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  1. I was looking for a brand newer computer, maybe from Dell.
  2. My comment has apparently been deleted, I do not remember what I responded to you. Anyway good luck, and just so you understand, there is a situation that you will touch solid at a level that you will only need a powerful computer in the fourth year. I happened to come across this
  3. I do not have someone I know with experience, but you may list the area you are in. Either way a stone may have fallen inside the pipe and you are now blocked. If you can guess the route of the pipe, you can measure 7-6 meters and open the wall at this point. Good luck anyway.
  4. You may be left with nothing. It is advisable to look for a professional who will agree to do this. Not a large sum and at least you know that whoever does it has some experience.
  5. Or its power supply or cable, the cable is cast? Try to replace it. Depreciation should never jump, only when there is a connection between zero and ground.
  6. The fateful day has come. I'm glad I didn 't wait.
  7. Bought, arrived, replaced. pleasure
  8. The most reliable concern for me, in the overall calculation, is a difference of $ 20 when Samsung is more expensive
  9. Hi, after I swapped his drive for one computer, I want to swap his hard drive for another SSD. This time 500GB. I'm undecided between Samsung and Crucial.
  10. Does it really matter? Let them go and replace the screw for you.
  11. I understand that it makes sense when someone on behalf of the store advertises, but even when someone with no intention of advertising the store but advertising the product does so it is forbidden? I wonder who thought of this ingenious idea. Mention of the above entities is permitted, as long as it is done by uninterested users, in an appropriate and non-belligerent manner. Also, if you wish to advertise yourself or your store on the Website for a fee, see this page. "I am sure our Napoleon has no percentage In KSP.
  12. Can I hear a little more about this advertising package? Not every store can post in this forum?
  13. I want to make one simple point clear, any modern computer can run SolidWorks without a problem.
  14. Student, last year, in the trend that most rifle is solid, simulations, large assemblies. Tag me with any question and I will be happy to help. For me, the biggest downside of my computer - the M4800 is that it does not have a Type C.
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