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  1. Yes I was also surprised by the price. I was looking there because I was already buying other Raspberry components from them. Thanks for the answer, I'll go for it (and if it's interesting - I will update the results).
  2. I just saw this model, what do you say about it? (Any microphone will be good, I designate it for a zoom machine that sits on Raspberry)
  3. Hi, I have a webcam for zoom calls from my computer but its microphone is bad, so I want to buy a new microphone that connects to the computer directly. I am looking for something simple but the microphone should also pick up from a distance of a few meters from me (up to 3 meters). I've seen the simple microphones sold in KSP and such, but I'm not sure they will absorb sound well from a few meters away. Do you have a recommendation for a cheap and high-quality microphone?
  4. Hi, a lot of things have happened since I bought the skimmer, I will update for others. 1. On the product was written exactly what is in it. The model of the glider and the real costs I bought it (in the process I also provided proof of the correctness of the costs) 2. I complied with the import laws, just the approvals from the Ministry of Communications and RTA came late 3. After a long process I received the glider (and of course after paying the scandalous fine) This fine is fair (mainly because I complied with the import laws.) Is it possible to appeal this fine?
  5. Hi, I ordered a skimmer through DHL, and when he arrived in Israel they asked for a permit from the Ministry of Communications + a permit from RTA (Civil Aviation Authority). I sent them the permits, and now to release it they are asking me for a NIS 500 fine for DGA. I was looking for what that means and I understand that it is an acronym for "Crime Disclosure Report". Could it be that because they asked me to provide them with permits, they could charge me such a sum? The glider cost 500 shekels and now I have to add 500 shekels to this nonsense. Anyone encountered this? How can you get them out of this?
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