so there is a big jump in power consumption. One thing is for sure - big cores = high price. is very.
  19. NV is making their cards - Founder Edition - more and more attractive from generation to generation. This connection is a new and welcome standard that is likely to be implemented in the future by other manufacturers and will be a good incentive to choose FE instead. The increase in power consumption along with the minimization indicate that it will be a very significant performance addition although it will only be for RT capabilities. It's speculated that NV will do AMD a school in everything related to RT. It will be interesting.
  20. Personally, I prefer this situation over the incessant barbaric guesswork of an amp ...
  21. Also implemented in consoles so that their launch, which is definitely planned, will consider launching RDNA2. It is also always possible to launch "on paper" when it takes another 3-4 months for the product to be bought at the store
  22. Agree, maximum return should be the only consideration. Also agree that if she does not invest in development like Intel she will end the current horse too quickly. But to me as a consumer it really doesn't matter when I come to pick a product. Its business / marketing decisions and strategies are neither a consideration nor a factor that determines which product is right for me - the product that will give me maximum value. Whoever makes such considerations is the one who is hurt in the long run. PS - I have no doubt that Intel didn't spare any criticism either. There is no suggestion of unilateralism or anything in style here
  23. It is quite likely that as soon as Intel lines up in terms of lithography and updates architecture they will return to the lead. The current situation is optimal for AMD - they have the advantage of a manufacturing process and without supply problems and with a new architecture. Intel just the opposite - stuck years behind in both architecture and the manufacturing process. And after all that AMD presents a nice edge but only in some content types. Very far from what it was in the pre-Zen era, then Intel ruled unequivocally on all fronts. All this shouldn't change anything at all, but it sounds like they're starting to look for AMD, which suggests a desire to "take revenge on them" as if they were doing something wrong by trying to maximize profits, to show continuity in launches and in general to make more headlines. This is the game and anyone who feels "betrayed" has chosen to buy AMD and now smells like they are playing like Intel Well, probably involved irrelevant considerations when making his decisions.
  24. Don't understand why anyone thinks AMD can \ should \ "behave \" differently from Intel ... This is another global, capitalist, stock exchange company that has done, does, and will do everything it can to present as many positive quarters as possible. Just business, don't look for friends there.
  25. According to this review, about 20 games - the 2070S has a small advantage so I would go for it.
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