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  1. To the naked eye one can guess that this sovereignty is going to be extremely boiling (maybe that's why the promises of packaging and packaging?)
  2. Who wrote it? "These are heat envelopes lower than those of the RTX 3080 which comes in 320W by default." After all, 3080 is a different league !!! Where does the comparison to 3080 come from?
  3. Sorry but according to these results I do not understand what and why all the buzzing truth from the title and the beginning I expected something that MNC The Intel! But it does not look like that _ certainly not with the addition of 1000 NIS! I so wanted to see AMD kidnapping Intel .... (and I personally from the Intel side). In short if a new gaming computer has a mental desire .... no it will be the processor.
  4. Well done. they deserve. And only because of the originality, everything is theirs, according to their understanding! It must be appreciated. Although feels like a smart version of GTA but looks.
  5. is this the matrix? Sad ....! Soon the laughter and smile that rises to our lips will disappear because no one will remember what we remember.
  6. And Samsung put it that it turns out that its components are faster, so it is worth putting such memories on these sex boards.
  7. If your supplier gives all the power connections to the card .... there is nothing to fear. The recommendation is for a new purchase (which will include what is required ... and even more for future needs if you think about maintaining the existing status)
  9. Ok if i was wrong and the coverage is in the video, please delete my comment? Thanks (next time I will check the videos)
  10. Question: Is the article / coverage / review only one page? Looking for more and seems to have none. (Maybe I have a problem with ADDONS?)
  11. I did not understand. Who has better performance at the moment, for 7 NM or 14NM?
  12. Now it's clear what they did while pushing us the 14NM miniaturization issues have been known since the end of the decade, and one can guess that a company like Intel has taken this to heart. It could be that while they were complaining about 14NM, they sat down and engineered the miniature and solved a lot of problems. It is also clear that they have prepared a milking plan for the next decade (assuming the Reds will not challenge or even though they will be challenged. Minimization is a great thing for the head of engineering and for performance, the question is how practical is it? Do not forget .
  13. Wait, question: but the 7 seems to be similar in performance to the 14 (more or less) which means it's not such a messiah.
  14. I will stay with the good old PC. For my personal taste, less games and more quality are better than million-million games that will accompany me in discomfort and satisfaction. This game made me feel very similar to the feeling that came to me from the movie: GEMINI MAN
  15. Well the truth is that ASUS didn't see us from the meter so I passed the petition to OVERCLOCK3D and they were able to bring the above answer
  16. These are the answers we received when I wrote a petition and signed users to the 780TI period and complained about temp.
  17. For years, ASUS high-ticket PCBs have 12 layers. _ Above-average heat resistance, which means that core temperature and remembrance that even with the 130º board will cope with excellent _ (in this case ASUS answer) (Of course, other components such as capacitors are manufactured in more durable and less humid castings).
  18. Just an off-topic question: What happens if the project fails? What happens to the money? After all, money will not return to investors, right?
  19. No crashes and no blasts! Honestly I thought it would not run well on 3570K + 970 ..... but an excellent runner! The game is installed on my EVO 860 SAMSUNG 500GB 3 minutes roof until it starts (after the initial activation which takes a million years)
  20. Sorry darling but I have no course (CODEX) on ULTRA 1080p whoever wants DX12 takes to the game *** for the first time *** a few really long minutes to get started. It then takes "only" 2.5 minutes to get __ on the i5-3570k + 16GB 1600mhz ULTRA 1080p
  21. (First of all a reference point: one year warranty in total) There is no innovation here! It will need high voltage or alternatively cooling to withstand the work. _ (And this processor is hot and gummy hell ... lol and another 127W) Theories: Like I said: the ... this thing will not hold water for long, pay attention to the warranty: only one year! The i9-9900KS is going to become the standard new i7 towards the end of the next 24 months (in my opinion already at the beginning of 2021). You can also bet that since the warranty is only for one year then this processor and its variations will get END OF LIFE in a year. If the new i3 is going to be as good as the i7 from two or three years ago (remind you (4/8) _ then why not an i7 that will be 8/16 _ (referring to today's 9900)
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