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  1. Hi I'm looking for a screen, as a secondary screen (and importantly pivot for me) I came across this screen: I'd love to review it
  2. Hi, I am debating between these two devices .. I have a number of questions, which I would be happy if anyone could answer: 1. Do the above devices have models / versions that will not work in the country? (I think Esperanto has - but not sure) 2 I prefer the pixel .. Does it have any known problems?
  3. Bouncing After my Sony Z5 Compact is back, I am looking for a small size flag device .. High priority for a screen smaller than 6 inches. Currently pairing Pixel 3 with the Sony XZ2 Compact .. Any recommendations?
  4. I understand courses are not an advantage to employers - as far as I know.
  5. In my opinion because of architecture considerations ..
  6. If you have connections, then try to find them .. Know someone who is 40 + who found through a friend ..
  7. The truth is that I did not try at all because I encountered horror posts that the computer stopped working and needed to be reinstalled .. and does not really bother me to continue with 7 .. The problem is that these drakes now stop supporting .. Details: There is a problem with the Intel® HD Graphics 3000 drivers in particular. What's more, it depends on the manufacturers. For example I have HP and they chose not to release drivers that would support 10 in 2015 that it came out. (It's only 4 years after buying the mobile) You can see it here: or here: -3000-driver-issue-in-windows-10 / but the weird part is that too
  8. Maybe maybe Raspberry Pi? Edit: Generally I want to do a computer / controller check to see if I forgot an open window or door (for example) and then send an email or message .. I realized that it is possible with the connection to the cellular network. That is, with the help of a sim card.
  9. Hi, I've played with Arduino in the past, but think of it back as a hobby .. I never unplugged it from the computer and messed with it beyond a light hobby .. I have a few questions about the Arduino board: 1. Let's say I burned the board, what's up with the power? If the source is disconnected, what happens when it returns? (The board just continues to function normally?) 2. Suppose I want the board to send SMS or emails depending on its environment, can I manually enter (at runtime) the phone numbers / email addresses? For example: Temperature at 35 degrees - Send emails without a WIFI
  10. Hi, this is a laptop with 2 video cards .. Sit down one of the out of use 10 .. missing the driver to replace them (and HP didn't see fit to supply it ..)
  11. Hi, I have an old laptop from 2011 that I can't update to 10 due to a driver problem. (Two video cards ..) Is there any solution for such a case? Can I update to a more advanced version of 7 and keep up to date? Thanks,
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